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  1. Ah! It's so good to see friendly faces! Well... when I say "see"... well, you know what I mean. Hello again! *return hugs* oh, and for anyone who frequents the Facebook Dreaming/Lost Group, I go by Alaina Milare there.
  2. Wow, it seems so long ago that I frequented the Changeling forums here. With the 20th anniversary editions bringing life back to the games, it would be great to see this place thriving again! I'm not sure if there's anyone around who would remember me, but if so, hello again!
  3. So many amazing images and costumes! Selkiss, I can't even thread a needle to I envy your talent. (I'm not exaggerating on the needle thing. I'd give anything to learn to sew). Here are a couple more in-costume images... One is me and Jonas on Halloween. The other is him and our friend, Ian in a 'shootout' taken the same night. The image was taken in our messy livingroom and I hated it, so I um... relocated them.
  4. This is me and my husband (Jonestownbynight) at King Richard's Ren. Faire in Massachusetts, taken on Labor Day And a full shot of the dress, however uncomfortable I may look (I hate having my picture taken).
  5. Happy Birthday!

    Thanks, Chigg.
  6. Actually, that's me after having gained a good 10-15 pounds since I met him. lol I used to weigh around 90lbs. Now I'm 105. I'm not sickeningly skinny though, 'cause it makes sense when you add the fact that I'm only 4'11". I'm wearing power heels in that photo, so it's hard to tell. And we refuse to get fuzzy! mwahahahaha! I will start an anti-fuzzy club!
  7. Wedding Announcement

    *blushes deep red* Aww, thank you.
  8. Wedding Announcement

    Actually, it's the first time either of us have had any time or energy in a week lol. I can eat again! And as far as photos go, we obviously don't have them in our possession yet. But our friend, Staz (a brilliant photographer) managed to capture a very beautiful candid of the two of us which she put on her DA page: http://st0dad.deviantart.com/art/Wedding-Day-66667071 And another one here: http://fc01.deviantart.com/fs19/i/2007/279...__by_St0DaD.jpg I'm particularly fond of the black and white. It's completely candid.
  9. Another member of the pack

    It seems that they'll let anyone use the internet these days. Disgusting. *tsk tsk*
  10. A recent photo of me and Jonestown. *fidgets uncomfortably* In case the upload didn't work (it was acting funny) here's a link: http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/54509536/
  11. Smoke and Gin

    This is really my first stab at high contrast inking. It came out looking very "world of Darkness-y" so I figured it wouldn't be out of place here.
  12. Mage character

    Vampire is my favorite WoD game. So, I actually draw them more often than any other supernatural. Mage was kind of out of left feild for me. MtAs.
  13. Mage character

    Thank you very much. It seems I'm getting across the feel I wanted (which was what was most important to me). Thanks!