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  1. The beans, they are spilled!

    Anny, I want your children. And yes, the game looks rocking; though my general issues with fewer "tribes/clans/tradition&conventions" still remain.
  2. Turf Wars among Kindred

    The south-east is dangerously close; I would argue that, outside the M25 area, Surrey and Kent, the south is fairly clear; even the close-together conurbs of the south-west don't have the same risk factor. Though in terms of Eeast Anglia, that ridiculous plan to link Luton and Stevenage...
  3. Turf Wars among Kindred

    The north of England is dangerously close to becoming one massive conurbation...
  4. Turf Wars among Kindred

    Forged in Steel, anyone?
  5. Same covenant city-to-city relations

    Then how about some lovely ghouls
  6. Same covenant city-to-city relations

    Hence communication, and having a group of loyal childer and underlings.
  7. Children of Father Wolf, and their kids...

    Well, in terms of totems, here are a few progeny: *Stalking Wolf: Blood Talons/Hunters-In-Darkness Totem, lesser child of Father Wolf. *Blazing Wolf aka "Wolf That Blazes With Anger": Totem of a Hunters-In-Darkness pack...does he fit in with La Familia? *Lone Wolf aka "Wolf That Strikes Alone": Totem of a Storm Lord pack...does he fit in with La Familia?
  8. Same covenant city-to-city relations

    Oh, in addition, as far as travel goes, again, not so difficult. Private jet, travel by night (for longer flights have the windows very well blacked out etc, keep the vamp in the hold)...so why can't they travel or communicate? *grins*
  9. Thus far, all the offspring of Father Wolf have been named, if in various places, and many of their own children have been used as totems. Hows about a hierarchy? Each child of Father Wolf, their tribe of Uratha, their allegiance (Pure or Forsaken), and their named offspring.
  10. Same covenant city-to-city relations

    Well, firstly, on the communications front, I'd say the Lancea and Inv ictus have fairly solid communication networks; all those computer and phone thingymajigs, after all. The Carthians have the whole fragmented nature, whilst the Crones really are singular. The Ordo I imagine being somewhere in between a good network and a very very loose one, as above; they keep in touch and have a clan wide consensus and all that jazz, but it's not pushed that hard. As for inter-city relations, say between two Sanctified cities...let's create a quick example. Rome, with a small, isolated group of Sanctified as the "rulers" of what parts of the city that aren't under the Dominion; and Naples, with a roaring nightlife, healthily preyed on by vampires under the aegis of the ruling Lancea. Now, whilst Rome is numerically weaker and strategically disadvantaged, they are tightly knit behind the Lancea; Naples is not as well organized. So who swings more power, and how do they use it? As inter-city politics in general, Naples has the clear advantage, apparently, but their rulers are in some ways outmaneuvered by their rivals being better organized - and also having the prestige of living in Rome (if, indeed, it is considered prestigious; perhaps it is seen as disgraceful they've been forced back). I see the covenant as being roughly loyal to the overall hierachy, but between themselves, feeling it'd be oh so much better for both cities if they were unified - under the leadership of the vampire discussing the feeling, of course. Now how would the Prince of Rome use his superior organization of Sanctified to swing things his way? He might use it to suppress backlash after an assassination, for instance; but in the context of the quite organized, quite restrained and self-protecting Lance of Longinus, he probably wouldn't stoop so low. To out the Prince of Naples as a heretic (due to his approving a Circle festivale)...THAT is a plan. Of course, how the Italian Lancea interact with the downtrodden Jerusalem Lancea, or the schismatic Avignon Lancea and their fellow Gallicans...that's a further question of how well Milan, Naples and Rome can work together when faced with Paris and Avignon.
  11. Nun Crucified

    Be more surprised I'm not actually a fanatic, merely a student of moral philosophy.
  12. No more worries for the very small Piglet

    Hope there's honey up there Johny.
  13. Richard Whiteley RIP

    RIP Rich, it seems bizarre you've gone, 61 seems so young nowadays.
  14. Nun Crucified

    To answer queries... I advocate the death penalty in this case because, as far as I'm concerned, if these were Catholics, they gave their lives to the church, and by betraying the cause of the true Church, their contribution is forfeit. If this were a civil case, my personsl stance on the death penalty is: if insane, hospitalize, if just plain evil, life imprisonment, no commution, if mitigated, life imprisonment with chance of commution.
  15. Nun Crucified

    I generally oppose the death penalty on many different grounds. This case is, for me, different.