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  1. Donations

    Hi Mort, I have a website too and I have discovered a thing about donations. People basically want everything for free Even if they really like a site, most would prefer to simply get the information on it for free rather than donating. Since I have been on the receiving end of this I try to donate to as many good sites as possible, but there are too many inherent barriers to this to make donations a resonable source of income. So alternatives: a) I have discovered affiliates work very well. Team up with an online retailer and integrate affiliate information into the site. Have product links off review pages, etc to make the content from the affiliate so neatly integrated into the site that your users feel it as a matter of course to start clicking and buying b ) Advertising, if you site get 100 000 hits or more per month is an avenue you may want to explore. Maybe even look into finding a marketing guy who will work for comissions only to help you find interested parties for advertising c) Create relevant products to your community and sell them on the site. Time consuming and talent consuming I know, but it works. d) Let me know if there is anything I can do to help
  2. A Solemn Farewell

    Very sad...I am not even a social democrat and I liked her very much. Great loss for the country.
  3. Boo!

    Cool I am actually in London a couple of times a year. I dig it there. Really looking forward to moving there is a couple of years.
  4. Boo!

    I live in Stockholm too these days. Planning on moving to London when I am done with my studies in a few years.
  5. Boo!

    Hi all! Thanks for the freindly welcome everyone! Parakoos: What part of london do you live in and do you have link to the poetry and short story section of yours? PeRfEcT^InZaNiTy: Geese eh? Well let me see....Skåne?
  6. How Did You Find Us?

    Gweeeeetings... Where did you fist hear about DCP? From a freind in MSN What brought you here? a link in MSN Messenger Who was the responsible person behind you learning about DCP? The-Me
  7. Boo!

    What's up Me! Thanks for referring me over! And to clarify...I am not a swede just live in Sweden But its all cool
  8. Boo!

    Greetings all! Just wanted to say a quick hello. I am not a WW player but I an avid reader of the novels. I work as an consultant and entrepreneur most of the time and am now also studying management. I will be 28 in November and am the founder of Silven Crossroads (http://www.silven.com), an rpg portal that caters to RPG fans in general. We do not have a WW section but if you guys are into RPG's in general you may find the site interesting. I come from Sri Lanka and now live in Sweden. I look forward to visiting often and getting to know you all better. Cheers!