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  1. Mage in Play

    Having now run my game since august, and the PCs became mages *before* the book came out, with some finagling on my part based on the intro, I have found the game somewhat disapointing. It feels like like ascension light. I can easily say that this is the absolute best so far of the nWoD, I can also say that it doesnt measure up to my expectations. First: -It IS good, just not AS good. The more nitty gritty: The new magic system is very bleh, it feels colorless and tasteless. I have always been attached to paradigm and not having it was at first a blessing, and after time a curse. The mechanics of the system are in fact improved in some areas, especially the rules for ritual casting and that they finally took out the "roll once a round till i create a huge fireball and blow everyone up" I cannot stand the over equalization of the spheres at every level, and the way they have decided some rotes require rediculously high levels for only little effect. Level 5 forces to fly? Why is this? It seems to me that "cool" things are relegated to higher levels, and "powerful things" are spread throughout. I really don't care for the fact that every sphere has an attack at level 3, a shield at level 2, etc. etc. I do like the paths, alot, they are as good if not better than the 4 essences in ascension, though i dont necessarily like the iconography of them, I like that your essence (path) ties you to certain spheres, rather than your training. At first I liked the orders, but in the end I find them suprisingly shallow. My players like them well enough, but despite the fact that some characters are stereotypical and others are very atypical of their order, they classify the members of a given order as all equal to the stereotype. It seemed that the traditions were more open in a sense, despite the fact that they are more closed by logic. I like the social construct of the consilium, but I already did the same thing with chantry politics in the old game. Further, the players seem to enjoy having a main authority to turn to, but dislike having to deal with the politics present (save for the silver ladder player). I cannot stand the new umbra, the spirits seem less interesting in general, the umbral realms etc seem much less varied and interesting. Lastly, the sense of wonder and lost knowledge in the game is fantastic, I like that the players consistently feel suprised and amazed rather than treating everythign as old hat. I know Kumi will lambast me for this, as will other awakening proponents, but in the end, its just my opinion: Thanks All
  2. Sorry

    Guys, everyone, I am very sorry for my unexpected and durant absence, I am back now, though I probably wont be on basically all the time like I was. That being said, I am continuing my article chain i started with paradigm and hopefully I can bring some more readers into the Ascension forum. Its nice to be back, and nice to be back with all you amazing people! SToD
  3. Emissaries of the Quick

    I like the concept, however, White is the presence of all colors, black is the absence of all colors.
  4. Problems and a Rote Database

    er, I'm running that game so to speak (the long running campaign that is) In time, I am sure I will run the advanced campaign as well.
  5. Artifacts

    The Tower Five: (warning these artifacts are powerful, and it just shows that my games tend twoard the epic) Long ago, when the war between mages was coming to a close, and atlantis had already fallen, the Oracles did not want magic to fall from the world. They created 5 watchtowers, 5 glorious beacons that shine through the darkness of the byss all the way to the fallen world. In creating these twoers the oracles infused parts of themselves within each one, and through that infusion, even their chosen items gained a semblance of the supernal beyond what they could have possessed otherwise. Now, in the fallen world, occasionally people are chosen, destined, for greatness. These chosen do great things, and are plagued by equally great difficulties. Even more rarely, though auspiciously, sometimes, the five are bestowed. Sometimes 5 mages awaken simultaneously, they may awake vastly apart from one another, or close by, sometimes they are under duress, and sometimes not, but these 5 mages form a soul link because they bond with the tower 5. Should they manage to find each other, these mages will form a cabal possessed of amazing power, and will enact deeds that will be remembered throughout time. All of the artifacts have been known by many names, and so they follow: Acanthus Tower - The Crystal Hourglass, Binah (Understanding), Fate's Eye, Time's Eye; Uncountable Mirror. The artifact of the acanthus path within the realm of arcadia is a mystic hourglass befitting the most decadent fae. It is made of clearest diamond and contained within gold, each grain of "sand" within it is a mirror of possible futures, reflecting that which may come to pass in time. It is a thing of captivating beauty, and the grains within seem to fall lazily into no particular pattern discernible by fate. Mastigos Tower - The Iron Scepter, Gevurah (Severity), Scepter of Might, Black Rule, The Dark Crown The artifact of the Mastigos path within the realm of Pandemonium looks to be the ruling rod of a king of demons. Its surface is black iron and pitted, aged leather wraps the handle, dangerous looking spikes and cruel barbs twist out of the scepter from all angles. It simply looks dangerous, and a bit frightening, its presence seems to move the space around it. Moros Tower - The Lead Scythe, Yesod (Foundation), The Reaping Tool, Ender of Ages, The Carving Staff The artifact of the Moros path, within the realm of Stygia is almost exactly what you would expect of such mages. It has a handle of well worn and comfortable wood, and the scythes head is of heavy lead. Near the head of the scythe, the wood bears carvings of skeletal figures and wraithlike apparitions. Shadows seem to almost cling to the blade as it passes near them. Oborimos Tower - The Golden Sword, Netzach (Victory), Sword of Kings, Angel's Weapon, Fire and Lightning The artifact of the Oborimos path, within the realm of the Aether is a glorious thing. Its 4 foot blade is golden from tip to hilt, and it is wrapped in soft black leather. The Pommel is carved to look like an angel, whose wings make up the gaurd. The entire weapon is warm to the touch and seems to pulse with barely restrained power. Thyrsus Tower - The Oaken Stave, Hod (Splendor), Aaron's Rod, The Sheperd's Stave. The artifact of the Thyrsus path, within the realm of the Primal Wild is a symbol of strength. It is not a dead thing, for it seems to continue to grow and thrive, despite having no food or water. It is smooth oak, and the top has rough bark covering it, and a tiny branch with 3 leaves sprouting from it. The staff seems to thrum with life and strength. System: All of the artifacts have a few powers that are common: -Firstly, they all act as excellent foci for the mage in question to channel magic from the tower associated (3 dice instead of the normal 2 from a foci, but only for magic from his tower, i.e. his two main arcana as much as desired, common arcana up o , and weak arcana only up to 2) -Secondly, they can all transform into a mundance item of some kind, this item is always a personal effect, a ring, necklace, or something similar. -Last, the players all gain destiny 3 with no bane associated. Individual Powers: I would love some help with these, I havent done much with this yet.
  6. Covert or Vulgar

