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  1. Bad Penny

    Hello all, especially my packmates of the Forsaken. I've been away a while. March 1st last year I got run over by a car while in a crosswalk. I've been recuperating and healing since. I was very badly injured...crossed the Veil and got sent back serious...and have healed beyond any reasonable expectation. I believe the docs called it extraordinary. My forge is still packed away so I haven't had a chance to work in it. In any case, I'm back again. Shannen Mennina Tribe
  2. Who Has the Coolest Real Name?

    Siani Anne, first and middle. Though few people actually use my real name, most use 'Stormwind' instead. Play on my temper and love of thunderstorms. Siani is a Welsh name I am told.
  3. Shifter Staff changes...again

    *facepaws* LOL Moon-Dancer
  4. Sort of new

    You've come to the right place. I had the old WoD myself, but couldn't find more players after the original group split up. Been many years, but now I've found WoD again and the new version is very nice. Welcome, I am sure you will enjoy it here. Shannen
  5. Lore of the Forsaken

    *howls approval* Indeed! Bring on Lore and Blood! I'm dancing in anticipation! Moon-Dancer
  6. On the pulpit

    Well done, Omar. *applauds* Very well done. You caught it nicely and explained it better than most blurbs I have seen. Moon-Dancer
  7. Hail and well met...

    Welcome. The Pack is a good one here, and I think you'll enjoy it. Friendly and helpful folks, and very, very talented. Moon-Dancer, Black Furies
  8. Van Helsing Good Or Bad?

    I really liked it for itself. I don't tend to compare one movie to another, I just go on whether I liked it or not, whether it kept me involved and entertained me or not. Unless a piece is specifically supposed to be period in nature, I won't nitpick inconsistencies. That's not my thing. Things I liked: The Werewolf. Nicely done Garou there. The Gypsy Princess The Brides, well, two out of three anyway. The Friar, who amused me. The Garou. Especially when killing Dracula...especially the scene of extending the claws and scraping them across the pillar....while giving old Drac an umistakable look of "Here it comes." So yeah, I liked it. Indeed. Moon-Dancer, Black Furies, Mininna
  9. Humor

    This might not be the place, and I know some of you here had a hand in this, had to have. But for those who are like myself very new, and especially for new packmates, this might be a good laugh. http://www.geocities.com/caliciac/runslikehell.html Moon-Dancer
  10. Twinks and Gun Bunny's

    Cheeseweasles These people are immune to everything, have every power ever dreamed up, but they know its wrong and do it anyway. If questioned they have an absolute command of the rules systems of at least a dozen different games...but use either none, or combine them all. Sometimes mistaken for a Godmoder or a Rule Lawyer, but in fact a class all to itself. More commonly found in online RPG rooms. Moon-Dancer aka WizO Siani..online host for WotC's ISRP online chat.
  11. Who has it?

    *howwwwwls with absolute delight!* They came today, I have them...WoD and Forsaken! Now its time to read and then make a few dozen characters to set the knowledge. Muwhahahahahahah! Moon-Dancer, Lodge of Wrath, Mininna Shannen. Hehehe
  12. Who has it?

    Only Tuesday nights? My goodness, reserved, aren't we? Shannen
  13. Favorite Tribe

    I have, thus far, gone with the Meninna, the Hunters in Darkness. Mainly due to their defense of sacred places and general veneration of the earth. In Apocalypse, it was Moon-Daughter of the Black Furies, but in Forsaken the crossover isn't a clear one really. Not to me so far. So for the moment, the Meninna is my choice. Shannen
  14. Where Are You From?

    Western Massachusetts here, and a native to the area, though about half my adult life was spent galavanting around the world. Shannen
  15. Greetings

    Welcome! I'm new too, but so far this is the friendliest crowd I've ever run across. Enjoy! Shannen