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  1. "Roleplay is like sex..."

    hmm...I'll have to speak to my husband about this.... I'm not sure his redcap would be to willing though...You have any idea what he thinks of sidhe??? Of course my fiona will try anything once....as long as no one is looking.
  2. Found that cover...

    Yep, I'm in love.
  3. *floppy kitty wave*

    I've been roaming around this site for exactly 26 days. I know this because I have to have been a member for 28 days before I can apply to be fae....*looks at the calendar again* Okay, so after catching up on the glamour imbued forums of the Changeling pages, I decided to go looking around the rest of this area to see what I could find. I probably should have done so earlier, since Changeling isn't the only game I play, but I procrastinate so....pfft. Anyway, so Hi! and all...hm....what should you like to know that anyone would care to know? hmm... Currently we have several games going. This is mostly because our troupe is full of storytellers, so we are lucky enough to switch around often and one person doesn't get burned out on the telling and doesn't get to play. Currently, the games we have going are two Mages, one Vampire, one Werewolf, one Demon, one Wraithe, one oodly WW like D&D game, a GURPS Supers game, and I am storytelling two different Changeling games... Maybe that's why I'm always behind in everything? Oh well, as far as intro's go, I live in Dallas, I'm under 30 for at least a few more months. I'm recently married to the most wonderful man in all the world, who is also a gamer. Hmm...not sure what else to tell ya. ......
  4. GreenZap Discussion

    I signed up and sent my money over, the full $30.
  5. Where Are You From?

    I guess I never really ventured this way to introduce myself. I tend to get lost within the glamour filled forum that is Changeling. Anyway, I'm from Dallas, Tx, for those that are interested. I play a wide range of WW games with my husband, roommate and a few of our friends. Current games going are Mage, Werewolf, Vampire, Demon, Wraithe and one very out of place D&D game. I also am storytelling two Changeling games currently. Nice to meet everyone!