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  1. C20 Games You've Played

    Backers have had access to the core text for a little while now. With full access now out there, let's talk about some of the chronicles or stories you've run with these new beautiful rules. What have you liked and what don't you enjoy. What has your overall takeaway been for C20?
  2. The plan

    I'm just jazzed we're back up again. Seriously, this turned a really crappy weekend around. I'm glad to be of help when I can. We all know life is a busy mess, but this site has always been there, even if we've had lulls from time to time.
  3. ATTN Star Trek Fans

    RETURN OF THE NECROPOST! After a year long hiatus on this particular game, I have recently revived it. We're playing at http://wyldling.com/Hartington and would be happy to have any new players. All that is required is a vague interest in Science Fiction or Star Trek, we'll help you get a handle on how the actual gameplay works in this format.
  4. One of the members of my discussion board http://www.wyldling.com/forums is starting up a Werewolf: the Forsaken game that will be starting up soon-ish and new players are more than welcome to come in and join the excitement. The details of the chronicle are located in the game's subforum, Idigathim. We hope you''ll come and join us and possibly stay to take a look over the other venues and discussions we have!
  5. SnE Members Map

    Both Eva and I are in Derry, New Hampshire.
  6. ATTN Star Trek Fans

    In addition to raising dead on this thread, I wanted to let you folks know that we've recently move to a new set of gameplay forums. You can follow our game's adventures at http://www.taskforcegamma.com/tfgforums, while our old gameplay forums are still active for people to go over our previous adventures. Our info site is still located at http://taskforcegamma.com/newhartington.
  7. And we're back!

    The usual members know that this place goes down for extended periods from time to time, so I don't think there is any fear of us loosing our core base. However, newer members may not have known to come to expect the occasional downtime and might flee at the first signs of trouble. Any lagging in the older members is because they haven't checked in with the site for a bit to see it back up. Just my $0.02
  8. Calling all Star Trek Fans! I'm looking for players for my Star Trek Play by Forum RPG, send me a PM for details if interested!

  9. ATTN Star Trek Fans

    NECROPOST! My trek game is hurting for players and I'm turning to all sources to get some players! If you're a Star Trek fan and you enjoy play by forum role playing I suggest you take a look at my game site. Head on over to http://taskforcegamma.com/newhartington for our info site and http://usshartington.s2.bizhat.com for our gameplay forums. We'd love to have some folks from this bastion of creativity over there!
  10. Dresden Files RPG

    Have any of you had the chance to see the Beta PDF for the Fate System Dresden RPG? I have recently gotten my mitts on a copy and, while it's taking me a bit to get used to it I think I may enjoy the hell out of this one. Opinions?
  11. ATTN Star Trek Fans

  12. Dr Tran

    "Look at that fat cock!" "cluck cluck" "Sorry Doctor, that was f*cked up..." I love Dr. Tran... he's Trantastic.
  13. ATTN Star Trek Fans

    So after several months my Star Trek game has flourished and grown very nicely. I'm still looking for people, in fact we're in the process of launching our second full sized Sim at the moment and are thinking about game 3. It's been moved from PbEM format to a Play by Post format so it's a lot easier in my personal opinion to keep track of everything. We've also picked up an actual website, not the wetpaint wiki we were using. So, if you like Star Trek and you like Role Playing then you should come over and check out what we're doing! USS Hartington Main Site Gameplay Forums Task Force Gamma
  14. SnE Members Map

    Derry, New Hampshire (United States) Eva and Fang Tsu are also here. QUOTE(Tainted Beef @ Sep 3 2009, 06:05 PM) ← Remember, kids: where ever you go, there you are. -Mike Brady But currently I'm in Portland, OreeGawn. Saying it that way draws a lot of passive aggression in this town though. Out of curiousity, are you or were you ever a New Englander before living in PDX? I'm from that area originally myself and DAMN does it piss me off when these people say "Oragone". I flip out a little... I'm like "THERE IS NO F'ING GONE IN OREGON!!!!!"
  15. New World of Warcraft Expansion

    Link No words can contain what I feel right now... just go and watch the trailer.