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  1. The Trigger Finger

    I still have no idea what the argument is about fate, but you should probably ask for clarification on WW's new Mage Errata thread.
  2. Free Council

    K... The other orders are convinced that magic is exclusive to mages. For example, the Mysterium constantly digs around for ancient tomes and artifacts from Atlantis. The Free Council believes that the prison ain't perfect, and it digs around for examples of humanity still being magical. Flaws in the cage, so to speak. Arrow fights, Ladder leads, Mysterium seeks, Guardians hide, and Council tries to find the flaws to break out. Or that's my take on it.
  3. The Trigger Finger

    K, I have to admit, I didn't follow ANY of that argument. It's like I walked in on a discussion several hours past the original topic. Anywho, I can't wait till I get to play a Mage game. Ritual casting for Exceptional Luck that can be made with a duration of a week? With as many 9-agains as you can manage to get successes for? Or the 8-again variant? And with the 8-again variant, as far as I can tell, according to paradox rules, I'd only need to check and deal with paradox ONCE, and I'm lucky whenever I want to be for a week/month/whatever. Yum.
  4. WOD: Armory

    Ok, I know nothing about what they're planning on putting into this book, but I'd want more than lists of weapons or stuff about fighting. I'd want -tools- too.
  5. Realism in the WoD

    While I can see why people wouldn't want realism in a fantasy game, some people (I'm sure) play WoD for the fact that it really is the supernatural in the real world, or a reasonable facsimile thereof. It's not a fantasy game. Yes, it's a game about the supernatural, but you have cars and computers and strip clubs and other such realistic things. Granted, if anything supernatural is involved in something, all claims of realism go out the window, but when someone plans out actions based on the fact that everything in the game up till that point has responded in a way they might expect in the real world, and then suddenly things aren't (thereby ruining said plans), people get a mite irate.
  6. Online Opportunities

    I'd like to get in on a WoD game as well... Mage or Werewolf. I've only done one WoD game ever, and it self-destructed in about 40 game minutes. All the STs died. Or something.
  7. Pattern Restoration

    Actually, that won't work. The sacrifice thing says quite specifically that they can't be bled until close to death. Which means that you have to score a direct hit to the heart/brain without hitting them in any other way.
  8. The beans, they are spilled!

    The best way to cure the potential for an overarching metaplot when having to deal with creative types is to have them create two or more completely different, unrelated, and impossible to combine metaplots. Then none of them can become official.
  9. The beans, they are spilled!

    Is it truely a -chance- die/dice, or is it just plain old 8 and higher successes?
  10. Origins game spoilers

    Morality stat. And it's sad to see that VA are dead.
  11. White Wolf Announcement

    Which is my point exactly. Even the store I work at is only supposed to keep $35,000 in stock at any one time in the back room. The reason for this is because of the chance of fire or whatnot destroying the whole lot. There's no way WW has MORE stock than the store I work at does, because it would be quite insane to keep that much stock on hand. So therefore they must have as much stock as we do, or less than we do. And, since it's books which cost more than a carton of eggs, I'm betting it's far FAR less than we do, on the order of 1/10th to 1/20th the stock we carry. Shouldn't be taking more than a week to count that little.
  12. Newbie Question

    Wait, so I'm supposed to be able to read ->this forum<-? (I hate having to point to links like that.)
  13. Time - 7/01

    Time Purview: divination, prophecy, temporal acceleration/deceleration Time is probably the most complex of the Arcana, since it describes a phenomenon as yet incompletely understood by modern man. With it, a mage can redefine the way in which every other Arcanum interacts with the linear progression of events and, with great mastery, begin to unravel the mysteries of choosing the manner in which things move within that flow. Extraordinarily powerful mages see the way in which the individual participates in Time as a choice, rather than a cosmic absolute. Those who would deal with the Arcanum of Time are advised to heed the counsel of those who have come before. Though few primers exist on the subject (few that are of much use to those lacking an advanced understand of Time magics, at any rate), most of those well-versed in the Arcanum’s intricacies agree upon a few basic axioms. First and foremost, nothing within time is fixed. Events in the past are harder to alter than those in the present and future (only magic allows for the past to change), but no event seems to be truly eternal. Mages who devote themselves to the Arcanum of Time tend to be reflective people, given to careful contemplation of all of an action’s potential consequences. They often look to both the mistakes and the great successes of the past and cast their gazes forward, into the future, with a mind for how things should properly unfold. After all, such mages learn very quickly what sort of damage can be done when actions are taken without exhaustive consideration, and they actually possess the ability to see how history will judge them. With such a weighty burden to carry, it is probably unsurprising that those who seek to unravel the mysteries of Time do so with a sense of reverence, whether that stems from noblesse oblige, respect for the axioms of the universe, or active devotion to a Divine Plan. Future Legacy (Time •••••) The mage shunts an object forward in time. He can move an object far into the future, perhaps to keep it out of enemy hands or to ensure that only an heir will wield it. The object appears at the future time in the exact same space it occupied in the present, unless Space 2 is added to apport it elsewhere. The drawback to this spell is that, once cast, the object cannot be retrieved—except at the point in the future in which it appears. It is said that archmasters of Time have the power to reach forward and snatch back objects that have been sent forward. Practice: Making
  14. White Wolf Announcement

    Eh. I work in a grocery store. We have, at present, $90,000 or more worth of groceries alone sitting in our back room, and that pales in comparison to the stuff we actually have on our shelves (I'd guess we have that much or more out on the shelves). Inventory takes us one day. Hell, we do it once every three months! The three month mark rolled around two weeks ago. I'm surprised that it takes White Wolf that long to do inventory, especially since considering that even IF they have $180,000 worth of books and materials, the fact that each book costs 10x-20x as much as a gallon of milk says they have fewer physical objects than we do, and I DOUBT they have $180,000 worth of books in inventory. Somethin's fishy. Or maybe they only have one grizzled old guy doing it.
  15. White Wolf System Crash?

    I get the Critical Database Error message all the time on their website. It clears up after a few seconds/minutes every time.