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  1. Was just thinking about this place and I somehow remembered my login. Miss y'all.

  2. Addiction to World of Warcraft

    I've been clean for somewhere around a year now. I still have pangs. And goddamn my friend for saying "hey, I know a guy getting rid of his account. It's paid through January. Want it?"
  3. The New British Empire

    You people are thinking too small with your "British Empire" stuff. I'm down for Oceania. LH, you wouldn't mind changing your name to Emmanuel Goldstein, would you? =D
  4. Tattoos Are Stupid

    LH, I have neither piercings nor tattoos. Does that mean I can go to Heaven now?
  5. Play By Post

    I'd be interested in playing a PbP, as long as my n00bosity isn't minded.
  6. I'm in a Bloodline, so now what?

    Deimos, I believe that's the point: what if you want to play a disease-addled Mekhet?
  7. Games of SKill and Games of Chance

    But you do need to know about strategy and tactics, not to mention the great help that actual knowledge of chess strategy, and the study of old games and positions and mating strategies, gives. I would represent this knowledge with Academics, so I think I'd still default to Int+Academics for the simplest solution. For more complexity, I would allow the player to choose between Int+Wits or Int+Academics - either their character's skill is based on reading and reacting to the board state intuitively, or they use their knowledge of games and positions they've seen and studied in the past. However, unless it's speed chess or an important timed match, I would cap Wits at three or four - when you've got all the time in the world to plan, even extraordinary abilities of seeing and reacting to moves aren't that much more helpful than very good ones. For speed chess, I would consider forcing the character to use Int+Wits.
  8. From the environment of the game world, it's "convenient" in that the appearance of these creatures 1 year ago seems very coincidental to the fact that legends have existed about the exact same creatures for centuries and/or millenia. The history, from what little we know, could very likely not make much sense, for this exact reason. Personally, though, I think this could be an interesting part of the setting. What if they concept it as the Inconnu somehow causing the legends that have been engrained into the human psyche to come to life? I am bitching, but I prefer d20. So what you're saying is that nobody but the target audience is allowed to have an opinion of this book? In that case, you give up the right to your opinions on D&D, right? Because the target audience of D&D is male. I believe you have cut to the very heart of the complaint. It "isn't a WoD setting", and yet...it carries the WoD name. There are those who are unhappy about this (though I disagree with them).
  9. Games of SKill and Games of Chance

    Maybe I'm not right about what Man does, but I can't see how it'd be helpful on a major scale in a game of chess. I'd go with Int/Academics for sure. Bonus question: What do you all think a character would roll to play VtR?
  10. Soft drugs

    I seem to be in roughly the same position as Sandchigger and MrGone. It's always seemed to me (or at least once I started thinking about it for myself at least a little) that the potential downside of many drugs is probably higher than the (admittedly more likely) potential benefit. Plus, I've got no money, no way to get them, and no knowledge of how I'd find a way to get them. And most drugs are illegal here.
  11. Weebl n' Bob

    I've been a Weebl and Bob fan since back in the weebl.jolt.co.uk days. They rock, and the other animations are usually awesome, too. (Where can you see tigers? Only in Kenya!)
  12. Mysterious Place's "The University" as a Prelude

    I'm not sure I have much advice (though I'll think on it), but I too am interested to know how it goes, as I'm planning to run The University when I go back to college this fall. An idea strikes: would it be at all feasible for the Seers to achieve their control over the school specifically because of the eventual downfall of the Abyssal entity? Perhaps they even become some of the PC's allies (the enemy of my enemy...) in rooting it out. And then the Seers have their hooks into the Dean, the President, and the Board. And then the PC Awakens...
  13. Reversing Humanity.

    It seems to me that the intended difference is that a low Humanity portrays a vampire that is losing control of himself, while at the same time actually giving the player more control in many ways (they can go on a killing spree without mechanical repercussions, for example). High Monstrosity, as I believe it is intended, would portray a vampire that is losing control while similarly affecting the player - the character begins to be monstrous even without their input (or, to the horror of a powergamer, even when it's disadvantageous). Though, as you say, it was presented as having the same penalties. Perhaps I'm quite missing the boat.
  14. Perhaps more disturbing is their need to find the game's features a direct analogue in D&D, rather than trusting the audience to play the new game as a new game rather than a D&D "full conversion mod". But, I suppose the "it's not for us" mantra still applies.
  15. Do you dial it up to the 11 or down to 1

    Personally, I think my favorite ideas about the World of Darkness involve very sporadic jolts of the supernatural (or the other supernatural, if you're already playing a non-human). It's not so much that every single aspect of the world is darker, or that it's deteriorating. It's that that weird shadow you saw out of the corner of your eye might not have been a shadow at all. That freaky urban legend your friend told you isn't just true...it's worse than he said. That guy who doesn't show up right in the background of the picture you're looking at? It's you, and suddenly you have an overpowering urge to harm others.