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  1. Looks like I'm starting up a V20 game....

  2. I am still sick and am currently cancelling the game for this weekend. Sorry for the change in plans. But this is a really bad flu and I am going to need the time to rest. Thanks

  3. Contemplating starting up a new vampire game....

  4. Contemplating starting up a new vampire game....

  5. Time for a Re-Roll

    Well thank you. I don't think I've been wing-hugged before. and consider us now spokened? Spoked? Spaked? Pick the one you fancy and consider us having done it.
  6. Anyone else Worried about White Wolf

    Well currently their release schedule is "We have books coming out....when they come out." which is fine and dandy and all, but it does make folks understandably nervous. Particularity since they haven't made any announcements--regarding a new line, or books or anything--in some time. The way I figure it if we don't hear anything at Gen-Con, then there may be something to worry about. Some people are convinced they're abandoning the PnP game for the new MMO they're working on, but I don't think it's moved on to that quite yet. I imagine we will see, in time. And, yeah, I guess now that you mention it the store I'm referring to are Comics/Game shops. We've never had any exclusively RPG shops here. It's always been a mix of diversified Geek interests; comics, RPGs, Toys, Card games, etc. So I guess I can't really compare apples to apples in that regard.
  7. Hola Senor Heretic! How's things?

  8. It goes well. Busy as all get out, but still managing to find time to game. :) How are things going with you?

  9. Anyone else Worried about White Wolf

    Maybe it's a regional issue. Locally our stores are doing well and moving a lot of RPG product (admittedly it is primarily D&D) but they do still carry a fairly wide selection of RPG products. We've even have a few new stores that have opened up in the past few years. I did notice that a few of the local stores had worked up an arrangement with WOTC--again D&D but it's a good example-- and they were getting the new releases two-to-three weeks ahead of the release date as part of a "support your local bookstore" deal that WOTC initiated. They get the books prior to any of the big retailers or online companies. Which they said was really helping them move product. It's an interesting concept, I don't know if it would necessarily work as well with White Wolf per se, but it is an interesting thought. It's going to take a while before I succumb to the inevitability of PDFs. I use them, but I still don't like them, and my experiences to date with having them printed and bound was pretty damn costly, as much if not worse then what the book would have cost all ready printed. It is also possible I just went to the wrong place.
  10. Time for a Re-Roll

    Excellent, I'm always open to suggestions and since we have a Cultist amongst the group that would be dandy. I've always loved Mage and I've read a good chunk of it, but this is the first time running, so it's going to be fun seeing what I forget. I may need the help. Hey Heretic! It's good to see you too! It's looks like all sorts of folks are crawling out of the woodwork.
  11. Mal! The only evil die that ever liked me. :) It has been too long. How's it going?

  12. Busy Boggan

    Oh fantastic! Did I show up in time for the decapitations? It doesn't appear I've missed them sooo that means they're coming. Now we just need a Kurgan and extensive pyrotechnic FX. I better go get my trench coat and white tennies!
  13. Hola my favourite plushy Cthulhu!

  14. Power: Internal or External?

    I think I'm going to have to go right down the middle as well. The two kind of feed one another as it is. As their internal power grows it gives them the means to increase their external power through mind manipulating disciplines, the ability to destroy allies of their enemies and intimidate them into working with them and the ability to mover unnoticed amongst people gathering information that one can use to leverage against others to bring them under your sway. While an external power network gives you the safety and security to work on developing your internal power or to remain hidden long enough to develop new skills unseen by your adversaries. Although many Kindred has eschewed either path to walk a purely pie driven road. Those that chose to embrace the Danse A La Mode are few and far between but oh so powerful....
  15. Time for a Re-Roll

    Hey Saha! Your last Exalted game? I shudder to think. You and exalted are kind of universal constants. Well good luck with that final epic game, I'm running our first ever Mage game. I always loved the line and read all the books but our group was heavily invested in VtM we never got a chance to play it, but it appears the timing was just "six years after the line ends". Hey I'm all for a revival, it nice to pop on and see folks I recognize alongside the ton of new faces all over.