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  1. What direction will they go?

    Someone made the suggestion of a historical setting based in Babylon for WtF. I think that would be kind of cool, especially if the Babylonian gods are featured as idigam. I still think a Wild-west setting would work great; The Mexican - American war, or the Native / Colonists, or North Vs South the whole time period is based on territory.
  2. Abominations

    I must once again point to my favorite abomination Samantha Height Concept Former Ghoul, now Enscrolled-Urged-Aocomoth Enhanced-Ghost Mage-Revenant-Relic Creator. Take that "One Template Rule"! Samantha was born into servitude. Her father and mother had both been Ghouls in the service of Alabaster Merek, an Ordo Dracule Primus. Although both of her parents were members of Ghoul Families Samantha was not born with the gray eyes that marks the bloodline. Her childhood was rough, she was expected to be the perfect servant from birth. When she turned 14, she was ghouled, and forced into breeding with others of her families line in the hopes that she might have the recessive Family trait. In the next two years she had four miscarriages, however her fifth child was born alive with gray eyes. She was allowed to take care of her child for two years before Merek took it from her after selling the child to a peer for a greater boon. Although Samantha had been through hell her entire life, the taking of her child, her only hope, was to much for her. Even with the Vitae bond, and the years of indoctrination, Samantha managed to break her master's hold long enough to set the estate ablaze during the day and escape. Desperate and afraid, somehow she managed to hitch her way to another Chicago. The blood addiction still had a hold on her, however, and seeing as her only source of vitae was gone, she attempted to track down the local Kindred and get the blood one way or another. She never found another source of vitae. During a particularly bad case of DT's, she had violently real hallucination. She was once again with the kindred. She found her self in what appeared to be an old castle (or perhaps crypt) lit by torches, and surrounded by monstrously tall vampires, whispering and plotting to each other. As she walked she noticed the monsters seemed to have their attentions on the portal at the end of the room, and the staircase that laid beyond. As she approached the Vampires looked less and less monstrous, and gave her more breadth. By the time she reached the spiraling stairs the vampires seemed as defenseless as the child that was taken from her. She ascended the stairs to find an old musty tome, surrounded by barbed wire, with a musty smell. Somehow, she knew she must sign. Samantha awoke at the foot of Mathias, who explained what had happened. She had awoken to become a Mage, and during her witch walk, Mathias found her and brought her to his Chantry. Mathias taught her the ways of magic, and of the mage's society. Eventually Samantha found herself in the Adamantine Arrow, hoping that through her actions she might spare others the horrors she experienced. She became obsessed with the hunting and killing of vampires and other 'evils' including the Seers. She perfected the art of pursuit, and became a ruthless killer, using all the cunning she learned from her former master, and the subtle manipulations learned from her watchtower. She rose quickly in her Order. Her swift rise caught the eye of several rivals, and she had at various times been accused of using Goetic and darker magics (how else could such a young mage become so powerful so quickly?) but each time she was found to be innocent of the charges. During a raid on a group small group of Kindred who had prior assaulted a Loci, Samantha discovered that the regnant that had tortured her and stolen her child had some how managed to survive the desolation of his manor. Burning with feelings of revenge, she turned to a library of dark lore she had recovered from a Seer weeks earlier, in hope of obtaining the power she needed to confront the object of her hatred. It was deceptively easy to contact an Acamoth Demon and form a contract to boost her already potent knowledge of the Arcana. Had things gone differently she may have even found herself falling down the road to becoming Scelesti. She returned to the city of her birth and quickly found the new lair of Merek using the knowledge that the Acamoth gave her. Her new power and reputation made her cocky, and she decided to wait to nightfall to confront her master face to face. Although Samantha had the element of surprise (she was suppose to have died in the fire along with the rest of her family), the battle was short. Merek was a very capable vampire, and several 'coincidences' lead to her demise. This was not the end for Samantha. Her burning need for revenge, and her ties to the stolen Seer library and her own trophies bound Samantha to the twilight, surviving on as a Ghost Mage. Before Samantha even had time to comprehend her new existence, she found herself once again in a trance, this time seeing herself in a realm of utter madness. Sights and sound moved in and out of her mind so fast, she could not comprehend them. From within her, she could comprehend a voice, promising her that she could get the revenge she wanted and more, if only she would pledge herself to this madness and it's ruler, The Lord of The Tides; Without thought, she accepted. Samantha awoke again in her cold dead flesh; her rage was still burning, however. The lord of Tide kept her on a short leash, and it was not long after arising that Samantha first experienced the brain splitting visions demanding that Samantha acquire sites of mystical importance through out the city and surrounding area. For his part of the bargain, he did bring Samantha another chance to follow her own agenda,avenging the death of her child and herself, and granted her knowledge to create the tools she would need to carry out her mission. She know has knowledge of Relic Creation (no "Mortal" prerequisite for this Merit). It was not long into Samantha's rein of terror that she was sent to target the territory of a pack of Predator Kings. The pack had recently taken heavy losses in a battle with neighboring Blood Talons, and Samantha Made quick order of the Uratha. The Packs totem “The Fire That Consumes in Drought” (A vengeance Spirit) had never felt such a source of essence as he did with Samantha, and quickly Latched on to her to (which probably hastened the battle). Today Samantha stalks the streets of Chicago with a unique balance of power instilled in her. So far, the Lord of Tides seems tolerant of her Acomoth contracts, but she fears that once the lunar cycle that mandates the length of her contract is up, The lord of Tides will prevent her from dealing with the Acomoth again. She is unaware of the Spirit's meddling, but The-Fire-that-Consumes-in-Drought is not willing to let it's new meal ticket die easily. Now the Acomoth enhanced Enscrolled-Urged-Ghost-Mage-Revanant- former ghoul stalks the streets of the city seeking revenge, and power.
  3. Astral Realm

