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  1. Paprika

    Wow, was doing research on this anime. Satoshi Kon (the same guy behind Millennium Actress and Perfect Blue) is behind Paprika as well. I've watched both prior movies and I'm really looking forward to this.
  2. M:tAw Plot Hooks inspired by Black Sabbath

    Hey guys! Thanks for the feedback! Sweet Leaf and War Pigs... okay. Sweet Leaf The PCs are gathered to investigate the strange circumstances of an eccentric Thyrsus mage's death. The Thyrsus was found hanging from the branches of a tree growing from the middle of his apartment. The tree's branches are caked in his blood as they seemed to grow through his body. The apartment has been upturned as well, and all the pictures of a certain woman have been torn apart. The Thyrsus was obsessed over his departed wife, and in a moment of mad inspiration crafted a plant to grow and take on the shape of a human female, crafting her face into a perfect copy of his wife. His obsessive love, and perhaps lust for her called her soul back into the tree, turning her into an artificial dryad. Horrified at her loss of freedom, and since the transfer shattered her rational mind, she kills him, and escapes, manifesting a strange control over plant life. War Pigs PCs called in to aid in a natural disaster find themselves waterlogged and under fire from the locals. A group of survivors have declared the incident a second Great Flood, and are led by a fanatical Obrimos mage with a talent for bending the fearful, needy and desperate to his side. Roving bands of this new "God's Faithful" attack rescue workers, steal food, and have already begun making raids in non-flooded areas, labelling them as "unwashed" and therefore still tainted. The Obrimos is actually a host for an Acamoth, whose workings have allowed to grant the mage the ability to help those in need (by healing the sick, and multiplying rations) but when he surrenders his will, he becomes a firebrand that whips his followers to a frenzy of prejudice and fanaticism. The incident is not invisible to the Sleepers, and already the government is considering sending armed troops to "neutralize" these forces. Can the PCs stop the Acamoth in time before the shoot to kill order is issued? * note, I know that the War Pigs plot is a little touchy to the victims of the hurricanes, and I would like to extend my condolences to those who have lost loved ones, and good vibes to those who have suffered. --- Oh, and here's Faeries Wear Boots from the thread over in RPG.net Faeries Wear Boots A PC catches his ex-girlfriend walking into a nightclub alongside this tall, androgynous man with long silver hair and really nice boots. After the encounter, the PC find out that the nightclub that was there that night has been closed for decades. Any attempts to contact her via phone will fail, but mages with the Time Arcana can tell that something strange has been going on... EDIT: added Faeries wear boots
  3. Here's a little something I posted on RPG.net, and I'm posting it here as well so people can take ideas if they want to. Since the "inspired by songs" thing is going around, I figured I'd pitch in with one of my own. After Forever A Roman Catholic priest awakens as a Mastigos, but the visions of Hell drive him insane. Now thoroughly convinced that even his stringent lifestyle is not enough, he begins to bend the will and minds of his local community, driving them to acts of repentant self-mutilation irregardless of race, sex or gender. People drive themselves to suicide via self flaggelation, emasculation, starvation and other means that the authorities cannot explain. Children of the Grave Strange manifestations in an abandoned circus have begun visiting the children of the nearby town. They dream of strange beings with gossamer wings and strange elven features beckoning them to visit a land where there is no hate or fear or responsibility. Some children have already run away, not telling their parents of where they went, but the other children know... and they long to join those who have gone ahead. Paranoid One of the PC's co-workers has been complaining of a constant headache. Over the course of the week, he has been becoming extremely jumpy, forgetting to shave, comb, and is starting to snap at people. Attentive PCs will note that his work time has been devoted to strange research, and that the co-worker keeps complaining about voices that keep him awake and sometimes take control. Perhaps a Seer puppeteer is at work? Or is the man just mentally disturbed? Supernaut A strange individual wearing Rennaisance clothing shows up in TV one day, interrupting any and all channels with his broadcast. He announces in High Speech that he has come from the future and is carrying information that could erase his own existence from this timestream, but he is willing to make this noble sacrifice to strike a telling blow against the Exarchs. He has not given out his current location for fear of having the message stopped before he can deliver it, but it's up the PCs if they wish to find this man before the Exarchs do. Consequently, it could also be an elaborate Seer trap to lure the Atlantean Orders out of hiding to be dealt with. Iron Man Many years ago, a cabal of Mages stopped a Moros Nefandi from enacting a terrible ritual to grant him eternal life through perverted internal alchemy. The mages struck as he was about to complete it, and the Nefandi's spell went wild, causing the Nefandi to be transmuted into a Metal statue. The Nefandi's transmuted form was then brought to the cabal's sanctum, where it decorated it's main hall as a reminder of hubris. One day, however, the statue is missing, and one of the Mages in that cabal is found dead, bruises on his throat indicating that he was strangled to death by someone very strong... Lord of this World A chance mugging attempt on one of the players reveals the sheer amount of desperation that addicts experience. Matters are futher complicated when the assailant shows signs of being unnaturally strong, fast and resilient. The PCs discover that someone is manufacturing a strain of cocaine that embodies a variant Atlantean rune in it's chemical makeup. This drug enhances a person and shuts down their "human" mental processes when in the presence of a Mage, driving them into an almost animal state, eager to have Mages as prey. --- Well that's all I've got for now. Enjoy!
  4. GreenZap Discussion