    Ravenmancer, you summed up what has been gnawing at me nicely. That is the core of this, you cant be improbable, or make something vulga, after the dice have been tossed. If you suceed really well, thats a reward, it shouldnt trigger a punishment.
  7. Problems and a Rote Database

    Players shouldnt be stopped from getting that high with time and work. All things are possible for the long running game, or the advanced campaign. That being said, sure, they are way out of reach at the start.
  8. Philisophical Mages

    Interesting indeed, very interesting. I will argue the following: Mage the Ascension is the more philisophical game, hell, look at paradigm and tell me you can discuss metaphyisics and subjective reality for hours on end. Ascending in ascension is not defined for a reason... how many people have had a character ascend, or even get cose to it, or become an oracle and turn back, these kind of things don't happen. Given that they might, ascending is winning, its going to heaven, its the ultimate end, and those who turn back to help others are all the more respectable for that. Ascending to Oracle-dom in Awakening isnt really talked about either, no rules for it, no thoughts on how or why you do it, most mages seem pretty concerned with their mundane lives. I am inclined to think this happens just as infrequently, if at all, as its ascension counterpart.
  9. Artifacts

    Sword of Damocles (Artifact 7) (not sure if 7 is right, 2 + 3 for honing + 2 for shield.) Legends are not birthed from nothingness. The mage Damocles was a smith beyond compare, his prowess with metals was unlike anything that has ever been seen in his time. A great king called upon him to craft a sword, something to befit a king. Damocles at first refused, but the king eventually persuaded him, citing his need to protect his kingdom. The sword was forged and the king laid low his enemies, but became tyrranical, and so none could approach him to strip him of his power, until finally, Damocles himself fought the king, with mighty magics they dueled until the king ran Damocles through with the sword, but in his gloating he did not see the blade strike his back, and thus was undone. The sword of damocles is a vastly enhanced blade, and grants +5L to the attack. It can cut steel, stone, and flesh with equal ease. But its most potent power is the strength and protection it grants its bearer. Its bearer rolls gnosis + life to enact the "Personal Honing" rote on his strength, with a maximum of +4 possible, and rolls gnosis + life to enact a "life shield" rote that gives 4 points of armor to him so long as he wields the sword. The swords disadvantage is that it bites the hand that feeds it, it requires a point of mana each week, and causes the mage to gain the "overconfidence" derangment while he possesses it. If he already has "overconfidence" then it is enhanced to "megalomania"
  10. Zero Coders

    Been watching this topic with some interest, figured I would throw in my 2 cents now. The legacy is nice work, I like it alot. The theories on the web... Remember that all those connections existed before people made computers, and I would think that the web is more an imperfect manifestation of the correspondence point (or mount Qaf if you will) then being the actual correspondence point.
  11. Problems and a Rote Database

    Based on the effect, raw creation should be matter 5. It is creation from nothing (5th level effect) and in the matter 5 section, i think they jsut forgot a circle. There are only three space 5 rotes that require other spheres as i see it, plus... obuliette... oh my god thats a cool power!
  12. They brought it back!

    It just goes to show that matter isnt a bad sphere *shakes fist at friends who continually damn the matter sphere*
  13. Covert or Vulgar

    The point of covert is that yes, a sleeper could render it improbable, and therefore chance dox, but other then that, covert spells do not chance doxx because it is theoretically reasonable for such a thing to happen.
  14. Covert or Vulgar

    ok, number 3 is silly, it stays covert because its not like weird weather doesnt happenon occasion, and for what its worth, people dont flash freeze till at least -100 degrees
  15. Feeding vampires and resistant damage

    I am inclined to agree with Nekose, the only sources of resistant damage we see are... well... inflicted by US on US.