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  1. Happy Birthday to all!!!
  2. Happy Unbirthday to all!

    Thank you Erinye! It is good to see you again and to be back!!!!!!
  3. Happy Unbirthday to all!

    Incredible but true! HAPPY UNBORTHDAY TO YOU ALL!!!!! ::party
  4. Gtalk in my profile?

    Is it possible that at some point in the future, a Gtalk/Gmail account could be added to the profile so any member of SnE could add other members to their chat client software? Thanks!
  5. Strange

    Oh, ok, Thank you Jagash!! I have missed you dude!
  6. Strange

    I have in my profile that I have donated but do not have the Donor status... I guess it is because I donated some years ago? :-P
  7. I'm getting married

    Congrats man! And good luck! A joke: "Do you know the difference between a enchantress and a witch?" "5 years of marriage!" (In spanish sounds waaaaay better )
  8. Happy birthday to you all guys!!!!! P.S.: Sorry guys, I had to rescue this old tradition!
  9. Happy Birthday

    Happy Birthday dansemacabre, AndersEllum, Lost_Heretic, Traith!
  10. Happy Birthday

    Happy Birthday!
  11. Happy Birthday

    Happy Birthday!
  12. Happy Birthday

    Happy Birthday!
  13. Happy Birthday

    Happy Birthday!
  14. Happy Birthday

    Happy Birthday Sinister_Rag_Doll, longrunripper, Daniel Ginn!