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  1. Maxwell's Minions

    Hiya there! Sorry for taking so damn long to respond, health has been quite a bitch lately. So, Norris and Loki, lets see... if they look similar, its just my fault, not WW giving me secret art notes, ha ha... ahem, lets elaborate. Okay, now truth to be told, Norris its suposed to resemble a rodent, now, thats a rat with some serious stoping power! whilst Loki its our rocking children of industrial music... any similarity its just a weird coincidence! Heh, I could swear that even the models used as reference looked different... anyway, glad you liked the art, that certainly makes my day!
  2. World of Darkness: Chicago

    Greetings there. I thought I chime in and say thanks for the very kind words regarding my work, and thanks to shadownessence for the oportunity to share it with the rest of the WOD fans. Ill also would like to mention that indeed Christopher Shy its still a very strong influence on my work, but give it a couple of years! So, Happy nu year! and hopefully well meet again in the next batch of WW releases! Regards ---Sam PS: Morlandus, I sent you some new pictures a while ago, did you got the mail?