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  1. My thoughts go out to Mortekai

    Sorry to hear that Jimi, my condolences.
  2. Dr Who shocker!

    Aye, I loved the first episode (FISH CUSTARD! ), and it's just kept on getting better. The Beast Below was epic, bringing in the grey morality angle that Steven Moffet is known for, and VotD was just... it was brilliant. Looking forward to the next episode now. Just got to remember not to blink :thumbsup (also... RIVER SONG! I was wondering when she'd be coming back!)
  3. How has the Chancellor of Whispers been faring? Good, I hope.

  4. They are rare?

    About the Bloodlines, and "canon", and them only not being around if the GM/players say they aren't: That is incorrect. White Wolf have always stated that there is no canon, no metaplot, for nWoD. If there is no overarching metaplot or canon, than any assumption that it's only by GM fiat that a Bloodline isn't in the game is incorrect. It's actually the opposite way around, that GM fiat is the only thing that means a Bloodline is in the game. The game makes no assumptions about bloodlines existing, and all the Bloodlines published are merely options for a GM and players to chose from, with a little backstory/history for how they came to exist if a GM decides that Bloodline is going to exist in the game. If you as a GM decide to have all but one or two bloodlines, then yes, you are either going to have all of them only contain 10 or so members, or you are going to have more vampires in the world. A GM that decides to ignore bloodlines is likely to have the number stated in the population bit of the book. You can also substitute in Lodges, Legacies, etc for Bloodlines in this post, and Werewolves, Mages, etc for Vampires, and it is still correct.
  5. Anyone else Worried about White Wolf

    Fair enough I've just never heard of that before, and just seems like a prime way to end up having an argument over who owns what. I'll probably stick with my way, that way I save myself the hassle.
  6. Anyone else Worried about White Wolf

    They do? No group I know has done this (other than the university RP society I sometimes play with, and their books belong to the society), we generally all buy our own copies of a book, or do without and deal with having to only see if half the time when someone lets us share their copy.
  7. Twitter

    I'm @MILLANDSON You're welcome to follow me, and I have the likes of Chuck Wendig, Jess Hardley, etc, on the list of people I follow and follow me.

    Good to see you back Nopp!
  9. Anyone else Worried about White Wolf

    White Wolf is owned by CCP, which is a very viable company. As long as CCP keep going, White Wolf will. Plus, they still have games in the top 5 sellers for RPGs (Vampire, namely), so they still have a fair amount of income coming in. If smaller companies like FFG and the like can manage it, I'm sure WW can.
  10. Anyone else Worried about White Wolf

    The economy being what it is, it's only common sense to slow down a little on releases, try to make your outgoings as small as possible whilst making your profits as large as possible. Plus, realistically, PDFs and print-on-demand are the future of roleplaying. They result in the greatest profit for the developers, which means more stuff for us.
  11. Are the new skins acceptable?

    Damn straight, brilliant job!
  12. I'm Back!

    Hey people! Just thought I'd pop my head in and say I've found my way back to this brilliant place. Sorry I've been gone for so long. I've had a few health problems since having pneumonia over Christmas 2008, and I've not really been that well at all, so a lot of my commitments have gone unfulfilled. I've also been hard at work on my post-grad, which I started in 2009, which is in Law, so I'm well on my way down the road to Hell that is being a lawyer. I'm now also a lead playtester for Fantasy Flight Games, on the Rogue Trader (W40k) RPG line, which is pretty awesome, and my fiancee is about 60k words through a novel she decided to write for NaNoWriMo back in November, but she's decided she wants to see it through to the end (she hit the 50k word target with a few days to spare, and then took a couple of months break) and see if she can get it published! So yea, now things are going better for me, I've decided to track down this place and rejoin the community. Anyways, good to be back!
  13. A Call to Arms

    And my copies of Exalted 2E Lunars and Bloodlines: The Legendary have arrived!
  14. If you like the Beatles

    Should be a fun game.
  15. Another Donation

    I thought I hadn't done enough in the last few months for SnE, so here's an extra $10, which should take my total donations up to $50