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  1. Hello, Sorry for my sporadic posts here, but I come bearing a promised token. This Link is to a short discussion and graphical representation of the probability of succes in the nWoD rules for varying dice pools. There is a spearate post about the statistics of the oWoD. Please take a gander and feel free to leave a comment. UPDATE: A second figure has been added that displays the actual distribution of success, not just the probabilites.
  2. WoD: Innocents is on the shelves.

    Hello, I promised a report of the Innocents games I ran at Animazement this year. Game 1: Pre-generated characters, all members of the same family. Eldest son was an NPC, and gettign ready to leave for college in the fall. Middle Child was the oldest of the bunch and was abasically riding on the coat tails of his older brother to a large extent. The next oldest is cousin that lives nearby and frequently visits due to his broken home situation. Finally we ahve the twins, fraternal pair that still managed to develop the twinspeak merit and had a lot of fun with it in game. The scenario is that Grnadmother has developed aldzheimer's disease and is now moving in with the family so that Mom, a semi-retired nurse, can tend to her care. The children all remembver their grnadmother being a vivacious woman who loved golfing and cooking for her loved ones. A shell of her fromer self, the arrival of this new person that often calls the children by thier parent's childhood nicknames has been a jarring expereince by itself. Added to that a new found tendancy for things to go forgotten in ways that are unusual and sudden, and we have the set up for our story. More to come...
  3. WoD: Innocents is on the shelves.

    I realize this is coming really after the fact, but I picked up a copy of Innocents the day it hit shelves and tore through it in the next few days. The games seemed like some incredible concentration of awesome that I had no way to use. My time was being eaten by other things and I was unable to use it. Roll a few weeks later and I'm at the helm of a small local convention (Trinoc-Con). I'm greeted by the wonderful news that my game coordinator completely blew off his responsibilities and had scheduled no games! We had a separate RPGA coordinator, so that went off without a hitch. Several of the con staff, including myself, raided our home shelves and pledged to fill some time slots with games. I had no clue what to run so I had my roommate grab several books including Innocents. I ended up starting my game late after having dinner with the Guest of Honor, but I ran the "What are little boys made of?" scenario and it was a smashing success. I had farmed out charcter generation responisibilities to a buddy while I was otherwise occupied, so I returned to a group of early teenage hoodlums and a few outliers (school sport "star" and the quiet, mousey computer nerd). I had about half the party run afoul of the antagonist before a clever player lured everyone down to the beast's lair and then an accident dealt with the creature (and most of the pc's as well). I think that my next run through with this game will be with pregenerated characters to give the game a little more of the innocence of youth and less of the thug quality that our game took on. IT worked well in any. I'll be running 2 one shots this weekend at a different local con, and I'll try and post how they turn out.
  4. Planescape

