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  1. Meta Plot Idea

    I know the nWoD has no true meta-plot, this is one of the things I love about it. However, ultimitly every ST will build the meta plot brick by brick and session by session. So to begin with, I ask everyone to share theirs with us. I have slowly, over multiple sources (WoD Core, Witchfinders, MtA, Second Sight, HtV, Nightstalkers) pieced together a origin of the WoD. I will not directly say where my idea's come from, but instead will let yall figure it out on your own. As you can see the Hunter line contributed alot to this meta-plot. As a warning, the below deals alot with an alternate version of the Jewish/Christian belief system, if your easily offended please turn back now. In the beginning... There was the source. A sentient form of pure energy. This being was a single entity then, alone in the darkness and the void. Purely alien to our thoughts and motivations, though the source of everything. It has no form, and for a long time had no function. Known to many as G-d, the entity longed for new thoughts and actions that were separate from it's own. The first creations... Burning balls of gas, floating chunks of molten rock, free floating radiation and windows into mirrored worlds. This was the key at the beginning, there can never be one of anything. G-d wanted multiple chains of events and multiple paths through multiple worlds. All the realms and dimensions now known to those who seek them out were the outcome. The second creations... Humanoid beings with no features and wings of iron. They were to be the tutors and mentors for the creations to come, each given their own mind and personality. Angels some may call them, they were given bodies. Then came the formless ones, their job was to counter balance the first children- demons. The demons could not act against the angels for lack of bodies and sense neither creation could alter or affect the others. Something more was needed. The third creations... Man and his counter parts, the spirits. The angels went to work right away and gathered up a handfull of the primitive beasts and set them to task. They were less like mentors and more like emperors to these frail mortals. Some were tasked with guarding the borders between worlds and given the continence of beasts. Spirit and man were not to live together, so these new guardians were combined from both. There were two tribes, one to walk the earth's border and the other to walk the shadow's border. Some were tasked with building and maintaining a great city for the angels, some of these were given a fraction of the angels powers and became the first mages. The war in heaven... Demons saw man as the tool to balance the plans of the Angels. Rebellion was spread amongst the mortals and a rare few served as bodies for the formless entities. Bargains and pacts were made with the mortals, promising the great city to the mortals. The war lasted for several years, each side using their powers the alter and change the mortals to serve both sides. The angels needed powerful assassins to take down the demons servants when they were most vulnerable, at night. Meanwhile, on earth... Little changed for the primitive humans and the "border walkers." Some could see the war in the city of Angels and sang of it, most simply were not able to see the protective shrouds. Time from time something would fall from the city, some creation made to be a machine of war. These primordial horrors would walk between the spirit and mortal realms, consumeing and warring upon whatever they felt would entertain them the most. The boarder walkers did their best to defeat these beasts. The boarder walkers found their numbers greatly weakened, especially those who walked the mortal soil. The fall of the angels... The war would come to an end, and neither the angels nor the demons were responsible. The agents of both sides were too busy fighting one another to notice the actions of the normal humans. It was man, and man alone that sent the great city plummeting into the depths of the abyss. Not earth, not the shadow, not hell, nor the realms created by the Angels. The city was banished into creations ultimate counterpart: nothingness. Some angels would escape, defeated they cursed creation and found slumber. The demons retreated into hell, and those mortals that could escaped to earth. The aftermath... G-d saw the direction his creations were taking and feared that it all may end. Though the entity merely wished to watch and longed for the day her creations may learn how to join as one with her it was decided action was required. Each faction had formed long term goals that so contradicted the others oblivion was the only outcome, so G-d destroyed their plans with a single stroke. Memory was eroded from all creation, under the chaos of the war's end a fresh mental start had begun. The boarder-walkers, now confused and only half remembering their purpose turned on one another. The mages split into three groups, all would leave earth behind though one would go mad. The mad ones were the angels most powerful and trusted servants and now believed themselves to be these beings and so created their own worlds and captured Mortals to serve them as the angels had done; these were the Gentry. The other powerful mages continued their war, though even they were unsure as to why. They warred with each other using the tactics of the demons, influencing others from afar instead of using their hands. G-d's plan... Now with survival the most important thing for all of creation G-d felt she had given her children enough time to be at peace. All along the entity wanted her creations to join her, so she may be more than a single entity- for that is her only true rule: There can never only be just one. The great entity woven memories she took from her creations in a select few beings and in a select few locations. Her interference was over. All across the universe clues were left on how to gain power and how to use it to become part of her. G-d didn't want to force any creation into any action, so only fragments could be found in song or in stone. It may take thousands of years, but the possibility was up to them for she would not interfere again. if creation destroyed itself, she may just start again or learn to live alone.
  2. My top 10

