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  1. Cloverfield

    I thought it was fantastic. I was scared for the protagonists, especially when they went belowground.
  2. Demon: The ???

    Hmm, same. If its just the chance to play a deep, dark evil possessing someone I won't be much of a fan. I imagine it'll be what happens when evil is confronted with experiencing humanity, including a conscience? Then again, that might be a bit weird considering that the average World of Darkness person is a bit of a drop kick (everything is darker, even the general public).
  3. Sex in the City

    My players tend to like character stories favouring the development of a personality and friendships / enemies so we tend to play down the 'emotionless sociopathic husk with the equivalent of emotional shadow play' and play them up as 'emotionally deadened creatures that cleave to their weak, but genuine, emotions in the hopes that they can pretend they're still alive' so enjoying sex works well with that. Having said that, we tend to play it that without the Flower of Demeter it still isn't that flash as they lack all the surging hormones (we like to play up the Flower as allowing the vampire to get mild pseudo-hormonal jolts).
  4. Good blogs on roleplaying

    http://dreaddice.blogspot.com.au/ has some good posts on Lovecraft + World of Darkness although unfortunately it hasn't been continued.
  5. Chilling Scenes

    There's something about the shadows around you that seems somewhat off. Its almost as though they're all moving, swaying slightly, and clutching at their heads in pain. Only your own shadow is normal, except when it crosses the others, and then it begins to sway like theirs and you start to get a terrific head ache. Everyone else seems fine.
  6. World of Darkness Noir

    Plenty of violence and mischief ahoy. Interesting to see the next instalment.
  7. World of Darkness Noir

    I'd love that. Thank you!
  8. World of Darkness Noir

    How's that going?
  9. So you think you know the Lucifuge?

    Love it.
  10. Chilling Scenes: the Hedge Edition

    There's a spider in a tree outside of the changeling's Hedge Home that seems to mind its own business and doesn't speak or cause any problems. However, when the Changeling returns to his family's home in the outside world he finds another spider with similar coloration whose cobweb is both remarkably striking and quite familiar. A Changeling has the name of a woman tattooed in secret places on his body. One day, whilst walking through the Hedge he happens across a perfectly human woman frightened and scratched bloody who is confused (memories slightly faded) who needs to find her way out. When he assists her, he learns that her name is the one tattooed on his body. (Make sure its a rare or unusual name, or have the tattoo be of a full name) A woman dreams constantly of a cave behind a waterfall and once, while out riding in the Hedge with the other Summer Courtiers, she stumbles across that very same waterfall. She is warned that it is likely an entrance to Arcadia but whenever she approaches it she can hear the voices of deceased loved ones pleading with her to stay away -- and her own voices pleading with her to come closer.
  11. Fairytale question

    It can often be so hard to really capture that mystical dreamy feel that I think so belongs in a Changeling game. I'm glad to find a thread that has far helped me find it.
  12. Alchemical Recipes

    I always thought actual alchemy could work quite nicely in a number of nWoD games. Does anyone use any alchemical 'recipes' in their games? If so, did they provide alchemical advantages?
  13. Cult of the Heavenly Void

    A nice little snapshot of your cult. I like it.
  14. Beauty and the Beast

    That is epic.
  15. Birmingham Unveiled

    Wow that is a very detailed look at your campaign plans. Thanks for that!