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  1. Which Superhero are You?

    *sings* BEAVER DAN, Beaver Dan. Does everything that a beaver can. Cuts down trees, Builds a bridge Da da da. BEAVER DAN! (whooooosh) Spider-Man 75% Hulk 60% Robin 52% The Flash 50% Catwoman 50% Batman 45% Green Lantern 45% Iron Man 45% Superman 40% Supergirl 25% Wonder Woman 5% You are intelligent, witty, a bit geeky and have great power and responsibility.
  2. Temporarily less active

    My boss is having a baby so that means my small department ( of three) has now become two, for at least 12 weeks. I will be trying to stop by as much as I can but my workload will now be HA-UGE. I'll be back more regularly after she gets back.
  3. SnE book club

    Yes we were trying to figure out selections that are accessable to others no matter what country. Tyhat an selections that could be found at book store or maybe a used bookstore or something. Not just new releases but those would certainly be in there too.
  4. SnE book club

    The Original concept that Vampire Revenant and I were discussing was and are where a book (or a few various books) would be the "hot item" to read. The books would in some format have thier own "discussions" now whether this is a topic for each book or what I am not too sure. The participants would basically read along with each other and then discuss what they read. Pretty simple. This could also be a good place to at the end of the reading post recomendations or dissapointments in the literature at hand. Maybe culminating in a poll with the current books for that run of the book club in a contest to vote on the best. then that one would be like a featured book or a highly recomended one OR alternately each book could be voted on (IE Poor, Alright, Good, Great, and Must have as a rating system). The only current issue we both have noticed was the accessability of the books. She works for a book store and has her ear to the grindstone on current books, but we really don't want anyone to spend money on things that they may not be able to. So the alternate was to also (if not buying new) find books that are found at local (if any) libraries as well. This would give more people the chance to participate. The content of the books were to be WoD or more specifically WoD themed any books that were appropriate to the elements or genre would work. Any and All would be able...nay... encouraged to participate with one prerequisite..they need the book. That was it in a nut shell, I am sure I have forgoten some things but that is about the gist of it.
  5. Morlandus is the man

    5 out of 5 Beavers Agrree that pimplandus was the pimlandius of them all. But we can agree that it is still a decent Avatar...We have decided not to eat your house and bookshelves. So Sayith the Beaver collective.
  6. Morlandus is the man

    Still miss Pimplandus
  7. Favorite Classic Monster

    Had to vote Mummy. I loved the whole collection (I have it too ). All of them have their classic merit though so it was a real tough decision, BUT I had to go with mah main dead man walkin' (no not the Undertaker)!
  8. Staff changes and new additions

  9. Its. . . its. . . .Harry?

    We can make him better, faster, stronger, and able to weild a wand in new and exciting ways.
  10. Its. . . its. . . .Harry?

    submit...submit...submit. *Beaver does googlie eyes and waves spooooky fingers at jahred* You must comply...
  11. I'm back

    Nice to see you back!
  12. Its. . . its. . . .Harry?

    You'll cave...Nothing can beat the bat of eyelashes from Victorian Temptress. You give her the picture...AND YOUR VERY SOUL!!!!!! *must obey...must obey....must obey*
  13. Stepping up to the microphone

    Hello and welcome! No matter what your interests are you're sure to find a place here! We have extensive forums on all topics big and small. We even try to shake things up a bit once and a while. Like my little Myth said *tosses Myth a cookie* You are more than welcome to vist the Mummy forum and I encourage you to do so. We are always looking for new perspectives. Have a blast!
  14. Its. . . its. . . .Harry?

    Yes in fact I do :
  15. Best Typo Ever...

    Not really sure if this typo (more specifically a drawo) was for some reason on purpose but: on pg. 49 of the Mummy: the Resurected book the picture of the Udja-sen has his feet draw on backwards. You can clearly trace his pant leg down (which goes partialy under his trenchcoat) down to right foot (by his perspective) the arch of his foot is facing the outside of his body. At least it looks that way to me.