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  1. Mirrors that dont...Mirror?!

    Ok, admittedly I'm a bit short on caffeine at the moment, but that article is giving me a god damned headache! Mirrors should not do that!
  2. Board games

    If you're into Lord of the Rings, I can highly recomend the Lord of the Rings Boardgame, by Fantasy Flight Games, it is something as (to my limited knowledge) unusual as a fully cooperative board game. (There is one expansion that allows one player to play against the others as Sauron, much fun but not needed) A non-game related bonus is the fact that the rules sheet somehow manages to summarize the entire 1200-page saga in only roughly 3 A4 pages
  3. Guild Wars?

    I play primarily solo (yes, I know the game's built to create/join a party, but I want to feel it out on my own first, and pref play with people I know, if only vaguely), and I love it so far! Right now, I'm running a Necro/Ele Pre-searing... Damn I missed a lot with my first character (W/R)...
  4. Guild Wars?

    Up and running with a full account, damn I love this game! Though, I can't seem to find the trial key that should have come with the game, I got a buddy at work who's a bit curious... Jagash, the trial key you gave me, was it on a separate piece of paper, or did you recieve it electronically, or what?
  5. The Library of Darkness

    I am currently rereading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, this time forcing myself to a slower pace and writing notes on each chapter. This is the first time I have successfully made notes while reading a book, an I'm finding that it really helps me note details I'd otherwise miss I have recently read the new translation of Lord of the Rings, and found it superior to the old, though not by as much as I had hoped/expected, but I'm going to read the English original next time any way. I also recently finished Auel Earth's Children in swedish, and found it highly readable, and will most likely invest in them in English at some point.
  6. Guild Wars?

    Ordered Prophecies now... The trial is 10 hours over 14 days, so I've got somewhere along the line of 20-30 minutes left of it... Laying low until the full version drops into my mailbox... Damn it's fun!
  7. Guild Wars?

    lvl 6 or 7 seven now, and just played my first quest with another player (been running around solo so far). Really fun, now I'm just scared that the trial will expire any time now... I'd say I've played somwhere around 6 or 7 hours total by now... Must get money to buy full key!
  8. Guild Wars?

    So, running around Pre-searing now, Warrior/Ranger, we'll see how it works out... Looks great so far!
  9. This just in: Temple hauled to the altar.

    That's great to hear! It'a amazing what such a simple policy can do for a relationship.
  10. Guild Wars?

    Much, much appreciated, Jagash!
  11. Guild Wars?

    So, I know there are a few people in here that plays Guild Wars, as it's here I first really heard of it. Now, I've beecome curious to try it out, but I just can't get hold of a trial key, so if any of you friendly GW-playing Sn'E:ers still have your "buddy" trial key, it would be very much appreciated to drop into my PM-box here... Either way, if I can't get hold of a trial key, I'll probably just buy it (Prophecies) sometime during the autumn, as I've finally got back to my job... Also, any hints on a good profession (prim/sec) to learn the game?
  12. This just in: Temple hauled to the altar.

    Congratulations! I hope you will live long and happily together. As I don't even have "seniority" on you in relationsships, it might be out of place to give advice, but I'll do it anyway, cause I'm just that cocky ( ): When you disagree, or are unhappy about something; talk it out fully, discuss it untill none of you have anything left to say in the matter. Keep to the relevant point, never drag up something "off-topic" in the middle of an argument. Always do this the same day as the issue crops up, so that you never go to bed with an unresolved disagreement. You can never be certain that you'll both be there tomorrow to sort it out. Never accept "it's nothing" for an answer, and more importantly, never give it. If something is bugging one of you, talk it out as soon as it comes up. If you talk things through as soon as something comes up (at the most a few hours after), you'll never have a nagging issue that posions the relationship, which will leave you to enjoy each other and your life together. And with that: I wish you the very best, for the wedding day and beyond!
  13. Addiction to World of Warcraft

    Now, there's no need to hang your head in shame because you enjoy a game. As long as you enjoy the game without addiction (of any kind) it's harmless.
  14. Sickos...

    Now, I have to pipe up here: First: Sure, there might be "better written" books than the Potter books, but I have to say they are possibly the most enjoyable books I've read. I am just now rereading Lord of the Rings, and must say that Potter is a lot better written than LotR, but I still enjoy LotR immensly. Second: Servile cattle isn't exactly what I would call the thousands and thousands of fans who not only read Potter, but has found Potter to be a springboard into reading and discussions of litterature, ethics, and several other areas. Honestly, I see more "servile cattle" in the Star Wars- or Trekkie fandoms than in Potter, but that might simply be because in regards to these fandoms, I'm simply not involved. Thirdly: The point of a midnight release party is the same as a midnight movie premiere - making something special of it. In this case, a party of sorts, with other people who enjoy the same form of entertainment as you do. I did not have a party close by to go to, and I might not have anyway, as I'm not very comfortable with a lot of people, but I gladly sat up until 1AM to listen to Jo reading the first chapter. Yes, I would have proudly punched anyone who spoiled DH for me. That guy, had I been there, had not been standing after my first shock of being spoiled wore off. He would have been clutching his genitals in pain! I am honestly not sure I would have stoped after the first knee to the groin. I would deserve an abuse-charge, but I would take it. Reading a book (or comic), or watching a movie (or a play), or hearing a story, is never the same after the first time. It is (usually) enjoyable, it may even be more enjoyable as you notice details you didn't reflect on before, but it is never the same. Being spoiled relevant plot points robs a person of that first experience, and it can not be brought back.
  15. Rubbish conversation I had last night

    Good call to cut loose... Obviously no people to call friends!