    WoD has a whole lot of games out, the vast majority of them great. I decided to react a list of my favorite "top ten countdown style." I am interested in seeing what others have on their lists. 10.) WoD Immortals 9.) WoD Changing Breeds 8.) Mage the Awakening 7.) Promethean the Created 6.) Changeling the Lost 5.) Werewolf the Forsaken 4.) WoD Slashers 3.) WoD Infernal 2.) Geist 1.) Hunter: The Vigil
  3. Sell my group nWOD?

    try this one "Or else."
  4. mtg in White Wolf

    I could see it working as there is enough in the nWoD to do so. Everything in MtG has a nWoD companion. Are you wanting to create it from scratch using the system... or do you wish to copy and paste? (As in takeing Mage spells, and powers from other suppliments to work as spells put into the color groups.) In either case, Summon magic would work wonderful- but it should be restrained. Summoning a Werewolf would be cool, just keep it from being too over powered. It really depends on what your trying to accomplish.
  5. Is slowly dieing, but loves Geist. Everyone must buy it.

  6. Is slowly dieing, but loves Geist. Everyone must buy it.

  7. Geist has a name....

    Never thought of it that way. Man, we must have problems if we adopt so many names for something like that.
  8. Buffalo Shifters

    To be honest, my information comes from a mix of American West text books (from my college days, majored in history) and about 30 web pages of Indian Folk lore. The idea of buffalo's being a gift giving and compassionate creature stems from how much of them was used by native tribes- 99% of the body. Not to mention the actual Lady Buffalo myths that connect them to the spirit world. The spirit aspect is something I avoided, though it should have some sort of major connection beyond the common abilities the shifters can choose from. Nope, these shifters have not been play tested.
  9. Buffalo Shifters

    Their basic nature is pro human, something I gathered from tons of the myths. So, it would all be a personal choice really.
  10. The electric flu boogaloo

    Those sites rocked, brought some happiness to my fever rattled mind
  11. Buffalo Shifters

    As mentioned, in passing, most would be central US. The rest would have no problem being from...anywhere. As I said, like Buffalo they like to travel.
  12. The electric flu boogaloo

    I have to say, I love your take on things. Swine, does sell fear though. "Pig Flu" would have seemed less scarey, but Swine, well didn't Jesus throw demons into Swine? Demonic Swine Flu may have been a better choice come to think of it.
  13. A changing breeds question

    New dog and wolf shifters eh? Post them here! I am curious! I would like to see some true gorilla-men, but don't have the passion for them as I did with the buffalo shifters, so if anyone has created them...show them.
  14. Buffalo Shifters

    I have been intending to work more on their background and culture as I have fallen in love with the concept. As for the buffalo spirit, that depends on the shifter and spirits personal outlook. By that I mean, both could be traditionalist or revenge minded. They could either want to help humans understand their impact on the world and aid the needy, or wish to strike a blow on those they deem bloodthirsty and without mercy. I see the buffalo spirits being divided just as the shifters are, with the younger spirits being anger based and the older being as they have always been.
  15. The electric flu boogaloo

    This is a gripe. It comes in two flavors. Flavor A: I work as an educator. I am with alot of kids all the time. I get sick. It turns out to be the flu. So, not only am I sick and feeling like death, but I have people swearing up and down that it is the swine flu. Flavor B: The media sucks. Every 5 seconds it is telling me I am going to die from the swine flu. Every week something new is going to kill me. They are hammering it down our throats so anything that would be normal and run of the mill creates problems like in Flavor A. ITS NOT THE FUCKING SWINE FLU! Any other time and this would only be a big deal to me. Everyone else would just ignore it because it is fucking normal for teachers to catch shit from kids. I AM NOT GOING TO DIE! Swine Flu is hallmarked by respiratory problems, I do not display that aspect of flu symptoms. Drainage, yes, mild coughing, yes. Fever, the runs, fatigue, strength loss.....all yes. Thats the flu though, were it the swine flu the coughing would be worse. AGH!!! Of course, living in Texas isn't helping the accusations. I am sick and don't need this shit.