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  1. Spikey is no longer with us

    He is with us in spirit.
  2. Books for sale: Emergency

    I have updated the list with prices and what has been sold.. sold items have a slash through them. I want to thank everyone, but people reply to the AOL.com account.. please send future e-mails to Cheska_Mouse(a)yahoo.com
  3. Books for sale: Emergency

    Let me find out an I'll get back to you, ok?
  4. Books for sale: Emergency

    Half cover price is $67. I don't really have a problem with it. R.L. De Chaine #1 612 Currier PL. Pensacola, FL. 32514
  5. Books for sale: Emergency

    Since the art on the front has no crease or marks.. $5.00?
  6. Books for sale: Emergency

    And Medication, specificly Humalog, it cost $120. a bottle, while my body does produce Insulin.. it is not being used correctly or at all. I am over weight, but I have lost 20 lbs in the last few months. I walk twice a day and eat healthy foods.. but I still need meds.
  7. Books for sale: Emergency

    I am supposed to, but that cost $120 a bottle and I have no money, I do take Metformin twice a day and that seems to work pretty well. Metformin cost $4 a bottle for 30 days.
  8. Books for sale: Emergency

    Due to medical reasons, I am selling my entire Vampire the Masquerade collection. It is mostly 2nd edition with a couple of 1st edition books. Here is the list. $15.00_Vampire: The Masquerade Core Book. $13.00_Guide to the Camarilla. $13.00_Vampire Storytellers handbook. $15.00_Vampire Players guide. $13.00_Guide to the Anarchs. $8.00_Vampire Storytellers Companion. $8.00_Ghoul: Fatal addiction. $8.00_Blood treachery. $8.00*_Clan Book: Tremer, 1st and 2nd editions. *Each. $8.00_Clan Book: Brujah. $7.00_Salubri. $8.00_Lasombra. $8.00*_Ravnos. 1st and 2nd. *Each. $8.00_Nosferatu. $8.00_ Tzimisce. $8.00_ Toreador. $7.00_ Baali. $5.00_Dark ages storytellers screen. $10.00_ Mage the Acension: Son's of Ether. $9.00_ Mummy 2nd edition. $9.00_ Book of the wyrm 2nd edition. Werewolf. $8.00_Bygone Bestiary. $9.00_AXIS Mundi: The Book of Spirits. $8.00_Umbra: The Velvet Shadow. $5.00_ Way of the Wolf. $8.00_Rage: Warriors of the Apocolypse. $5.00_ Tribe Books, each. Uktena. Shadow Lords. Red Talons. Silver Fangs. Stargazers. Black Furies. Bone Gnawers. Children of Gaia. !!!New!!! 10/17/2011 $19.00_Ratkin $20.00_Hengeyokai $18.00_Bastet All at Cover price because I took darn good care of them an they are rare. $10.00_RIFTS Corebook. Poor condition. $10.00_RIFTS World Book 21: Splynn, Dimensional Market. $10.00_RIFTS Atlantis World Book 2. $6.00_ RIFTS Sourcebook. Fair condition. $6.00_RIFTS Mercenaries. Fair Condition. $8.00_RIFTS: Lone Star, World Book 3. $9.00_RIFTS: Japan, World Book 8. Good condition. $10.00_ Heroes Unlimited 2nd edition. Fair condition. $6.00_ Ninja and Super Spys. Fair condition. In the last 5 months, I have come up with Type 2 Diabetes. It was annoyning more than it was a shock, I've had to apply for disability since I have no job an no one seems to want to hire a Diabetic. Meds are cheap, but my Glucose test strips are not. All books are Half cover price, I take damn good care of them, so they are in barely used condition. I use pay pal and if you do not want the books.. donations are nice to. my pay pal is rrlee64@aol.com sorry and thank you for your time.
  9. Books: Exalted, For sale.

    Would anyone be remotely interested? Talk to me and i'll edit with full details.
  10. STEAMPUNK: Missive inquery

    Well, Thank you anyway. A friend ran a Steampunk-meets-Vampire/Mage and it was.... Odd But fun as hell..
  11. STEAMPUNK: Missive inquery

    Silly me, I should have looked to my own yard first.. Thank you Cybercat.
  12. STEAMPUNK: Missive inquery

    Hello my bonnie lads and ladies! I make this post to inquire about vestments of a Quasi Victorian notion! [Translation: Me and friends are looking for clothes to create Steampunk Garb] My mate, Lady Shana of the mirthful picture books* wishes to find an Aviators cap, white leather if possible. A white leather appron. Any assistants you lend to the search will be most welcome. Regards, C.V.Muridae Ph D, Doctorate of Physical Engineering, Professor of Eather studies.
  13. MrGone's Character Sheets

    *hugs* I am thankful for what you do, Its no hurry... I can use the PDF from White wolfs page and the three from your 2nd edition Solar to cobble a set. Now, make sure to get some "Me" time and rest... cause the sheets are not evenly remotely as important as you or your health.
  14. MrGone's Character Sheets

    Mr.Gone, Keeper of the mad Character Sheet skillzorz..... Will there be any Infernals Character sheets for Exalted?
  15. A good friend of mine is heading to Denmark, but he is a bit out of his element and was hoping to find some advice and insights. He is American, lives in Canada with his Wife and child... and she is being transfered by her job to Denmark. Anyone?