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  1. Underworld Evolution

    Sorry I got distracted while typing and had to hurry off. What I meant to ask is why was there no female werewolves. Or if there was why didn't we see them often.
  2. Underworld Evolution

    One of my friends asked why there were no feal werewolves and I think that's really a good question.
  3. cain and my gaming group

    Nice vid. Makes me sad that my game had to be put on hold because of peoples work. Damn having to be adult and work for your RPG books.
  4. Bloodlines are rare.

    Well I have both bloodline books, okay they are my husbands but you get the point. And well I like that they are adding new twists and stuff on things. Like there's a new Mekhet bloodline called "Players". It's kinda corny and totally campy, but this bloodline is nothing but walking stereotype of every vampire Clichés. I think it's funny but they could be used very well for plot twists. I think if you don't over use them then the bloodlines are a neat idea.
  5. Has anyone seen...

    I went to my local gaming shop and looked thuogh out the whole book of Chicago and couldn't find that.... Maybe I'll have to go look again.
  6. Underworld Evolution

    I went to go see th midnight showing here with my husband. After we watched the first one again at home. I honestly liked it but I have to say honestly it was a bit anticlimactic but the full blown sex scene within the first hour took me off gaurd.
  7. Hello

    I want to thank you all for welcoming me. I haven't had that since my last addiction BPAL purfume. You are all so nice.
  8. Favorite Clan

    For me it's realy hard to pick a favorite. It would be between the Daeva and the Mekhet. But when it comes down to it I have to go with Daeva. I've just always been drawn to things like that. And I also have the Daeva clan sign tattooed on me left shoulder blade :
  9. Where Are You From?

    I live in Oregon USA. But that's now where I plan to stay.
  10. Hello

    Well I've been lurking for a while and even won one of your raffles but I don't think I've ever really posted. Right now I'm in a New WoD game that my husband is running (sadly it's on hold do to work conflicts:() and I've been playing White Wolf games ever since I was 13. Never been able to get into a LARP game thouhg too busy. But I just anted to say hello and greetings to everyone.