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  1. Legion: An Upcoming movie

    Hm... Reminds me a bit of the Prophecy. Which unfortunately was a somewhat disappointing movie. Still, it looks like it could turn out pretty neat.
  2. Other roleplaying games.

    That's the one. Warhammer 40k (which I have only tried a few times) is 28mm scale though, while Epic (which I play when I get the chance) is 6mm. I bet it looks even funnier. To you as well, my lady! As for my absence, I have been lost in the warp, fighting for my life on an abandoned space hulk which was swallowed by the immaterium many milennia ago. Only my faith in the Emperor and my trusty bolt-pistol saved me from the foul warp-spawned horrors which inhabited that dead vessel. Alright, not really. The far less dramatic truth is that I got a regular job, which gave me less free time and more importantly less flexible free time. At the same time a lot of other stuff happened in my life which took time and attention away from roleplaying. So I guess that I just faded away for a while. It's good to be back though. Aw, that sounds awesome! Makes me sad to think about how long it was since I got a chance to play myself... Funny though. Our group has techpriest which ascribes to the Divine Light of Sollex as well as a guardsman who survived the Mara Landing Massacre too. The guy playing the guardsman is the best roleplayer I have ever come across actually. He plays very jaded and faithful to the extreme and does it marvelously. Even so, he is always the one most favourable of non-violent solutions and the one who always tries to rein in my gunslinging, metiallican arbitrator who's favourite manner of bestowing the Emperors justice upon people is via a bucketload of lead to the face. Even so, they had grudgingly started to develop some sort of respect for each other. Someone he certainly does not trust though is our mumbling, white haired, mind-cleansed psyker who never fails to spook the group with his spectacular perils of the warp mishaps. We also have a noble-born assassin, hailing from a mercenary magnate family of Hive Tantalus. My favourite moment was probably when a gangster in Hive Tantalus whom they had paid to discreetly bring them out of there sold them out to a rival house of our noble character's. The noble managed to convince the leader of the house's thugs to a duel, which our psyker tried to tip in his favour by using his psychic powers. He hoped not to be noticed, which didn't quite work out as he had expected... Naturally he had a slight mishap and started hovering above the ground, crackling with static electricity. Chaos, mayhem and a huge firefight ensued.
  3. Other roleplaying games.

    *resurrects purely on account of Dark Heresy being mentioned* Ooh! Dark Heresy! Love it! I'm currently playing/game-mastering it, sharing the GM-duties with a friend which works surprisingly well. It's a great game. Possibly the most dystopian setting I've ever come across. In a good way! Sadly, there's been some time since we've played. Although I do play Epic (being a little too nerdy for ordinary 40k) I have to say that Dark Heresy was probably my first real soujour into the 40k universe, as well as the most rewarding one. I've found that general wargaming background most often has little to do with Dark Heresy for that matter. It doesn't really matter if you know the history behind the cosmic C'tan when you delve deep into the dismal vaults of a calixian under-hive, face to face with the lost and forgotten end of the vast imperial bureaucracy. Tell me more about your campaign? I'm curious! Other than that, and keeping on topic, I've played quite some WFRP (Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay). It was actually the first roleplaying game I've ever played (the old edition by Hogshead Publishing, don't you know). It's still a great game and I've played it a lot. Since then I've also managed to fit in some DnD 3e and some of the new edition of WFRP. Apart from various WoD that's mostly it, actually.
  4. Neighbours and cars

    Well, I had to google "smarm" go get what it meant... Anyway, what I got was: 1 : revealing or marked by a smug, ingratiating, or false earnestness <a tone of smarmy self-satisfaction — New Yorker> 2 : of low sleazy taste or quality <smarmy eroticism> Maybe it's just me, but I find that those definitions rhyme badly with "innocent". Anyhow, the thing with sarcasm and similar cathegories of humour is that it depends a lot on the situation, the timing, your tone and most of all, your relation to the other person in question. Using a line like that to try and strike up a conversation might be acceptable in some instances, but using it on your neighbour who's washing her car, especially when she's a young girl in a chemise, seems pretty... Well, smarmy to me. Using humour like that on strangers are always risky. A friend of mine who's very keen on sarcasm, especially feigning sexism and ignorance, almost got his ass kicked when he was at a party and a guy thought he insulted the north of Sweden. In our circle of friends we use a lot of sarcasm and I daily weather pretty horrid insults from my closest friends without batting an eye, because I know that's how we joke with each other. However, I do not appreciate when strangers act smug or sleazy towards me at all. It's seldom clear enough what's humour and what's not, and even if you know that it's humour, it's not very easy to know exactly what they mean by it. Now, I'm not trying to insult anyone, I'm just saying that sometimes the problem is not the listerners lack of capacity to understand but rather the jokers lack of capacity to express themselves.
  5. I finally caved

    I was actually considering doing just that. I haven't had that much time yet, but the plans are there. If people would like to see something like that though, I can always try to get my butt in gear and write something down this weekend or so. So... Would you?
  6. Hunter slasher, your favorite Undertaking.

