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  1. Sydney By Night

    Hi guys! One of the many reasons I haven't been around much lately is this little project; Sydney By Night; a database of all vampires, werewolves and mages in the beautiful city of Sydney. I don't know how many of you this would actually interest but even if you have never even heard of Sydney, you might appreciate the (hopefully) soon to become overflowing resources on World of Darkness. Definitely one to bookmark! Please take a look! Warning: May be blinding for those on darker CRT monitors. Fortuna http://www.sydneybynight.com/
  2. New forum software is out.

    Poor you! >.< I sure don't envy your work right now. I've had minimal experience with installing and skinning forums but none of it has been pleasant and I don't think they were as complex as trying to integrate this WYSIWYG. But hopefully it will all be worth it with the new blog and gallery scripts...
  3. New to the forum

    A warm welcome to you... I apologise for being so late to your arrival but may I make up for it by getting to know you throughout the forums. Do drop by the Art Gallery sometime as there is much to behold there . Warmly, Fortuna
  4. Introduction

    Hello and another warm welcome there bunny boy. I hope to see you around the forums often and get to know you better. I apologise for being to late to your induction to Shadownessence but may you accept my well wishes despite being seriously belated . Warmly, Fortuna
  5. Ello ducky!

    Hello and welcome Cheska, no matter how very late I am, I hope my well wishes can mean something. I do hope to get to know you better throughout the forums and drop by the Art Gallery to visit me some time . Warmly, Fortuna
  6. BWAA!!!!

    It is a shame I definitely missed this party but I hope my belated well wishes and warm welcome can mean something!
  7. Hi

    Talk about being late... Welcome once more, I hope by now you have had some time to enjoy everything Shadownessence has to offer. In particular, the Art Gallery is a gorgeous place with plenty of eye candy to behold. I hope to see you around the forums now, Fortuna
  8. Look! A new person!

    Welcome infiniverse! Oooh a creepy Moros, the best variety! My apologies for joining these celebrations so late but I still wanted to leave my well wishes. I hope to get to know you around the forums better . Warmly, Fortuna
  9. Hello hello hello

    Another warm welcome Kuhan. It is always nice to emerge from the shadows every now and then and join the discussions. My apologies for joining the party late but I hope to see you around the forums more often. Warmly, Fortuna
  10. From Budapest

    Another warm welcome... what an adorable cat in your avatar! Hope you enjoy your stay and may I see you often in the forums.
  11. Sounding Off

    Another warm welcome to you, hope you enjoy all we have to offer . Warmly, Fortuna
  12. MotC Art

    Oh you guys all have new avatars... looking good! Sorry about being so busy lately but I've uploaded your images Hyacinth, do not hesitate to send in more when you do draw some more creations!
  13. Happy Birthday

    Happy birthday and may your days be one to remember .
  14. Mr. Gone!

    That's fantastic news! Where will the world be without your character sheets?! Welcome aboard, I think the blue on grey looks particularly nice...
  15. Happy Birthday!!!!

    I'm so sorry this is belated, I hope you had a wonderful and memorable celebration for your special day. Please don't neglect to share with us how you spent it! Happy Birthday!