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  1. Someone on this forum posted up a huge chunk of homebrew material for CtL, under the title Dreams of Delirium. It had Kiths, Courts, Contracts, Merits, Derangements, alternate glamour rules, etc. However, the original link to download it no longer works. Does anyone know where I can find a working, downloadable copy of this? I am running an online PbP and would like to give my players access to this material.
  2. Lost Shards

    Ah, ok, thats cool. Just double checking.
  3. Lost Shards

    I did notice once TINY little problem, in The Great Masques. On pg 29, under the Shadow Runners, River Song is listed as being a part of an entitlement called Knights of the Widow Walk. While this entitlement sounds amazing, I don't recall it being in any of the books, that is unless it is in Equinox Road, which I do not have available to me. Also, I just noticed that Rictor Mortis too has an entitilement that I haven't heard of, The Office of the Vizerial Council. If they are in Equinox Road, then thats fine, and if and when i choose to use these two, I can sub in other entitlements for them. Other than that, the work you did on drawing out these characters is amazing. I applaud you sir.
  4. Contracts of Thorn

    This is absolutely fantastic. I have had so many character ideas that are based on changelings who are very Hedge oriented, so this will only seek to compliment them. Thanks so much, and consider this a permanent addition, along with all your other work.
  5. What would happen if the Gentry took...

    Changelings would finally applaud the Gentry on their efforts. haha
  6. What would happen if the Gentry took...

    What would happen if the gentry took Barack Obama?
  7. Lost Shards

    Let me start by saying that I love all our work, and if this special project that you are working on is on par with the work you have done here, I am going to stand behind it 1000 percent. Also, I notice that you have since removed the riddlemark kith. Was this intentional, due to the Riddleseekeer kith in Grim Fears? I'm slightly sad to see it go, as it was one of my favorites, but at the same time, I do understand, since the concept of riddles is now being supplied. But, other than that, I want to congratulate you on your work here, and wish you luck with your special project that is to come.
  8. Rites of Spring

    That's it.... I don't care if I have to spend an extra hour per night on the street sorner to get this book. It WILL be mine! After reading all the deliciousness of new contracts, new goblin contracts, and goblin pledges, how can anyone resist? Was there anything else in there goblin related, like more explaination of goblin markets and such? Or do you think that will be possibly in Lords of Summer or Equinox Road or something? Oh, and props to Luxifer for the Glamour Rush thing. I'm going to say they unofficially borrowed it from you. Haha.
  9. Some new pledges

    Wow, these are fantastic. I might have to use the Pledge of Last Reprieve in my upcoming game. There's plenty of characters that I have in mind who should be subject to this. I also love the parent one. I don't know if any of my characters can use it, but I'll definately log it away for future use. Great job Lux.
  10. New City Court systems.

    I'm befuddled as all hell with how that works, but I'm not a nice comparison to a True Fae. Lol.
  11. I'm very interested in all of the Hedge material, from Goblin fruits to Goblin Contracts. I hope there's a fair bit of info to delve deeper into Goblin Markets. Those are by far my favorite aspects that I'm looking forward to.
  12. The Gambit

    If tourism is one of their major incomes, what do you think the tourists are going to vist? Perhaps, the casino? The casino in Monaco is one of the most famous casinos in Europe, and in being such is likely to draw in much tourism. Yes, but if you change the meaning of the cards, wouldn't that elude them even more?
  13. The Gambit

    Actually if placed within a European setting, the tarot would actually be more effective than modern playing cards. Monaco, I believe, can go either way. True, a massive amount of their existence comes from their casinos, but one could also argue the point that the True Fae would be able to see this significance between the modern playing card suits than the tarot, and thus one would use the Tarot suits as a way to better throw off their Keepers from ever finding them. I think that this idea is extremely well thought out, although the only criticism I have is that the idea of The Gambit sounds more like a practice among the modern card suits rather than the tarot. But, I feel that you have a fantastic idea here and I would like to see you delve even deeper. I see no reason why both the tarot suits and the modern suits can't have their own court systems.
  14. Contracts of the Four Directions

    *jaw drops in amazement* Would it be too much to start bowing down to you right now? Seriously, your work is fantastic. I wish I had a hint of your creative ability.
  15. Contracts of the Four Directions

    These are utterly amazing. If you can find something to go along with them, feel free to make Distant (direction) Contracts, but just using the Contract of the Four Directions works well too.