    I'm currently watching season 2 of Dexter and I have to say, it is awesome. As for Jim Profit... Profit was a short lived TV-series about a psychopath called Jim Profit, obsessed with advancing inside a company called Gracen & Gracen. I don't think all of it was even broadcasted, but the entire first season exists on DVD. Jim Profit is the quintessential Charmer if you ask me. He is manipulative, charming and dangerously clever. As well as completely without conscience. Of course, he personally kills very few people through the series, preferring to ruin them from a distance, or twist them towards his own ends. Also, I guess he might not qualify not being from a movie either. That being said, the series is awesome and highly recommended. I think that the entire pilot episode is avalible through youtube.
  7. Hunter slasher, your favorite Undertaking.

    Well, it helped me wanting to see season two and three.
  8. Hunter slasher, your favorite Undertaking.

    Hm... Tricky. I've only seen the first season, but he doesn't really strike me as manipulative enough. I think I'd rather think him an Avenger (killing bad people) or possibly a Genius (good at forensics and getting into the psycho's mind). He's a bit tricky to fit in any of the cathegories though.
  9. Being Human - BBC supernatural series

    Bah! My ancestors plundered and pillaged your shores before the British Empire was as much as a greedy twinkle in your monarchs eyes and don't you forget it! You had better share, or we just might decide to come back in our IKEA produced longships to wreak havoc and claim your damn TV-shows!
  10. A setting for (almost every) Hunter

    I like it. I like it a lot. The Long Night - Armageddon is here! But you already knew that. However, now it seems like it's getting serious, with the spirits of Hell walking the earth. So what are you waiting for? It's time to show the Hellspawn what's what. Null Mysteriis - A place like New Dijion is pretty much the Holy Grail for a researcher in ectoplasmic manifestations. Just imagine all the experiments you could perform. All the data you would be able to collect in a place like that. No more creeping about in dilapitated houses, hoping to catch a glimpse of the White Lady or Black Man or Orange Uncle or whatever silly urban legend fooled you there. No, this is the real deal. Lucifuge - The Lucifuge knows something the others don't. While the Long Night isn't completely correct in their assumptions, they're actually not that far from the mark. The Scar isn't a gateway to Hell, but it could very well become one. There are things out there that has sensed the weakening fabric of reality and started to claw their way out. And no-one wants them to get through.
  11. Hunter Inspiration

    I think Carnivale deserves a mention. Great inspiration for a Lucifuge themed game, if nothing else (and a damn good series in it's own rights for that matter). Oh yeah, and Hack/Slash to be sure. The protagonists Cassie and Vlad is very much like two tier one hunters who specialise in taking out slashers (who in the comics are pretty much always undead or demonic or otherwise of supernatural origin).
  12. Who's in your Vigil game?

    Well, I haven't played or storytelled yet but as for the game I'm planning... Pretty much all of the compacts and conspiracies would have a place in my world (speaking as a ST) except a few. I've never liked the Ascending Ones. They just doesn't seem very interesting to me. From what I've gathered, their concept is pretty much "Quasi-religous middle eastern monster-hunters." And their modus operandi is pretty much: "We make potions." Just doesn't catch my interest. The Union isn't very interesting to me either, partly because it feels very america-centered in the whole "protectin' the neighbourhood" mentality. Nothing wrong with that if you'd set your games in the US, but mine probably won't be. I am also a bit uninspired by the Null Mysteriis and would probably only bring them up if there was a good reason to do so, such as one player wanted to play a Null Mysteriis character or such. Oh! I almost forgot! I would dearly love to incorporate the Knights of St. George. I find them everything a conspiracy should be, with their masonic-like structure and fascinating belief structure.
  13. Hunter slasher, your favorite Undertaking.

    Well to be fair, I think that a book with a greater focus on more real-life inspired serial killers or go deeper into their actual psychology might have bothered people. Personally, I would have found the book a little too disturbing if I couldn't take solace in the cinematic and fictionlike aspects. Sometimes you need to be able to feel that "it's just a game". Other than that, I agree with you that the Undertakings was the high point and the compact/conspiracy bit was the low. As for my favourite? Charmer/Psycho, hands down. I like the suave, refined, manipulative psychopath in the style of Patrick Bateman and Jim Profit (the latter which I'm a bit dissapointed that he wasn't listed as inspiration for the Charmer). Partly because they represent a moral decay in contemporary western society and partly because they're just so damn cool...
  14. Hunter/Changeling movie!!!!

    Hm... I don't know. It looks promising but then again, a trailer can only tell you that much. And this one doesn't really tell us much at all about the story or setting. The effects looks like they're pretty nice without being corny, but that of course relies on how the movie's cut and visually presented. Yeah, I'll wait with passing judgement before I see it. Though there's no doubt that I will see it eventually. That much is true, and I did like the music a lot.
  15. In Character Thread

    The vampire backs away a little further. (OOC: His aura betrays some agitation and nervousness.) "What? You're a hunter of evil with blessings of the Adversary? Shouldn't you be huntin' yourself then? Whatever. I think I'm done here." He half turns towards Val, while still keeping Zeke in sight. "I'm gonna go take care of some stuff. You know how to get in touch. Catch you later." He backs away from Zeke, moving into a crouch. After a while he turns and skulks away, seemingly vanishing into this air as he does so. A second later more perceptive individuals can hear the door from which Val entered open and close.