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  1. Lunars, Raksha and The Lost make A Mercurial Mind smile ...

  2. Thank you kindly for your kind words :)

  3. Love your Biomechanica on deviantART ... nicely done.

  4. I've been cranking Lynyrd Skynyrd of late ... Are my redneck roots showing?
  5. TSHamby

    Strange Question

    I'm quite proficient at dad dancing ...
  6. How's the the Coldest Monarch been faring?

  7. How's the cutest pixie in Science town been faring?

  8. How has the Chancellor of Whispers been faring? Good, I hope.

  9. Please excuse my belated welcome, Jolly. I wish you the best of luck with your RP.
  10. TSHamby


    Please excuse my belated welcome, Ivo. My your pack aways find itself downwind from Black Spiral Dancers ...
  11. Tony! How are you? I'm doing great. I'm proving my insanity by going back to school for my Masters this fall. :)

  12. Me and mine are whole and hale, lil sis. Looking forward to getting myself reacquanted with the shadows.

  13. How's the Charming Bastard?

  14. Genesis of Legend Publishing ... congratulations my old friend.

  15. How's my favorite ever-shifting luna-tic ... ;)

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