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  1. Röma Nâim Ârt

    Amethyst "Ame" Argento Chicago by Night campaign - Survivor of the Week of Nightmares - Cainite Lore Keeper - Carna Tremere - Vision plagued occult artist of 'The Fall of Ravana' "The question you need to ask is, why did Ravana fall to madness when it awoke? The answer is because something just as ancient and completely insane was there to greet it when it opened it's eyes" “…Five Swords, Four Suns, Three Angels, Two Worlds, One Star...” Unsung Prophecy - Durga Syn
  2. Röma Nâim Ârt

    Photoshop tests - Nosferatu, Skinchanger rough The biggest problem with going back to photoshop after years is realising how much you've forgotten...
  3. The Latest White Wolf News

    Greetings fellow vitae licks. I've been away from the community for a long time, but the return of Masquerade drew me out of torpor recently (I was unaware of the recent changes until Jason Carl mentioned them when I was making inquiries to try and submit a few story/character ideas for V5). As someone who really has been out of the loop until recent nights., can someone fill me in a little on the ramifications of recent news (other than submissions got to Modiphius now instead of the pale puppy)? Kris - (Heya! ) is this something you will cover in your podcast maybe?
  4. Happy New Year!

    Happy New Year
  5. City of the Damned: Los Angeles

  6. Röma Nâim Ârt

    wake up
  7. File Name: (VtR) Advanced Sanguinus File Submitter: Röma Nâim File Submitted: 19 Feb 2011 File Category: Vampire: The Requiem Advanced Sanguinus A short addition to the original Guevara bloodline pdf Click here to download this file
  8. Heya :) I hope you're still poking around here and there. I ran across you on Deviant Art today and thought of ya. You have Facebook? :)

  9. London's burning

  10. is writing nursery rhymes told by an ancient ghoul family

  11. Looking for a game in London

    A shame, but thanks anyway! I really want to play some WoD!
  12. UK Book buying.

    In London: Forbidden Planet (Covent Garden) Orcs Nest (Covent Garden) Playin' Games on Museum Street opposite the British Museum used to have an awesome collection of RPG books downstairs. Haven't been there in a long time though.
  13. All is lost. My groups have drifted off into the either. I'm looking for a group in London. Preferably Vamp nWoD/oWoD but any WoD game would do. Anyone able to place another chair at their game table? Would consider Skype etc games
  14. Is craving a TT game in London

  15. Hey FBM Thanks! What are your ideas for changing the backstory? I'm always interested in game hacks Just letting folks know this was updated a few days before you posted with small amendments to some mechanics