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  1. You guys like Hunter, right? You also like that Chuck Wendig fella, yeah? Then help us out. We're holding a contest on twitter to promote a new project. The prize is a free copy of Nightstalkers or Spirit Slayers. Details here. Note the date. The contest begins 7/29/09 at midnight and runs for 24 hours. Good luck, and cheers! --M
  2. Under The Skin SAS available

    Available now at DriveThru here. Sarah Schuman needs you! Some furiously clever devil must've wrote it. Also handsome. I know you're not all fans of PDFs but with the help of a printer you can create a substandard replica of a real book! Think about it, won't you? --M
  3. Hunter Intel

    Ahhh, the Holidays. Everyone remember to bloodlet a kitten and renew your CDW brand on this, our holiest of holy days. Congratulations to the man his'self this Wendigmas. --Marty (Also, don't think that Slasher shit slid past me, Wendig. Nor that I didn't catch the last name Wintergreen at a certain gaming table).
  4. Hunter Intel

    I love moral grays and all, but seriously, it's like you people are talking about a whole other game. I've spent down to Morality 6 once or twice. Largely I tend to hover between 7 and 5. I've done it all: Let good men die for bad reasons; betrayed friends; killed when I had a choice; manipulated the attempted rape of a minor*; hell, I playtested Wayward. I've been some bad-bad people in my time. But knowing where my line was (IC and OOC), role playing, and a successful roll or two that I almost certainly should have failed, I've never slid that far down into the inky abyss. And definitely not willingly for points. I just don't see the satisfaction in playing someone already around the bend, when half the horror is about trying NOT to do that. I enjoy the moral tapdance of what a person will do when they think no one's looking as much as the next guy. But I generally think we're--all of us--better than we give ourselves credit for. Including vampires and other things wot bump in the night. ---Marty *For the record: she got away largely unscathed--physically, at least. I was in control of the situation the whole time.
  5. Between Stupidity and a hard place.

    (Had to look up the DASH diet) Oof. See, it's the lifestyle changes that I would hate and fear myself. Although I did quit smoking after smoking for literally half of my life. It takes a serious dedication. Looking over that food plan, you pretty literally are gorging yourself on fruits and vegetables. Set little mile marker and rewards for yourself. Good luck man. For real. I prefer you not-dead.
  6. Hunter Intel

    So, you don't do crossover, but if you did you're splat would pwn our splat? But you don't do crossover. Gotcha.
  7. Between Stupidity and a hard place.

    Not to pry... but how'd it go?
  8. So I uhh bought the complete Final Fantasy soundtracks

    There is nothing wrong with you. At least nothing that isn't also wrong with all of us on this thread it seems. I seem to recall the Chocobo Theme from IX was one of the best features of IX. Was that the one with the Latino guy in the background "ay-yi-yi"ing every once and again? I love that guy. Speak of IX, Melodies of Life is well worth the soundtrack for my money. I liked X-2. I'm probably the only person on earth. But I had a fever. And the only prescription was Yuna Croft. (The soundtrack was admittedly shite).
  9. Hunter Intel

    I love Mage fans. If they're not contending that Mages totally aren't the badguys like those Werewolf and Vampire a-holes, they're making statements like this. I understand now why Witchfinders is coming out first. Attention all Mages: You too are the badguys. And hubris* like this is why. (@Agasha: Yes, Hunters are going to be badguys too. Relax.) A conspiracy with a mad-on to hunt Mages and Werewolves and reportedly survived this long aren't overly concerned about instant extinction. --- *See what I did there?
  10. Hunter Intel

    July 28 Spoiler... Those Wonderful Toys...
  11. Avatar is Complete

    Old news, but good news. Actually, I would expect to have an answer to that question tonight between 7 and 9pm when Bryan and Mike have their SDCC panel. Here's hoping by the time we all wake up tomorrow we'll be flooded with Avatard news.
  12. Between Stupidity and a hard place.

    Get a second opinion. Then take the fucking pills. Be not proud. It is literally the LEAST you can do to save your own life. With a family history and all that, man, you gotta do right by the people who love you. I'm not overjoyed at the idea of having to pay someone to go knuckles deep in my outdoor every year either. But it's a small price to pay, all-told. Being laid back for a couple weeks ain't the worst fate. I don't know you that well, but I like you enough. Don't go out like that, huh. My two cents.
  13. Watchmen filming finished!

    Referring back a few pages (and months). FYI: Yes, all the characters are based on the Charlton Comic Action Hero characters. DC had recently gotten the characters in a buy-out and approved the project as such. However, they changed their mind when they decided they would rather fold those characters into the DCU proper with the Crisis. Moore mostly looked at it as a blessing, b/c he was less beholden to extant stories and characters. Silk Spectre is the only main character who isn't really based on a Charlton Character. Moore didn't really care for Nightshade, and in a lot of ways she would make a second "Super" person to contend with. So he went with a pastiche of Phantom Lady and the generational aspects of Black Canary. He maintained the relationship to Manhattan that early Nightshade/Captain Atom formed, but was glad to lose the rest. Which is a shame, I'm a big Nightshade fan. Also, the Question from JLU--while awesome--bears little resemblance to the Charlton/DC versions of the character. As-noted was cast more as Rorshach-lite. I miss that cartoon, while we're not on the subject. @ Mr. Gone> You may have missed your window to be really "wowed" by this series is the only problem. By now everything is built on Watchmen's shoulders in such a way that you might not get what all the fuss is about. It's still quite good, if slightly less relevent. If you don't end up reading it first, promise you'll post a review, b/c I simply must know how non-fans react. --Marty
  14. Avatar is Complete

    Best show on television. Period. Great ending, and a great ride. More payoffs than most adult, live-action, arc-oriented "mature" titles. B/c eff you that's why. I can't wait to see what spins off.
  15. Hunter Intel

    The NDA still has a month to go, true-that. I pray for your copies swift delivery, pond-crossing and all. I had forgotten the better portion of what I wrote actually (I was halfway through reading a sidebar before realizing I'd done it). It's so tiny compared to the vast... vastness of the rest of the book. But seeing it all laid out with cool fonts and even an art piece(?!), I was like, holy crap, I'm like, legitimate now. I showed my three year old, he really wants to be there for me but just isn't getting what I'm getting from it. Although I immediately started self-editing in a way I don't do reading anyone elses' stuff. I'm sure by my third book I'll be all cool and jaded like our other freelancing comraden, but until then: fuck yeah! I'ma have a beer, watch the two-hour finale to Avatar and... well, miss my wife, actually. But she has to come back eventually--her stuffs still here--and then I shall do a great number of things to her*. *Mostly bore her to sleep with my self-congratulations, no doubt.