    All done and sent, $25.00 your way from Jay Steven Anyong email: pointyman2000@gmail.com sent PM to morlandus too
  5. The Corruption of Power

    Er... have I offended? Sorry. Kahluah is right, I was pertaining to a player in a game of mine who was having his character killing things left and right because he could. Hope that clears things up.
  6. The Awakening

    Being a Buddhist-ish eastern thinker, I find all of this fascinating, really. The whole watchtower thing is fantastic. I don't mind IRL magical practices not being named, gamers will figure out what is what anyway, and knowing the mage community, we'll stat them out anyway. Thanks for the transcription by the way, I am a happy geek.
  7. The Corruption of Power

    I had a mage player who did something like that. Thankfully my other Mage player had an akashic character that subdued him and they sent him to the council for trial.
  8. Death and Spirit

    Hey guys, Just mulling over the Arcana right now, and I'm suffering from lack of focus. It seems that the Death Arcanum deals with necromancy and ghosts and Spirit deals with fae and er... umbrood (to use an old term) If so, then does that mean that the Spirit Arcanum is "weaker" than the Spirit Sphere? Not that I'm complaining, but I'd like to see what other things the Death sphere deals with.
  9. Path Groupings

    Surprisingly it does. And at least I can sleep now knowing why they decided to lump Prime and Forces together.
  10. Explain your avatar!

    double post! sorry!
  11. Explain your avatar!

    Keitaro from Love Hina
  12. I Have Seen the Promised Land

    Hmm... been thinking about it but my head hurts so I'm not sure if I'm getting this. Basically, you're saying that magic can be Vulgar or not, and Vulgar magic calls on paradox? Everything else is permissible?
  13. You Tell Me

    Losing heaven to build kingdoms on Earth? This has so many colors of yummy Demon: the Fallen-y stuff that it's no longer funny.
  14. I Have Seen the Promised Land

    Elegant. I hope you're right about this... because if that's the way things work it's more of a "who's gonna know?" thing now rather than a "Is it plausible?" sort of thing hell of a lot easier to explain to players, and you don't look like a subjective ass when Paradox comes to call.
  15. Do you like the new magic system?

    I'd do this, but wouldn't it lead to players being a tad annoyed that the expe they wanted to spend on arete now has to be distributed into skills, especially if they already hae the skills they feel best reflects their character's current status. Kind of like being forced to plunk exp into performance or something when he's a bruier.