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  1. alive and kicking with steel-toed boots

  2. alive and kicking with steel-toed boots

  3. A World of Bloodlines

    It could work but it seems a bit like too much work and unnecessary. I agree with Michael, how do they come about. If your created into a Bloodline, do you then split from that Bloodline somewhere in your future to create yet another Bloodline? Seems kind of hoaky. I kind of like the Bloodlines as a sort of Prestige Class (DnD elite class term) but where once you make your choice, you're stuck with it. For better or worse you've entered into an eternal agreement with a specific group. I had the idea myself of making Bloodlines universal to all Clans. Thus any Clan could be of the Brujah, for instance. All you would have to do state that Bloodline's Weakness and fourth Discipline but in a way it then nulls Clans and gives in to yet more powergaming. Some limitations are a good thing and keeping Bloodlines along a specific Clan line seems like one of them. This doesn't mean; however, that there can't be similar Bloodlines within various Clans. Anyway, I've written up lots of Bloodlines and there's one thing that they all have in common. They are not easy to create. Creating a world of Bloodlines would be crazy hard.
  4. Hunter Intel

    After all the swearing it would never happen due to whoever saying whatever about weird science, maybe the shock blew his mind and he's lying in a puddle of Skeloric juices. Eeeew!
  5. Prince Caspian

    Saw the film yesterday and everybody I went with loved it. Of course, they did make mention that the two eldest children wouldn't be returning so I don't know if the youngest two could pull off a third movie. I was also a little confused by the Terrans being in Narnia as I thought they were never there to begin with. The whole ice queen being shocked to see the Pervises, the lost children of Adam, in the first movie kind of gave me that idea. However, never really read the books. I started one of them and lost interest before I got to far. Of course I was more interested in camping and gaming, what the hell.
  6. Otherworlds

    This would be no less different then how some believe there are multiple dimensions to our Universe or Earth in general. Very viable yet hard to play out especially if you made changes to some place you thought you were going to again. Could get extremely complicated.
  7. Bloodlines - realism?

    I don't think people are arguing that there are simply things that STs do to ground themselves in a game. If it has a possibility of impacting the players as well as saving time in game to go ahead and develop a world then fine. Yet we're talking about something that, unless players want to delve into, probably won't come up. Basically, from my point of view, and if people don't want to state that the transformation into Bloodlines is mystical, it is basically physiological (but as vampires are mystical then doesn't their physiology become mystical). Human bodies change as we age or even due to disease, genetics, and some think that faith can cure, or even the foods we eat can change a person physiologically. It is no worse to state that vampires can bring on there transformation physiologically (chemically) from the choices he makes. My question to you is, how would you run a game where a character wanted to understand the changes they're making? Does he have to become some sort of vivisectionist of mortal and/or vampire subjects or does simple research from some other source who already delved into the mystery give him the simple answers (as per the results of the other source)? It seems to me that the answer(s) would be more structured towards individual games and that to supply a definitive answer(s), which we can't as we all know people want canon, is only speculative.
  8. Bloodlines - realism?

    Then why not just say consistent and coherent? Realism can be just as inconsistent and incoherent and still be realistic. We could call it evolution or fluctuation and some people call it faith or others yet mystical (for those things they can't explain), but it doesn't make them any less real. It's a game for fuck sakes of which I don't argue that people want to nitpick the whole ecology of a fictitious creature. Fine, I like doing it too sometimes. However, being I was making two points,one relating to the person I was responding to about people trying to over analyze things and/or take things a bit too far when I'd rather just play the fucking game (as I have experienced in my own gaming experience). Oh, and not in those same words. Sorry for trying to have more than one point, I'll try to be less complex. I guess I could number them. Nah. BTW: Mystical is what I choose for my answer to Bloodline evolution. If you (and by that I mean, anybody) wish to delve further or call it something else, more power to you.
  9. Cloverfield

    g-friend and I loved it and no puking so that was a bonus. However, it's not unlike Children of War footage and I didn't get sick with that either.
  10. Bloodlines - realism?

