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  1. the prodigal.

    Thanks Libra, will do. Great to be back. Like slipping into an old pair of crushed-velvet slippers!
  2. the prodigal.

    ~sheepishly with cap in hands~ Hey all, I've returned from exile. I was very active on this site several years ago. Even moderated the Victorian Vampire page for a while. Well, life got in the way and things took strange turns... but thats a long (dull) story for another time. I got a whiff of v20 the other day (via another RPG site) and suddenly my Vamp glands went into overdrive. I've dug out the books again and fallen in love all over again. I've even been reconnecting with a LOT of old friends dotted around the world. Even though they're all 'grow'd up' now, they all love and miss our times playing Vampire. I'm going to run another Chronicle when the new book arrives but until then I wanted to get the 'scent' of the game again. Yeah, I'm an oldie from way back but I thought I'd re-introduce myself to everyone as I'm SOOO out of touch with the site and WoD in general. So, um, HEY.
  3. Near Dark Remake?

    IMHO the only thing that was wrong with Near Dark in the first place was the bloody Tangerine Dream soundtrack. I can't abide the damned keyboards in it but I've learned to overlook it - or rather tune it out - because this is a very cool movie. Why remake it? Well personally I think this is happening because someone thinks there is money in it. I don't agree with this and I don't think it's creatively valid, but that is the film industry for you. It's playing safe as ever, grabbing for wallets like the good thief it is. Bitter? Me? Never.
  4. Annael drew a werewolf!

    Annael, I also looked at you deviantART Gallery and found that I like your work very much. Art created with the aid of a computer is still a total mystery, I've no idea about how it works. Tablets and Photoshop are still strange concepts for me. I suppose that I'm more a pen and ink type, for at the moment at least. Anyway, I really like you piece called 'Gaslight' - but then I would, wouldn't I? Haha As you say, the cobblestones must have been a real sod to do. Keep up the good work.
  5. I note that you are almost your 1000th post.

    Will there be a celebration? :)

  6. Howdy

    Belkra, welcome. If at any point, your gaze flits across the Victorian Age Forum, then you will find a warm welcome there. Enjoy your time here in the realms of SnE. Regards c

    Arrrgh... *coff, coff, coff* Ak, I've not the lungs for this anymore... Try this pirate dictionary. It may help.
  8. Giving Up Gaming

    I hope that you get the space to sort things out. Yeah, do it. It worked for me. If the burden is too much to carry then just put it down, mate. Be good to yourself. I know that I have just returned to SnE from a two-year stretch of RnR in the booneys. I really needed it, no regrets. Just hope you know that I for one, hope you are ok.
  9. The Library of Darkness

    Indeed it is. Wonderful stuff. I have a very nice cloth-bound hardback copy of it myself that I picked up cheap recently. Pure pleasure! I'm trying to get through Algernon Blackwood's Ancient Sorceries and other Weird Stories. Sadly it is as dry as a bone and like being slowly dragged through hot molasses to read. I may give up on it altogether. Oh, the shame of it.
  10. How to Cope with Death

    I liked it so much I've been telling everyone about it. Thanks for posting it.
  11. How many SnEers are on Facebook?

    I'm on Facebook and Blogger, my band is on MySpace. I should just cease dwelling in the real world altogether. But what would I Blog about?
  12. Why Do You Roleplay?

    *nods profusely* I couldn't have put it better myself. Agreed 100%. It is an escape but also a catharsis, a time away from the now and a time spent with an inspiring and enthralling aesthetic. Fancy words for how I feel, but Nopp said it better.
  13. What do you think about "Temple?"

    Firstly Temple, I have to say you are a highly valued and respected member of SnE. Only the stupid never doubt, this is normal thinking my friend. If you feel that the moniker "Temple" reflects negatively on you allow me to allay such fears. I see a Temple as a place of inner learning not just a place of religion [as I have no beliefs in such things I'm utterly indifferent to the connotations]. It's a place where you confront yourself as much as anything else. I see that as a positive thing. Not to mention that some Temples are as creepy as can be, so that's cool too.
  14. Awesome webcomic!

    I'm not all the way through yet but Vampires and Zombies are always going to pique my interest!
  15. HELLO!!!

    Victorian Age Vampire is more to my taste but then, all the oWoD works have merit. Regardless of your preferences, may I offer a warm welcome to the forum. We hope you enjoy yourself here.