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  1. Baby Announcement

    I know I'm far from active anymore, but I thought I'd drop a link so people can gaze upon my first child: Nyssa's Baby Pics
  2. Sexuality and games

    Nice Xanth reference, Kuroukaze.
  3. Qualities of a good ST

    So, what do you think are qualities that make a storyteller a good one? Do you think those qualities differ between gaming systems? Do you have any examples of good and/or bad storytellers or at least examples of good and/or bad storytelling that you've experienced or have done yourself?
  4. Well, since the thread I started on sexuality is doing so well, I thought I'd bring up another topic that might see some responses and can more thoroughly involve the membership of this board as it is not age-restrictive. How dark do you like to see the World of Darkness when you play, or run a campaign, in the setting? Do you like to see it much like the real world with the supernatural thrown in or do you like to see wickedness and corruption accentuated to a near overwhelming level? Does your sense of aesthetic extend between both OWoD and NWoD? How about specific groups (Vampires, Werewolves, Mages, etc)? If it isn't the same for all of them, why does your opinion change regarding the gamelines?
  5. Sexuality and games

    I could see many individuals appreciating a subtle approach to sexuality in their games in much the same way as Alfred Hitchcock approached murder in "Psycho" - a la blood spattered shower curtain and then bloody water spiraling down the drain. It paints a picture and everyone knows what's happened, but the details were glossed over to allow the audience's imagination to run wild. I can also see another subgroup enjoying the rampant detail that is brought forth during the description of a character's oozing, pustule covered penis as covered during Bruce Campbell's opening soliloquy in "Bubba Hotep". Sometimes, God is in the details. I imagine that while the lingerie of subtle vagaries can often prove more horrifying than any written detail could be, sometimes it is the fact that a storyteller and/or player is willing to put forth the effort to try and codify the experiences of the characters that can hammer home a scene. I generally float back and forth in regards to my aesthetics, willing to make use of or be witness to either.
  6. Sexuality and games

    Personally, I find it very positive that the overwhelming response so far seems to be a mature realization that individuals are different and that we, as players and storytellers, need to be careful when tackling the delicate topics of sex and violence. I'd like to know how players in less sexually restrictive cultures handle things. It's common in the US for violence to be supported while blatant sexuality is considered relatively taboo, but I'd like to know how countries like Italy or France might handle things in their games. Rape is a difficult topic, because while it does involve the physical act of sex, it is usually an act of violence rather than an act of sexuality. The rapist is usually seeking to gain power and control in his/her own life by violating and hurting others. The primary motivation is rarely sexual gratification. Despite this fact, the act itself is still very sexually charged. One aspect of sexuality in the WoD is that it is The World of Darkness. As such, generally the darker aspects of life are encountered more often than in the really real world. Corruption was a major theme in the OWoD - many would argue that rape is the corruption of sex. I find it interesting to see that others have seen sexuality more actively explored during LARP sessions, as well. Normally LARP games have a higher percentage of female players (at least from what I've experienced) so perhaps this influences the interactions. I've also noticed that many LARPers are gamers who have a desire to be involved in actual acting. Perhaps their interest in theatrical expression has made them more comfortable and/or interested in exploring a wider variety of human emotions and experiences. These are generalities, of course, and certainly do not apply to all LARPers or tabletop players. I am traditionally a more active tabletop player, but I have had rather heavy periods of LARPing in my past, as well.
  7. Sexuality and games

