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  1. Satanists...

    What I'm going to do in the future is what I'm going to do in the future, anyway, whether there's a God knowing about it or not. So God's knowledge makes no difference. Because -I- don't know what will happen in the future, so I'm still choosing. If God's not controlling what I do, then the choices I make are still mine. It doesn't matter if He knows everything I'm going to do if He's not making me do it.
  2. Satanists...

    Why does it matter if God can see the results of our choices? Does that mean we don't have free will, because God already knows what will happen? We don't know what will happen, so from our point of view our freedom to choose is as valid as if there's no such thing as a being capable of seeing into the future. Regardless of what God knows, our choices are still our choices. We are conscious of the options and we choose what we choose; God doesn't choose it for us. God's perspective is irrelevant to the choices we make and our responsibility for our decisions because we can't see things from God's point of view. Technically, what will be will be, anyway, regardless of whether there's some all-powerful being out there who knows everything that is, was, and is to come. Are people just trying to find a reason to blame God for everything that ends up sucking in this life? I'm just asking, not trying to point fingers.
  3. Satanists...

    Cause Stone Cold says so?
  4. Satanists...

    God's kind of a paradox, huh? I think I have a better shot at making sense of calculus.
  5. Satanists...

    Olaf: Math is hard! You're making my brain hurt! My expertise in math ends somewhere around the 12 times tables. I think it's blasphemy against the Holy Spirit.
  6. Satanists...

    But doesn't that mean you still end up not counting them all? If all you care about is how many bricks there are, you at least got the answer you were interested in. I'm sure this is a trick question somehow, but I'm going to say if humans can do it, then God certainly can... assuming that God can do anything.
  7. Satanists...

    No, it's not possible to get to the end of "infinite." Just like it's not too likely to ever come to an absolute resolution to this debate over things no one can actually prove. Edit: Actually, if you knew there were an infinite number of bricks ahead of time, there would be no reason to start counting to begin with.
  8. Satanists...

    That just sounds to me like God is upset with how His people are behaving and punishing them for it in a way that will make an impact to teach them a lesson. That's just my interperitation, though. I could be wrong.
  9. Satanists...

    I'm not a true believer. And you can believe what you want, it doesn't matter to me. I'm just stating my opinion.
  10. Satanists...

    I think people misunderstand what evil is. Evil isn't simply the act itself, it's the choice to disobey the will of God. In God's eyes, a little white lie is just as sinful as murdering someone. The point isn't what you did, it's that you chose to do something against the desires of God. God gave us the capacity for choice. We make the choices. Evil is on our own heads, because we have the choice to follow Him or not. He told us what He wants, He told us what's acceptable and what isn't. We decide whether or not to listen. We have to take responsibility for our own bad decisions, not pass the buck onto God.
  11. Satanists...

    Does anyone else feel it's pointless to continue debating this omnipotence issue? The same arguments seem to keep being restated with the same lack of agreement continuing to result.
  12. New avatar!

    Lol, sack race... I think it's cute
  13. Satanists...

    That's not too surprising. Wal-Mart is the spawn of the Devil. According to South Park. It must be true. TV would never lie to me.
  14. Satanists...

    God knows everything we are going to do before we do it. We don't. So from our point of view, we're still choosing. There's a difference between God knowing what's going to happen and God causing things to happen that way. Just because God can see into the future doesn't mean he's making the future unfold the way it will. Knowledge and action are not synonymous. God can choose to not be the cause of things as much as he can choose to be the cause of them. I know what's going to happen at the end of a movie I've seen before, but I'm still not the cause of what the characters are going to do or what's going to happen to them. Even if I had the power to edit the movie to change it, if I don't do that I'm not influencing the outcome. If choice is irrelevant because it's just an illusion and everything we ever do is predetermined by God, how can God justify punishing anyone for their sins? No one can sin if they don't have the power of choice. No one can justly be held accountable for their actions if they're not responsible for their actions. Why would God bother with giving instructions to mankind, with putting incentives and deterrents in place, if humanity had no choice but to do as God predetermined anyway?
  15. The Prestige

    Abracadabra... Batman versus Wolverine. I. Can't. Wait. Hubba, hubba, hubba.