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  1. Werewolf fiction

    I have heard good things about Moon Dance. I have not read it, however.
  2. Books for sale: Emergency

    Have you asked your Doctor about some coupon cards or discount programs? I work in a pharmacy, and I see people come in with some really nice coupons from time to time. If Blood Money decides shipping is too much on the Orpheus stuff, I am quite interested in all but the first two books.
  3. What Martial Arts do you do?

    I'm trying to figure out a martial art to start learning. I've done a bit of Wu Shu, did a year or so of Japanese karate as a kid. I either want something practical for defense or meditative. What should I do?
  4. Looking for an ST

    There are some kids over at www.nocturnis.net that are itching to play a CtL campaign. However, they've had a hard time find an ST for the thing. Would anyone be interested in doing such? Thanks for looking.
  5. Your stats in WoD

    Appearance 8? At that point, don't people have to make a will save when they see your or the vomit beautiful flowers from the extra pretty floating around?
  6. Um, howdy.

    One of my favorite characters that I've made was a Virtual Adept kinian. Of course, this was in a giant cross over game so it had all kinds of craziness going on. I really liked how you could get two kinds of ideaologies to mesh after throwing them in a blender for a few days. The kindness continues to amaze, and it's great to hear that there is some aeonverse talk going on behind the scenes.
  7. Um, howdy.

    Hi, my name is Kris. I don't suppose I have any reason to introduce myself as I don't have a vast knowledge of systems and likly don't have a lot to offer but a few inquiries. For the time being, I'm wondering why the board doesn't have any coverage over the Aeonverse material. I know that those books don't tend to get a lot of extra drapings from fans at this point, but they have some of the things that interest me. I mean, who doesn't love a game with superheroes? And psionics have always been something I've read about. So, I guess that's my meandering way of saying, "what's up?" The community seems rather friendly, and I enjoy that.