    After some thought I decided to start a thread that discussed a topic I find very interesting and quite relevant in the context of the games published by White Wolf: sexuality in role-playing games. I imagine this thread will likely result in a discussion that will contain various adult themes and subject matter that would not be appropriate for children. Given that, I’ll present some thoughts and we’ll see where this goes. The inherent sexuality of the vampire was enhanced in western culture following the release of Bram Stoker’s Dracula. The dying breeds of werewolves in the OWoD could be considered by some to be defined by their sexuality – their inability to reproduce in significant numbers was a major theme in the game, after all. The mages had an entire Tradition devoted to sensuality. Many of the restless dead longed for the pleasures of the flesh that were forever denied them via any natural process. And, of course, how can we forget the sexual energy embodied by various kiths among the Changelings? The NWoD also carries aspects of sexuality, with the vampires continuing in the vein they always have while werewolves have been made even sexier, now exuding a potent form of animal magnetism. Most White Wolf games have notices regarding the adult themes explored within their depths, with Black Dog publications being particularly intense in this arena. Because of this, I’m sure some of us have seen these elements enter our games through the storytellers and/or players. I admit that I generally avoid a great deal of the aspects of sexuality as a player in an attempt to maintain the comfort level of my fellow players as I realize the majority of them would not be interested or comfortable with exploring that kind of intimate knowledge of my or their own characters. The one exception to this has been during my LARP experiences. This was due to my ability to work with a variety of different players who were much more comfortable and interested in the topic and in the implications of sexuality and the vampiric condition. How have you used sensuality, sexuality, and the erotic (or even pornographic) in your games? Have you had positive, negative, or ambivalent experiences in regards to such issues?
  8. Rituals of the Dice

    One of my friends used to properly 'bless' his dice by putting them all in his mouth and rolling them around for a bit, making 'monster sounds'. It was odd, but it did insure that none of us touched his dice on purpose.

    Hola. Welcome to our madness. Feel free to (co)mingle.
  10. Explosions in London

    My thoughts are with you.
  11. Policy on Pay-for-Play Games

    I find this move to be consistent with White Wolf's policies that have become a bit more firmly enforced as of late. Fortunately, this only affects those games that are -charging- their players for the privilege of playing in them. Those games that do not involve monetary payment of any kind can continue as they have, so plenty of troupe games may continue unaffected. While I am a member of the Camarilla already, I also play in a troupe game and intend to continue to do so in the foreseeable future. Since those running the game do so for free, on a volunteer basis, much like a variety of White Wolf inspired LARPs across the world, there won't be any need to obtain a license from White Wolf.
  12. Subjective morality

    When infanticide is mentioned, I always bring up the Spartans. If a child was found to be lacking in the eyes of the Spartans, he/she was not merely left in the wilderness in a form of exposure as their contemporary Greeks did, but rather they were tossed from high cliffs to ensure their deaths. The Spartan reasoning was thus: If a child was physically deformed, but mentally pure, he/she would wish his/her own death as he/she would be considered a burden upon the Spartan society. Following and believing in the Spartan ethics was considered mental purity. As such, a good Spartan child who was physically disabled would wish death before becoming a burden. If a child was physically deformed, and mentally impure, he/she deserved death as she would not only be a burden, but would risk subverting the Spartan way through his/her impurity. In their society, this was a reasonable behavior and encouraged by the state and reinforced through their socio-political/religious standards. On another note: there are still African tribes that commit infanticide through exposure in the event twins are born. Twins are perceived as unnatural. As such, to bring the family back into balance, one of the children must be killed. Also, look to China. Infanticide, while illegal, still occurs with common regularity, with the attitude that if one does not get caught then there has been no harm. Please keep in mind that legalities have little to do with moral objectivism. Sodomy is illegal in many states within the US. Sodomy is often times defined as anything other than missionary sex with an individual of the opposite sex. Therefore, receiving oral sex from one's legal spouse is considered sodomy, and thus illegal. Is this often times enforced? Hardly, but it is still, nonetheless, illegal, yet by many standards far from immoral.
  13. A Small Sabbactical

    Best of luck!
  14. Nun Crucified

    I mean, they could have been a bit more...forceful by actually nailing her to the cross, although she did die in the fashion that crucifixion is supposed to result in, asphyxiation. I don't envy her for her last moments. To be betrayed by the individuals she lived with for three months in such a manner must have been heartbreaking for someone who had devoted herself so fully to her Faith. This is an ugly world. Look to the Lost Boys of Sudan for a horrific existence compared to the luxuries of life we experience every day. Every second of every minute of every hour is filled with atrocities somewhere in this world. It's a sad fact of the current human condition. Perhaps in a few more eons we'll get things right, but it's likely the human race will be long gone before we figure out how to live together peacefully. Who knows, maybe it's for the best. I mean one definition of life is: a sexually transmitted disease with a 100% mortality rate.