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  1. Hey all! Just a quick update -- my WoD novel, STRANGENESS IN THE PROPORTION, is up in its entirety at the White Wolf website. It is currently being discussed HERE . It will soon be sold as an ebook (and hopefully a print book as well). Right now you can read all 19 parts of it at the links bellow: Strangeness in the Proportion, part 1 Strangeness in the Proportion, part 2 Strangeness in the Proportion, part 3 Strangeness in the Proportion, part 4 Strangeness in the Proportion, part 5 Strangeness in the Proportion, part 6 Strangeness in the Proportion, part 7 Strangeness in the Proportion, part 8 Strangeness in the Proportion, part 9 Strangeness in the Proportion, part 10 Strangeness in the Proportion, part 11 Strangeness in the Proportion, part 12 Strangeness in the Proportion, part 13 Strangeness in the Proportion, part 14 Strangeness in the Proportion, part 15 Strangeness in the Proportion, part 16 Strangeness in the Proportion, part 17 Strangeness in the Proportion, part 18 Strangeness in the Proportion, part 19 But What's the Book About? Well... Synopsis #1 (provided by the narrator) Would you like to hear a story? This is a good one. And very short. This is the story and the story goes: Simon meets Janie D. at work. She tells him who hurt her. She smiles. This is love. This is rigor mortis. The end. There is a longer story. The devils all lurk in the details. Synopsis #2 Boy meets girl. Boy looses girl. Boy gets girl back...one piece at a time. Synopsis #3 An absinthe addicted forensic pathologist (with a ghost tree full of undead ravens living inside his head) must enter a frightening, supernatural world to get his precious Jane Doe back. Synopsis #4 Necrophiles need love too. They just have to dig down deep for it. Synopsis #5 (a visual flow chart of the plot)
  2. Haunted Promethians

    I really like the ideas the concept and words of the title of this thread inspire. Haunted body parts...
  3. New Requiem Novels

    Thanks for the mention. And yes, I'm a big Poe fan (even have the action figure).
  4. Cover!

    I like it. The thorn through the moth is subtly threatening and scary...which to me, makes it even more freakier and is all the more cool because they showed a forboding image with now dark shadows and no obvious symbols of gloom, gore, or fright. And I really like the "Beautiful Madness" bit.
  5. Mortals Story, Werewolf Theme?

    I’d start with the WoD Skingchangers book, if you haven’t seen that yet. There is a lot of great, creative, and alternative ways to the normal WoD (old and new) take on shape changing critters—and a good springboard for your own ideas. It has a lot of the stuff closer to real world folklore (people cursed to turn into an animal or half animal, people who use rituals and rotting animal skins to transform, etc.). This might give you some alternative shapechangers to hunt…or even some more subtle and stripped down supernatural traits to give your “mortal” characters (little tastes of being the wolf without being the standard Forsaken Werewolves). The book is a lot of visceral fun with things to surprise players who already know a lot of the core material.
  6. Greetings...

    Thanks for the welcome, everyone! I hope to be a little more active this time around, on both the new and old WoD. Oh...and buy the book when it comes out...because the more copies that are sold, the more (in tiny increments) my bills are paid, and the more my bills are paid, the bigger my sighs of relief . . . and the more I can spend fooling around here
  7. New Arts . . . .

    Wow... I just stumbled onto this thread, and I'm very glad I did. Great artwork! Phantasmagoric is the word that comes to mind.
  8. Greetings...

    Hello lovelings, I haven’t been back to the Shadownessence in a while. Wow! It looks great. Sexy even. In fact, I’d like to go on a date with it. Thought I’d introduce myself: my name is Joshua, I was mostly a lurker here a while back, occasionally posting short fiction on the old fiction forum. In the time between, I’ve been incredibly lucky enough to stumble through the rounds of White Wolf’s novel contest and managed to get the winning book (so keep an eye out for Strangeness in the Proportion…hopefully out in the not too distant future). Also, my short story (“Snow, Blood, and Sparrows”) will be featured in the anthology, Book of Dead Things, by Twilight Tales Press, in June. As for gaming, I’ve been a White Wolf gamer since 2nd ed. Vampire (back in the mid 90s) and have played just about all the OWoD lines at one time or another (table top and LARP). I’ve since dipped into the new World of Darkness, loved Promethean, and very much look forward to playing my first game of Scion very, very soon. -Joshua
  9. Novel Contest

    Yes. I admit it and my over chewed nails certainly give me away....
  10. Novel Contest

    Yeah...funny farm... I just wish we had an idea of when they'll anounce the winners.
  11. Nosferatu weaknesses

    -At any time, at any point in his/her body, a face appears, under the Haunt’s skin, stretching out, trying to get out, screaming silent screams – like a demonic face undulating under a silken sheet, thin as a killer’s virtue. It’s the face of the Beast and it’s always trying to peer out… -All those in the company of the Haunt, hear children voices whispering, just barely audible, at the edge of consciousness, past the peripheral. The voices whisper random things, but, if the listener stays with the haunt long enough, they gain volume, take notice of the listener, address him or her, and then bad things begin to happen… -The Haunt’s touch, gradually turns everything inky black – the longer the contact, the deeper the stain. Shaking hands, briefly, might just leave an ashen gray smudge. Sucking a mortal dry, for an extended time might leave a black mouth mark and hand prints. Surely the Haunt’s clothing is all black (unless recently purchased and put on), their gloves are ebony…the blackness seeps through the gloves (pair after pair after pair…). If they stand in any place long enough, they might leave a trail of dark footprints. Everything they touch is tainted with their black sins, bleeding out their souls. Every night they rise, they leave behind a sable-body outline where they slept, like a demonic snow angel… “It ain’t easy facing up When your whole world is black.” -Rolling Stones, “Paint it Black”
  12. Novel Contest

    Has anyone heard anything about the novel contest recently?
  13. When writer’s block hits

    All kinds of reasons not to go on the suicide run: -He’s no intimately connected with a kindred. -He now empathizes with their state and thinks that simply being a vampire doesn’t necessarily warrant death. -He’s now entrenched in their society. -They have some blackmail on him. -Has unfinished business (I believe someone mentioned maybe there is still a mortal he wants to protect). -Or most simply (and maybe the best)…he doesn’t want to go on a suicide mission. High ideals and crusades can crumble in the face of self preservation and he doesn’t need to be a coward to follow that instinct. As for story ideas, maybe he is publicly known as a former hunter and is a probationary vampire. The local covenant leader or prince has given him a poetic punishment, there is a list of renegade vampires. He has to hunt them down. If he wants to hunt vampires, fine…he has to hunt the ones the Prince tells him to. No one expects the whelp to live, least ways him, but what else can he do…for now. Along the way in such a volitale young unlife, there are chances to distinguish oneself (even an outcast)...so there is even room for him to gain further reasons not to go on a holy crusade against all vampires.
  14. WW's writers contest

    Hey, thanks for the links. I'm sure I'll poke around the website from time to time...it's very well put together. -Joshua
  15. WW's writers contest

    Hey all. Just noticed this thread. I made it to round two as well (Joshua Alan Doetsch). Congrats to the other winners (let's make some kick ass fiction!). On a related note...does anyone know a good source of working coroner info? My main character is a coroner and I need to have at least some kind of basic understanding of the terms and procedures. Maybe a novel with a similar character, an easy reference guide, or a website or something. Thanks.