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  1. Logos for my Werewolf Game

    I'm willing to give anything a shot...all that's needed is prooper inspiration.
  2. Logos for my Werewolf Game

    they are my own personal design. I'm very drawn to the symbolism of Werewolf and it's inspiring in it's own right. although I don't think I'll ever match the ability of the werewolf artists and designers, I hope this adds just a touch more realism to the game for my players. thank you for the words of encouragement. It's definitly given me motivation to keep drawing.
  3. Logos for my Werewolf Game

    Bear with me as these were made in paint at work and as such pretty simple looking, but I figured for insignias to two of the most evil organizations to exist in the Werewolf world, simplicity works. besides, the 7th generation is so secret, player's would have a higher chance seeing the pentex logo on something before seeing a 7th generation insignia ring. but feel free to let me know what you think. One is for the Enlightened Society of the Weeping Moon, and the other is of course, for the 7th generation. Enjoy!
  4. Where Are You From?

    Glendale, AZ more commonly known as hell. Yes hell. Anyplace else in the civilized world get 110 degrees at NIGHT? Anyone else around here know where to find a good WoD group?
  5. White Wolf, Book Burners???

    I haven't seen much in the way of elitism here. Granted I'm not stalking anyone on the boards and am simply here to learn and commune with my fellow shifters/mages/changelings, and those other supernaturals. This place has become my new favorite place on the net. Long live shadownessence!!!!
  6. 'ello.

    as another newcomer to the forums, I must agree with your opinions on the niceness of the board members here. Welcome to the forum...
  7. Hail and well met...

    Wow, what a welcome! I must definitly show my thanks and make sure and look into all that's going on in the many forums. I am definitly interested in Mage having played an Order of Hermes and quite enjoying it. Also, I have picked up changeling second edition and am interested in learning more about them. Especially the trolls and ogres! (Although I think it's the trolls who should be unseelie! ) I will definitly see what I can contribute for Month of the Mage as I'm currently in devlopment of a couple stories that are relatively interchangeable in the systems. And I do think Mage: the Awakening has a lot of potential. (I still need to check out Werewolf: the Forsaken though. But I'm rambling again, Just excited to find so many wonderful people. Changeling and mage forums be on the watch for me and as always I'll always be present and vocal in the W:tA forum of course. Thanks again for the welcome!
  8. Hail and well met...

    Hello all. In the recent weeks I have come to take an interest in this site as it seems the most comprehensive look on OLD WoD I've found on the net. And for that I hope it stays around forever. About myself? Well I'm not one to make a big to do about it so here's the basics. 27 years old, living in AZ (Phoenix-metro area), single father, avid Werewolf: the Apocalypse nut and all around geek. at present, I work and read werewolf (And some vampire and mage books) because I can't find a group to ST in my new neighborhood. so for now, I'm chock full of ideas and not a lot of outlets for them. But frustration aside, it's good to be here. Hope to get to know as many of you as possible. be safe and take care.
  9. White Wolf, Book Burners???

    I was out at the local gaming store this weekend and was chatting up the guy behind the counter about Werewolf, Ogres, and assorted table-top savagry when I mentioned I was trying to find a copy of the Player's Guide to Changing Breeds, and he informed me that when White Wolf cancelled the game line, they bought back and destroyed the remaining stock from the distributors. Call me naive, but this just outrages me. Now, not only am I going to actually have to shell out $70+ for the book, it's possible I may never find oen as it is one of the last books produced by White Wolf for W:tA. Anyone else hear about this? Anyone else have anything to chime in on about this? Grrrrrrrr....