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  1. I need people to help edit

    Sure thing.
  2. I need people to help edit

    I'll take a look at it.
  3. Kuro's Business and Story Blog

    So I have a new one for any of you listening. It's The Writing Engine. I'm posting a sci-fi serial MWF right now, and it'll be available on ebook markets soon, I think. My Tumblr is now a personal blog. If you're into that.
  4. Fun with Tarot

    Probably because it's the Qabbalistic Tree of Life. It's the same way as meditating on the Tree of Life, laying out cards for the Sephiroth rather than just meditating on them.
  5. Fun with Tarot

    It does for symbolism. I use the Robyn Wood deck, which is a Rider-Waite derivative. And occasionally the Mage the Ascension deck . I use the Celtic Cross myself, it's pretty common. There's a 5 card past-present-future spread I've used as well, and a couple times I've read myself with the Tree of Life.
  6. Fun with Tarot

    Well, I am a tarot reader so. First thing's first, is it Rider or Rider-Waite? Second, the Suits. Each has a base set of meanings; Swords is Air, Intelligence, Decisiveness. Wands is Fire, Passion, Inspiration. Coins/Pentacles is Earth, Wealth, and Maturity. Cups is Water, Love, and Emotion. Third, the Trumps - each has their own meaning and I don't remember them all right off the top of my head so if you want to ask, I'll answer. The face cards in each Suit represents different stages of life as well as genders. The Page is the child, sometimes the young girl. The Knight is adolescence, the young man usually but can be teens of either age. The Queen is the adult, and is always representative of a woman when a particular person. The King is middle aged to old, but still strong and capable. As well always represents a man when used as a person in particular.
  7. Hypnosis Practice Continues

    Hypnosis is always something that's fascinated me, especially as a skeptic. It's phenominal what the brain can do. Though I'm kinda weird. I'm an atheist with the "God Gene" and I kind of like that transcended effect.
  8. National Novel Writing Month

    What's your user name on there? Mine's the same as it is here, but I can't find a ZeroNinja over there.
  9. National Novel Writing Month

    Yessssss, join ussssss. If you're on G+ I'll add you to my writers and RPG circles. And if you want to check out my blog the link is in my sig and zibik can tell you how super awesome it is.
  10. National Novel Writing Month

    Hey everyone! Here in the US it's National Novel Writing Month! For those of you who don't know, that means that a lot of us are trying to write 50,000 words in 30 days, the start of our own novel. It encourages amateur novelists to get out and just write. I'm participating for the third year in a row (and might be able to 'win' for the first time...nothing distracting me from my writing this time around). Anyone else on the bandwagon with me?
  11. Free Werewolf Revised at DriveThru

    It's ten products, two external links.
  12. Free Werewolf Revised at DriveThru

    Some really cool stuff in the giveaway, took me a little while to find them all.
  13. Kuro's Business and Story Blog

    RISE. I'm going to have a story up there in a few days I think. It's called The Ballad of John Williams, it's a cowboy piece about cowboys.
  14. Kuro's Business and Story Blog

    Sorry to do this again but if I don't promote myself once a day I whip myself.
  15. Kinda wish IPB had a G+ connector, I don't FB anymore.

    1. zeroninja


      I just got into Google Plus, but I still have a facebook fer now.