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  1. Shadownessence 2009

    I've been lurking the forums off and on for a little over 2 years now, seeing this email made me feel like it was time to start contributing again. Why have i been gone? Probably for the same reasons you mentioned. What could be done? I've always felt the real draw of RPGs is well... Playing RPGs! If at all possible, i think the community would appreciate tools to better facilitate online sessions. A dedicated chat room system, along with the ability to manage character sheets and displaying maps/pictures would go a long way. Besides that, just continue being awesome. Being awesome goes a long way towards continuing to be awesome.
  2. Do you like porn?

    Im not sure if I want to own the title, but I can say with almost 100% certanty that I have more porn then anyone else on the board. I think of myself as a Polypheliac. I can see the merit in just about any fetish, and have on my hard drive representations of almost all of them. I've also been responsible for a few girlfriends discovering that they actually do like porn, but just hadnt seen something they enjoyed yet. I've even helped a few discover how to... er... become... intimate with one's self. I best stop there, before I permanently ruin my meager standing in this forum.
  3. Muds: Anyone Into Them?

    I used to play at 3k.org, Did that for a long time actually. Its the largerest and oldest MUD out there, or at least i hear. It isnt very RP like, but the guilds (classes) are very cool.
  4. Blood for the Bank

    My blood reacts violently to other people. People who use it start having crazy hallucinations.
  5. Blood for the Bank

    You too?!?! I got two A's a B and a C. I aced that test . And of course my sympathies if your being serious.
  6. Tragic ending to a zombie rave party

    Bizarre... and Horrific. It seems like theres more to this than we will probably ever know.
  7. I Messed Up My PC Games!

    I came in here with a sigh, and left with a laugh. This wins you an internet.
  8. An Awakening Game On SnE!!!

    I'd like to add myself to the wait list as well. In addition Longrunripper, if you need any advice on story telling, im famous for thinking outside of the box. I've read some of your other posts regarding story telling, and we seem to operate on a very similar level. And for gods sake people, make sure this game is run somewhere we can watch.
  9. Hunter: The Reckoning film

    I remember back when the Uwe Boll/Metal gear rumors were running rampant. I quote Kojima's response: "Absolutely not! I don't know why Uwe Boll is even talking about this kind of thing. We've never talked to him. It's impossible that we'd ever do a movie with him" http://www.joystiq.com/2006/02/03/kojima-o...its-impossible/ Later, i hear Konami told Uwe to stop spreading the rumors, or legal action would be taken.
  10. Ancient Lenses

    Have me a brand new set of frameless glasses. I likes them a lot Cost me a ton
  11. DnD and WoD

    Changing from fantasy to modern settings ran me into a lot of tactical problems, such as charging into combat. It was something I did fine in D&D, but in WOD people usually have guns. Running towards the guy who has a gun tends to be a bad idea. I also had to learn the hard way that combat in WOD is a LOT more dangerous. Any fight you get into has the chance of killing you.
  12. Do NOT click the button!!

    Done and Done. Now we see if it sticks.
  13. Do NOT click the button!!

    Lollerskates and roflcopters abound. We can call her grizzly-chan and make her a meme.
  14. Do NOT click the button!!

    Well Astra, thats because we frequent 4 chan. I dont think theres much out there we havent seen.
  15. Do NOT click the button!!

    Curiosity killed the Nekose.