    The Planescape setting was one of the most ambitious settings that was released under the old TSR, Inc. banner. With boxed sets breaking the planes up into PLanes of Law, Chaos and Conflict it allowed GM's to take their players to the homes of the gods themselves. THe Cosmology of AD&D is one of planes within planes, so to speak. The Center of it all would be the Inner planes which are the pure elements of classical european alchemy with the additions of the positive material (i'e. life energy) and the negative material (death) planes. The inner planes form the building blocks of the planes further out. Next we have the Ethereal plane, which is composed of all the elements but has no set form. It bridges the gap between the Inner and Prime Material planes (the one in which most game worlds are set). Adjoining the Prime Material plane, but not the ethereal, is the astral plane, a void of space and stars. Those who journey the astral plane most often do so by projecting their mind/spirit into the plane. These projections are tethered to their prime material selves via a silver chord, which if severed can disjoint the spirit and body, if not kill outright. Then we finally reach the outer planes themselves. These are realms where beleif is dominant. Areas can shift between planes if the dominant belief in that area is strong enough. All of the faith, hopes and dreams of the prime materials are here: from the seven heavens to the nine hells and the gears of MEchanus to the CHaotic and ever shifting morass of Limbo. AS to reccomendations, it depends on what your goal is in obtaining them. If you are wanting a basic understandign of the setting and how things work I'd reccomend both the core boxed set and "A Player's Primer to the Outlands" which is a delightful supplement that comes with a CD that is to be used as a play aid. The tracks on the disk are the stored information in a device called a mimir, which answers questions posed to it if it has been programmed with a response. This is most helpful as a pronunciation guide as well. More detailed infor mation can be found in the other boxed sets, named the same as the broad caetgorization of the planes I named above (Law, Chaos and Conflict). For those intereseted in the more sinister be sure to pick up the "Hellbound: The Blood War" boxed set and the paperback supplement "Faces of Evil: The Fiends."The latter is a personal favorite since the writing staff each adopted a persona for their sections; my favorite is Xanost, A Slaad from Limbo who definitely live up to that chaotic plane's reputation. The paperback supplements I can personally reccomend include all 3 volumes of the Monstrous Compendium, which is graced witht he aforementioned DiTerlizzi art, and the Guides to the Inner and Ethereal planes. As to where to aquire the tomes for less that the deficit of Liberia, The best places I can suggest are used bookstores near Military bases. Soldiers have a long history of gaming to fill the idle hours, yet when a deployment cycles around they cannot take many books with them, so to the shops they go. I have made a habit of cherry picking harder to find books in good condition at a store near one of the largest installations on the eastern seaboard. I hope this helps and if you have any further questions please pose them here or in a PM to me directly.
  5. It's finally time, I think.

    Welcome Back Morlandus! Things just aren't the same without you chiming in...
  6. Happy Birthday!

    Happy Birthday to Seraph621, and happy anniversary to the deific couple.
  7. Fallout 3

    I have a avoided the spin-off games form this liscence, but very much enjoyed playing the first 2. I ahev high hopes for the third. Bethesda has siad that the game will be using variant of the Oblivion engine, and is being developed by the Oblivin team. Not sure how I feel about the potential first person perspective, but I do know that I now ahve a good reason to up my Video Card...
  8. I need game inspirations/ideas..

    Gone, Since this looks to be a short run kind of situation I have only two words for you: VICTIMS SCENARIO This concept was included in the Palladium game Beyond the Supernatural. I like to think of this little gem as the diamond in the rough of the palladium universe. The concept is that the players make several average people each and then you trap them in with a monster/boogeyman type creature and see who akes it out alive. It's the classic horror movie plot played out in a game setting. We ahve always wnated to adapt it to Vampire and have the Coterie assaulted by patient, well equpped hunters. As a short term style game it can be a great deal of fun (suggested as a one shot intially, but I've talked to folks who streteched them to a few sessions). The NWoD could make this even better with the use of mortal characters as the "victims."
  9. Need a new Computer

    Hey, Just spoke with my Tech Spec buddy and he actually recommended: This Video Card overer the one I suggested. It offers almost double the performance on the most demanding current games (Doom3, Oblivion, and F.E.A.R.) at a cost increase of $70. This card will be more likely to meet the spedcs required of Starcraft 2 when it releases.
  10. Need a new Computer

    It is simply the width of the drive bay in inches. The larger sized bays are for DVD/CD Drives and the 3.5 are usuaually used for floppy hard, or zip disk drives. INternal and external in the case of this diagram are letting you know that some are accessable form the exterior of the case and others are not. you will be puttin you Hard Drive(s) in the internal bays. The Exansion slots are for video, sound and other controller cards. IF you felt the need to a wireless internet connection, the card for that would go in an expansion slot. Your video card will be a PCI Express card and will have a special slot just for it.
  11. Need a new Computer

    This case is one that I would reccomend. It is an update of the one that I use at home. It is quiet, comes form a reputable manufacutrer and is good solid construction. The main drawback is the weight of the case (20 lbs), but if you don't plan on moving it much that shouldn't be a problem. This Video Card is much faster than your suggeted 9800 pro and meets you DirectX 10 compatiability need. It is an Nvidia chipset, so if that gives you pause we can find a comparable ATI card. As far as processor choice goes, I prefer AMD, but that is more due to my own personal history of processor ownership. Intel has great things to offer so don't discount them on my reccomendation alone.
  12. Need a new Computer