    Yeah, and I think I answered that with... Then went on to agree with DonVampire, as I've played with players that take gaming a bit too seriously. I'm not trying to answer everybody reply or post when I comment Temple or Big J Money and gave my reply to the question at large in my first post. Love it or hate it I answer it as I see fit (I suppose as everybody does) and can't make everybody happy. As for not liking people to quote from books, well, it is where some people get their answer even if they aren't complimentary or even if not everybody owns the books or agrees with the material within. I find it odd that people wouldn't accept quotes for what they are, rather than to just disagree or not accept them entirely in their own game.
  11. Bloodlines - realism?

    I can understand it up to the point where the players and especially the ST may want something to impact on their own games but yeah, they have to return to reality at the end of it all. I suppose I can't understand it to the point where people can't comprehend that they can pretty much do whatever they want with their own games (ST willing). However, even attempting to equate reality into a game only goes so far and can be quiet futile. I mean, why roleplay if you want realism? You already have that in RL.
  12. Bloodlines - realism?

    The Ventrue book states that you could create the Malkavians as a bloodline. Of course you could do anything if you desire and it could be that Malkavians evolve into a clan because of disease. Maybe they could deEvolve even from their existing bloodlines if they were of one when the disease strikes. However, come on folks, vampires are mystical and how they evolve or deEvolve doesn't have to be the same old thing each time. You could have vampires manifesting into bloodlines through a pact if you wanted (with demons, Fae, what have you). Frankly, I think it happens from force of will and determination towards some goal or perceived missing niche as if vampires must fill every role or purpose. The question of realism, well, it's a game.
  13. Most Underused Discipline

    I'm sorry but Animalism kicks butt. I've had the chance to play one character, a Ventrue, and I had food that comes to me, I had spies, and I had extra health in the form of creatures that would fight for me without too much sense or regard for their own lives. Not to mention the senses of animals is far superior than man's so they can warn you of more dangers. After losing a Humanity roll and gaining a Dementia (Phobia), I began to distrust communication devices (including phones), which for my character was a kick in the Jimmies; however, I got birds to deliver messages across the city. Worked out nice until our nemesis plotted to use his Animalism to get a small motion sensor bomb into our domain. Specifically a window I kept open for my carrier birds. As for why it isn't being used, my guess is stupid Ventrues or the people that are playing them have no clue what to do with this Discipline. Oh, and the phobia was appropriate as I had just strangled a spy in a phone booth with the cord to the phone. As I didn't have much Dominate, it was either that or let our enemies know what we were up to.
  14. Arms of the Abyss in nWoD

    Do you really need an OFFICIAL update? Come on, if you're building an Orpheus game then create everything else. Besides, I thought this edition wasn't so much about anything being official. I suppose the thing that drives me crazy about saying, "it's official," is that normal people write the material for WW and it seems by saying, "it's not cannon," people dismiss the gamers who play and put forth their creativity. If you're going to create Orpheus, would you want them to dismiss your work? Screw official and if you want it, create it. Besides, let's say that they have a version of Arms of the Abyss for Mage, Vampire, or what have you, does the way it operates in Orpheus have to be the same? Awaiting your version.
  15. VtR Combat System

    Yeah, I don't get it either; although driving combat is a pain in the ass at times. As rules aren't exactly clear, nor the concept to players as to what they can actually do (although I kept saying, "whatever you think you can get away with...now role"). Yep, it rose its ugly head in my game. Well, you know you have to deal with all the calculations and then if they wear seatbelts or there soft bunnies in the road ::bunnydance , you know that kind of stuff (it wouldn't have been bad but there were at least 3 different types of situations in one collision to deal with). Also, I had to reread the content of certain things (i.e.: rules) to my players so they could get it (and the martial artist player kept stating his Feats should soak a point but really there is no extra roll for that). Well, I have an idea to correct these problems in the future. No it doesn't have to do with actually trying to run them over while they dive out of the way of my car's grill (although in a world without laws that would be entertaining, except I'd have to get new friends from time to time). OH well, I spill my guts but it's still a work, or thought in process. Yeah, still don't get why the other gent (pigsticker) thought the system was less streamlined. Did he actually play OWoD? It was a nightmare and there were things in some books (CORE even) that were different or added that weren't in others. Drove me bonkers. ::brickwall