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  1. Month of [xxx]

    If there are contests, let me know if I can be of assistance. I would be willing to donate funds to cover the cost of one or more of the prizes. The month long focus on one supernatural group/game system sounds like a great idea. I would reccomend soliciting the community for articles relating to that that focus (perhaps even making a contest for best article). I think this would go along way towards getting the community involved.
  2. I am So Cool...Right?

    <insert welcome message here, slightly different from all proceeding welcome messages> <insert reference to user's introduction post, so it doesn't seem like I'm just responing to them in the same fashion> <insert coy and insightful response to other welcomers here> Damn this is actually fun, we should have a forum dedicated solely to inserts. That said, Arch get's my vote for most original introduction. ------------------- <insert signature that really needs to go here>
  3. Oyo!

    Greetings and welcome to ShadownEssence. I look forward to your future contributions to our erudite discussion.
  4. Hey, all

    Welcome martyrswounds! I hope you will find Shadow Essence worthy of increased visitation. If your spice is the "old" World of Darkness, then I think we share the same passion, I'll look forward to your contributions.
  5. Developers lost.

    At least he is still being kept on as a freelancer. Matt will be remembered for his dedication to the "little games" that made up the World of Darkness, while they may not have been the best selling, they were amongst the best loved. His work at the helm of the re-launch of Dark Ages: Vampire was excellent. I agree with Dyado, I count that line as the most attractive, best presented, and most concise group of “old” World of Darkness books published. All the best Matt. P.S. Maybe Matt will Fanpro/Wizkids a look-see, they are the makers of the tabletop games Mage-Knight and Battletech and the RPGs Mechwarrior and Shadowrun. A little bird told me they are looking for talent.
  6. Links are hard to see

    I would like to second AndersEllum's comment about the difficulty of viewing embedded hyperlinks. It would be preferable i they stood out as a brighter-white, darker grey or other color entirely.
  7. Chicago

    Chicago by Night was a pretty good setting. It definitely succeeded greatly in theme and plot but not as often in practice. The portions that were original, created specifically for the setting and not drawn from real world individuals or myths were masterful as were many of the unfolding plots, counter-plots, sub-plots, and conspiracies. That said, the portions of the setting drawn from history, were.....stupid. Was I the only one to be annoyed with Al Capone as a vampire? I mean, come on, Capone? Hoffa might have made more sense than a man who was notorious for sleeping in the sun when at his Miami estate and whose final years were documated to a greater degree than most presidents. Not to mention the years of trials..during the day. Did anyone else think that casting Helen of Troy and her husband Menelaus as rival Methuselah's was a little trite? I mean come on, both of those sycophant-loving pedagogues were annoying enough in the Illiad they didn't need to be embraced and placed in a setting in the New World with little or no significance to the past they came from. It MIGHT have worked, if they were placed in Athens by Night or Constantinople setting, but not in Chicago. Los Angeles by Night was a book, and more information on it can be found here. It was actually a pretty damn good work and was White-Wolf's third city book, after Chicago and New Orleans. LA has also received coverage (from the Vampire perspective) in Nights of Prophecy LA recieved its Demon coverage in the City of Angels, as I believe was previously mentioned.
  8. All Hard Covers

    I understand why White-Wolf feels like it has to make this move. The company that they view as their principle rival (Wizards of the Coast) moved to this publishing option a little over eighteen months ago. I'm supportive of the notion of switching to Hard Cover books for a variety of reasons. 1. They will be more durable than their soft cover predecessors. 2. They look more presentable and allow for a proper library shelf appearance when gathered together in a collection. 3. They will, in theory, contain more material. That said, the potential cost issue is concerning. Not so much for the consumers, it will probably only differ in five-ten dollars or so for us, but for White-Wolf. Maintaining this indicated rate of publishing such costly books (the price difference between reinforced hard cover and paper is drastic) will be fiscally draining, especially in the amount of "upfront" cash they must put up to the printers before seeing a return (which can take many months) This can lead to cuts in other places or drastic price hikes. In theory, I'm sure they know what they're doing. Although the cynical side of me views this as something of a flight of fancy that, barring hugely increased sales, could be very difficult to maintain.
  9. Black Spiral Dancers?

    Well seeing as the Black Spiral Dancers were little more than puss dripping, feces-loving, relative-screwing, flesh-warping, sadistic asshats (oddly like most Sabbat Tzimisce) then the Bane Howlers must have some other even nastier traits...like flag burning and fur-coat wearing. /sigh. Good name though.
  10. Werewolf Month!

    Almost certainly the mysterious "Lost" Tribe, or perhaps he will be the "bad wolf" who gives the Werewolf their VII/Belial's Brood Antagonist faction. I bet Xemiel's rigth arm that this first wolf is linked to some sort of opposing force, either in the form of being its leader (in the form of the wolf who tried to usurp the authority of first wolf), or is the reason everyone hates him (because he was killed by the opposing faction). Primal-Urge is definatley Blood Potency for wereolves, Ethan Skemp has been touting that ability for ages now. There will be a background/merit that aids in Crinos/Hispo form duration. Off-Topic Remark - Everytime I look at Belial's Brood I have to supress a giggle. I feel like I am playing Diablo everytime I look at the page, the whole "respawning" enemy concept lends itself to the occasionally "hey lets go downtown to the slums, i be the Belial's Brood are back again!" sort of dungeon crawl.
  11. Hola!

    Welcome Blank Frank, I approve of your quote. I hope you find SnE to your liking. Make yourself at home.
  12. hi

    erm. Welcome to SnE Wace. I hope you find it to your liking.
  13. Intersting Find

    Originally Brujah was pronounced Brew-Jah. It is now pronounced Brew-Hah, which is a more continental pronounciation, although not really linguisticly correct in the English language. Toreador also used to be pronounced Toh-RAY-Ah-dor. It is now To-REE-ah-dor.
  14. We have an established trend in Vampire: Requiem of keeping some of the names of clans from the previous game, Vampire: The Masquerade and incorporating them into Requim along with at least one of their themes as a bloodline. We see mention of the Brujah, Toreador, and San Gionvanni in Requiem. I ask you, dear readers, which clan will be next? Anyone think the Lasombra will emerge as a bloodline with Obtenebration in tact? If so would they be Ventrue or ...Nosferatu? What about the Ravnos? A natural choice seems to be a bloodline of Mekhet but, perish the thought, Gangrel seems appropriate as well. Ravnos would also allow White Wolf to lend credence to Indian (the country not the people) vampire myths. What of the others?
  15. A new clan?

    Although it’s not the point of the post, I'm inclined to agree with most of the posts here. The clans currently cover most of the Western vampire mythos ( anyone else think the Ventrue in Requiem are more Tzimisce than their namesake clan?) and since we already have an established ruling that Eastern mythos vamps are just bloodlines (Barukumin) there is no need for a clan from that region either. If anything I think the Mekhet (flame me now) are superfluous. I am not familiar with any vampiric myth that they epitomize nor do they seem distinct enough to be entirely separate from a bloodline of Ventrue, Gangrel, or Daeva. I think the Mekhet were a concession to both the player-base and a few developers, we must have our rogues now mustn't we? There, I went and started it.