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  1. Sickos...

    I was shocked by what the 3 of them did with the snake, V was not happy
  2. Been quiet... a little TOO quiet

    If the foot fits, as someone used to say. Good on ya 'chigg! So, how'd the weekend go or do we not get to hear about that one?
  3. Floods happening across the UK

    I live in Lancashire, where it's always wet, it's not stopped raining at all, abut no flooding that I know of, which most likely comes from me living in the hills. Anyone else noticed how because the South is now flooded the news programs have reporters everywhere, when as when it was in Yorkshire they could barely be bothered to get 1 reporter up there?
  4. Tattoos anyone?

    Almost talked my ex into getting the serenity in Chinese on the inside of her forearm.
  5. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

    Got the feeling that that was an Aliens moment. Book itself... Overlong again, JKR really needs an editor with some balls Not bad even if over long, bit of a bloodbath, and was surprised by the first 2 dead.
  6. £18 for Harry P?

    Oh that? Thats the 'grown up' cover, for the kind of person that wants to buy it, but doesn't want to go to the counter with the cartoonish children's cover under their arm. Grow up it's a children's book!
  7. addictive game...

    it's not just you Nopp, don't worry Orb avoidance
  8. The manliest woman on SnE

    Just checked your profile, and even your photo is ambiguous. Speaking as a father of a teenage daughter.
  9. Man eating Badgers!

    etu, did you read Jeff Noons Automated Alice as well? Can just imagine the books coming off the back of that unit now! That can believe without any effort. ditto
  10. The manliest woman on SnE

    Just checking my avatar, oh yeah clock work Vadar.
  11. Drop City: Zero

    Got the 28 Days Later vibe. But it's been a long while since I watched Hackers Always liked watching films were I know where they've been filmed.
  12. Drop City: Zero

    Just trying to work out where you got eat? That near the YMCA? Good film though.
  13. Shiny Happy Birthday People

    Hope the rains not too bad were you all are! Have a good one
  14. Birthdays today

    6 members are celebrating their birthday today Glacialis(29), Libra(44), Bersagliere(22), Thranduil(24), Risen(27), SasquatchMage(21 Happy Birthday to you all!

    You are talking about people that work in an industry that doesn't want new ideas, it want's a version of whatever network X is doing, but cheaper. Or just hire a camera crew and film morons/wannabes off the street.