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  1. Play by Post / Interactive Fiction

    Hey, Krowe, I'm still here and interested. The last few weeks have been a been hectic. With two clients sites that needed worked on (one being an absolute nightmare), and doing an algebra class, I hadn't time to visit any forums lately. But things have slowed here some and will get something together on Sasha.
  2. Play by Post / Interactive Fiction

    I think doing a formation of the recon/rescue pack would be a great starting point. For one, it would give everyone who is participating a chance to settle into their character and feel out others they meet. And with the interaction, the choosing of the roles in the pack could be naturally played out.
  3. Everyone Copies Microsoft?

    Hmm, everyone copies Windows? Didn't they just mentione there that the original Windows was based from Mac's OS? And funny, that Vistas has a LOT of the same graphics feel and widgets that OS X has? I think Billy Bob there has a spyglass on Steve Jobs.
  4. Such a Twisted Mind

    Wide range of tastes? Pshhh! Geez, military brat, with the 'rents that have tastes ranging from Vivaldi to Aretha Franklin. Or regular meat and potates to sechuan. That is what I grew up with and the way I came out. Hmm, raning on the bookshelf now I have from Piers Anthony all the way Robert Heinlein. Art is from old illuminaries to art deco, and music is just as varied. I can't say though, I found much entertainment with today's rap or country. *scrunches face* I can go from watching something like Ratattouille to Breakfast at Tiffany's to House of 1000 Corpses. I can't pinpoint a single favorite. Nah, too boring to just like one thing. Probably why I don't get all screamy and giggly fanatic over anything in particular.
  5. Unemployed: the Rage

    Just as Jagash said, if there are temp agencies, apply to them. Not just one, but a couple or more. They can help get you in the jobs that don't normally advertise. Job hunting is not fun and it is frustrating. But persistance works and keeping the resume updated. Also, finding just nickel and dime job until a professional one comes up can be a life saver. As happened with me, when I started my retail job, not 3 weeks later, did I get into a professional job.
  6. Gilul Ku Libis

    I agree with Annael on this. Common sense would say that you commit this act in Gauru form, you wouldn't really earn Renown for the diablerie, but you can gain a gift from your victim. You are stealing their power because you hungered for it. The idea of the form being nastier and taking on the tinge of the act is appealing! It is a mark of the Dark Side, lol. You can't do an evil act and not suffer the consequences.
  7. Forsaking the Spirit

    Well, I can agree to the points that White Wolf has heavily put spirit influence for WtF, regarding totems, finding tribes, loci and so on. I think it is to help give for some people, a focus for their werewolves goals in their cursed life. Now, it does however depend on the Storyteller on how they use the spirit and whether it heavily influences their chronicle or not. You can keep a balanced game by just using what you need in order to meet objectives for a quest. I am one for character development myself and keeping balance in a story. I wouldn't necessarily rewrite the core of werewolves though, to get that feel for an RPG. Now, I do like the idea of being 'born' into a tribe and each of the tribes have their quirks or requirments as to who joins. Having that consistancy from VtR crossing over for WtF would be a good touch. It does give a certain dynamic of roleplay as to how a newly Changed werewolf entered a certain tribe, whether through bloodline or some stalked prey. After all, certain personality traits do effect to how you fit into a tribe. Having the moon phase determine that for you can be a bit thin. I mean, what if you change and become part of the Storm Lords but you are an introspective character? Definitely some food for thought, Krowe, but I wouldn't discount the Spirit part of werewolf. I would find other means to offset some of the heavy aspects of Spirit to balance out the roleplay.
  8. Play by Post / Interactive Fiction

    Yeah, that should work. If you need more though, just PM me.
  9. Words get in the way...

    RAW are a good basis for any game. It does help to set the groundwork for both storytelling and for character creation. Now, however you go to play your game to meet your own tastes, then you will tailor the rules in areas that you need to be more specialized or specific. Many games will tell you that the rules are a guide to gameplay, not hard and fast and must be obeyed to the letter.
  10. Play by Post / Interactive Fiction

    This will give me a chance to get Sasha fleshed out. I know I started a bit on her story, though having some problems with the blog here. She is an Ironmaster Elodoth, if I remember correctly.
  11. Play by Post / Interactive Fiction

    Oooo, would love the chance here to get Sasha going. Umm, however, time is limited unless the pace for the chronicle can be a nice slow steady pace? Between two jobs and schoolwork, I could maybe...MAYBE, squeeze this in.
  12. The Urdaga Usergroup

    Yeah, you've been betwitched by those fae. *ducks*
  13. War With the Pure Artwork

    I couldn't find if anyone has posted a link to this or not but if not, here is the cover work for that book! Luckily have this artist on watch. http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/55806274/
  14. In forum ads

    They are a bit annoying. I don't mind having banner ads on the site as it brings clicks and revenue, but as a second post in a thread is a bit jarring.
  15. How do you like Shadownessence 2.0?

    I wanted to reply yesterday but there was the database error keeping from posting. The changes are good but definitely will take getting used to. Though, I'm concerned about the RPG forums, especially for the one group I was in. Are they gone completely or is there a way to get an archive of the posts? The site though seems to be experience some spurts of slowness.