    My shop said that the book was released late (although I haven't heard of anyone else complaining about a late release.) My shop said that the book was released late (although I haven't heard of anyone else complaining about a late release.)
  4. A question of Faith

    This will not be an issue until 2011's release of "Messiah the Conversion" and the subsequent banning of all White Wolf products in Canada.
  5. Creating a newly created Created

    Everyone likes having money friends, and allies, I just can't see a newly made Prommie having any of those (OK, maybe a Mentor in his creator.)
  6. I will be starting a new game soon, but the ST has put an odd restriction on the characters: Each one can be no more then a week 'old.' I'm having some pretty major problems putting a character together for this game. So far all I have is a name: Rose Endfeld (I'm a sucker for puns,) I geusse I'm not quite sure how to do the rest. Usualy I write an extensive backstory and then figguring out the dots from there. But how do you assighn mental skills to someone with no life experiences? Can any social merit aside from Striking looks be justified at all? I'm really feeling stranded here. Help me please!
  7. Blu_sKrEEm's Donation

    I just donated $5 via pay pal, to get to a nice even number 10/ 31 /07 BlU_sKrEEm@hot mail dot com (Caleb Jensen) Old Number $95 <am I really supposed to look up all my old donations? As far as I can tell pay pall only goes back a year.>
  8. Over my break form the internet I finally got The Pure and I have to say it was everything I wanted and more. The authors took what was already being called the nWOD's Sabbat and breathed a life into the Pure that made them believable, and compelling characters while painting them suitably monstrous for their roles as antagonist. After reading the Pure's version of the Father Wolf mythos I decided that this book one of my favorite WtF supplements, and that was the beginning of Chapter one. I can't offer enough praise for this book. It seems with Each WtF supplement the quality gets better and better. The line is by and far one of the best written and developed RPGs I have ever read. Thank you everyone who has worked on this.
  9. Final Pre-Rage check ...

    I went with Hunters and Elodoth, picking a Forsaken tribe was tougher then I thought however, guess I'm still a Ghost Wolf at heart.
  10. Website Proposal

    (For my purposes I use the term Cryptid to refer to supernatural threats that are not part of the Big Four, mentioned in one supplement never to be mentioned again.) One of the things I love about the WoD is the complexity of the characters that populate it. In WoD monsters are not evil for evil sakes, they have motivations goals and needs. The problem with books like Antagonist and Urban Legends is they force the writers to simplify the Cryptids they introduce, as a result the creatures become rather predictable if used simply as written, and quickly loose their mystery and appeal if used to often. That got me to thinking about a project. Imagine a Zanzabar with a purpose, A website devoted to expanding the history, motivations and capabilities of Cryptids, a place to expand on the Monster-lite material (Psychics, Thaumaturgers, Skin Thieves, ect) that weren't likely to get another book, a place that explored the nooks and carnies of the WoD universe, and expanding on it rather then adding to it. Would others be interested in the project? Would it even technically be legal?
  11. Are you left or right handed?

    I was born left handed, but thanks to some ignorant grandparents as a child i punished for using my left hand, as a result I'm pretty much non-dextrous. Although I can use both hands to write and due both tasks, any one who saw my hand writing would under stand that the term ambidextrous just doesn't apply.
  12. Copyright Discussion

    I've been wondering for a while, how legal are fan supliment, or MUDs based on copyrighted material. I remember a while back when Pernband had to be taken off the net for using copyrighted material in a Roguelike. Then there was the Oblivion Revised project... Where exactly can I expand upon all ready published material? What if there is no specific mention of copyrighted terms? What about projects such as Changeling the Delerium ? (let's pretend Changeling the Dreaming never happened for this question) It's not that I'm worried about White Wolf suing me over my "Chupacabra the Sucking" but I'm curious.
  13. nWoD a mud??

    I like the idea of "Domain Expereince" for WtF. Come to think of it WtF would might be the easiest MMORPG of the bunch to do. Quests could come from random events, domain struggles, or totem spirits. Not sure how the pack structure would fit in though. Maybe just free form it and allow people to join parties that share territiories and totems?
  14. The Pure

    Grr, book still hasn't gotten here. I was wondering if the book covered a question I had earlier: Are their Ghost Wolf Pure? Granted thwey would have some serious disadvatages in the gift department, but I think the concept could work.
  15. Free, simple rpg systems. Spreadin the lurve!

    Wow, talk of free RPGs and no one mentioned http://www.1km1kt.net/ , home of the 24 hour RPG project, and game chef? It's sort of the Zanzabar's of the Indie RPG scene yes, but there are some jewls hidding in there I swear. It's been a while since I've been on it, but I have two 24 hour games up there my self Link (please don't judge me on these, they were rush jobs, but I guesse that's sort of the point.)