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  1. Camarilla Calender with Girlies!

    It amuses me acually Hi, this is Bridgett, the crazy artist for the project. To answer the uestion about the men of the Camarilla project- I actually had some great guys already apply for a project like that if WW will sponsor it (one man applied by sending me pics of him wearing nothing but his 6-pack, loincloth and faerie wings, hot damn!). However, here's the fiscal reality. WW will only do a 2007 calendar if we sell enough copies of the 2006 calendar. My proposal on the table for '07 is a "best costumes/charachters" of the Camarilla project- men, women, groups etc... amazing costumes, sexy people of all stripes. If anyone is interested, I am also selling limited edition art prints (only 10 of each image will ever be made, and I sold a number at GenCon this weekend) from the calendar, so drop me a note if interested. Kisses, Bridgett Harrington http://www.blackbookart.com