    Starcraft 2 has been listed as Vista and XP Comaptible, and that's all the stas we have been given. They are planning on releasing the system requirements clsoer to the release date, which is TBA. A couple of other questions: 1. Do we need to consider a monitor in the cost of the system or is your's fairly new? 2. Do you feel the need to have a service contract for the system or are you fairly familiar with replacing and changing parts? 3. Do you already ahve an operating system that you are happy with or does that neeed to be in the final price as well? 4. Is there anyhting else you want this machine to be able to do (Media finctionality (i.e DVR/HD tv tuning, LAN Party Portability, Special graphical editing needs, Etc.)?
  13. Need a new Computer

    Judging by your description of the age of the machine you will need to replace jsut about everyhting. Your Optical drives (CD and DVD) are probably fine, unless they are less that 16X speed. I'mn not certain if they have released the minimum specs for Starcraft 2 yet, so it will be difficult to guarantee that you will be able to run the game at optimal performance without that info. The HD's are probably fine, but if they are more than 3 years old you might consider adding larger drives to back up your stuff, as they are getting on toward the time that drives tend to fail. Drive space is very cheap now, so getting bigger drives to put in the new machine shouldn't set you back too much. As far as Graphics Cards go, you will want one that is DirectX 10 Compatible. From there you wnat to get the most memory and processor speed you can. This is usually limited more by your budget. Try and read reviews of card before you settle on one in particular, and make sure you go with a reputable company (I have a Sapphire Radeon Card and am quite happy with it though it is an older card by today's standards.) You will be looking at a Dual Core processor and the decision of Intel or AMD is largely up to you. The competition between these two companies has lead them to be more similar in terms of perfromance in recent generations. Again your budget may determine which type you go with. Get Reccomendations for brands of motherboards and see if you can get a Porcessor and Motherboard pacakaged together to ensure compatability. A new case is reccomended because you will need to replace your powersupply anyway. Antec makes good powersupplies and cases, and sells them both together and separately. You will want at least a 450W powersupply. Ram is another part that will need to match up with your motherboard, so make certain that you are ware of what your motherboard can accept. you will want at least 1 GB of Ram, 2 if you are running Windows Vista (Friggin MS and their memory intensive opperating systems). Get the optimal memeory for your motherborad and take advantage of dual channeling if you can. I relaize that these are general guidelines, but I don't have my finger on the pulse of the industry. I built my system on a shoestring about 2 years ago, so I'm not certain what's out there now. I can Reccomend the sites Newegg.com and ZipZoomFly.com as good sources of parts at reasonable prices. I'll talk to a buddy of mine that does this sort of thing and see wht he reccomends. Do we have a target price in mind or is this a Dream first and parse back later?
  14. Pope J-rod's Donations

    Donations: 7 : $120 Donor name: Jared N 1: 4/4/07 - $10.00 janovak79 [a] juno.com 2: 2/2/07 - $5.00 janovak79 [a] juno.com 3: 11/13/06 - $20.00 janovak79 [a] juno.com 4: 1/31/06 - $20.00 janovak79 [a] juno.com 5: 8/5/05 - 15.00 janovak79 [a] juno.com (ELN Help) 6: 7/8/05 - 30.00 janovak79 [a] juno.com 7: 23 May 2007 - janovak79 [a] juno.com - $20.00 (ID # 68E07504LX837680K) Donor status: OK
  15. Antimicrobial soap, antibiotics, and the like

    I actually worked with an academic research lab that was looking at ways to stop the expression of Antibiotic resistance in bacteria. The process of expressing the resistance is largely dependant on a small number of protiens, one of which has a high level of flexibility and is involved in multiple steps along the pathway. They were looking at preventing the conformational (that's protien shape for you laymen) change, which would reder the pathway inert. The long term goal of this research was as an addative to current generation antibiotics, or as a separate supplement, which would prevent the bacteria from expressing the resistance trait. This could extend the effective life of our current antibiotics. It was pretty excting work with the possibilities.