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  1. Just lerned Sahajiya's name is another name for Cult of Ecstacy. Mage s intstrutive

  2. Just lerned Sahajiya's name is another name for Cult of Ecstacy. Mage s intstrutive

  3. And like the Solars, I have returned!

    The brightest Solar of them all is back and burning the light away! Welcome back, my friend.
  4. May all your rolls be exceptional successes ...

  5. Time for a Re-Roll

    I have missed you, my dearest. The Lucifurge are cool to play BTW. I had a great time with that in a Hunter game.
  6. Time for a Re-Roll

    I am most certainly here, Master Temple. I have missed your DA insights. I still love that game....
  7. Time for a Re-Roll

    Silly Dice man... You can never truly be free of the darkness. You live with me after all.
  8. Happy Birthday!

    Happy day to the man whose name is unpronouncable to this English speaker. *grins* I have tried and fail every time.
  9. Happy Birthday!

    As are you, dear friend. *HUGS* I hope you are doing well. You have been in my thoughts much.
  10. Happy Birthday!

    Thank you for remembering. Especially given my absences...
  11. :(

    *hugs* As always, we are here.
  12. The "Name MrGone's Chronicle" Contest...

    I am with Pope-J here. I like the idea of Fate or Destiny...or perhaps even something highlighting the dichotomy of being given the power and then having the choice of what to do with it? Fate or Free-will?
  13. Welcome Walks/TShamby!

    You have my support, my brother and any aid I can give.
  14. Morlandus Appreciation thread

    I love you, my friend. And I will always be here for you. You will be missed here but always in our hearts.