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  1. Jesse Heinig

    "Jesse Heinig is a game writer for Star Trek Online, but you may know him as the creator of Dying Kingdoms, or his work on Fallout, or his work on Mage, Vampire the Masquerade, Mind’s Eye Theater, Aberrant, and the Star Trek RPG. He’s given a lot to the gaming community and we’d like to give back to him. He and Adrianne have gone through hell and his friends have been worried sick. Please spread the word as much as possible and help this man get back on his feet, literally!" http://www.dyingkingdoms.com/2012/09/a-very-special-episode-of-dying-kingdoms-operation-help-jesse-heinig/ http://pascalekrieger.chipin.com/jesse-heinig
  2. Happy GM's Day!

    Happy GM's Day!!!
  3. GMs Day - March 4th

    For those In and Around the Seattle Area, my bar will be hosting some festivities for GMs Day on Friday. AFK Tavern 1510 41st ST Everett, WA 98201 www.afktavern.com -Rev.
  4. File Name: Neteru: Service to Enterity File Submitter: RevFuggit File Submitted: 04 Jan 2008 File Category: Mummy: the Resurrection MtR microject Click here to download this file
  5. [Mummy: the Resurrection] ST Screen

    File Name: ST Screen File Submitter: RevFuggit File Submitted: 04 Jan 2008 File Category: Mummy: the Resurrection Mummy Storyteller's Screen Click here to download this file
  6. I know what Project M is!

    heres a nifty tidbit, Monte said it won't be a Malhavoc Press book.. which implies that it will not be WoD20.... so on with the wild speculation!
  7. I know what Project M is!

    couple of things.. WoD20 may not be the thing here.. monte has in the past purchased special licsenes to use a book title, in which his book had little to do with the original book. If it is a WoD20 book then I cant help but be amused at the cyclic nature ot the gamming industry/hobby - (Mark and Johnathan create Ars Magica, Johnathan & Monte team up toe re-create D&D, now Monte's going to re-create the WoD into a system the he co-created with the co-creator of White-Wolf's first game.) and no matter what it is... at least it'll have a useable Index. Sue Cook is notorious for her methodically complete indicies. oh and hello again.. good to be back..
  8. Resurrection

    maybe not full time, but definetly will be around some more..
  9. Resurrection

    So.... things are starting to settle down a bit in RL, and I'd just thought i'd stop by to say hello again. so what have I missed in the past 3 months? to catch you all up on me here goes: went to a retirement party for an old boss of mine, next thing I know Im managing a hilton property for them, been working like a madman as of late, my wife is 10 weeks pregnant, and I tried to quit smoking, which only lasted 3 hours (though Im proud of her, she tossed her pack of smokes the moment she found out she was pregnant and hasnt had one since). so.. hi again and see you all soon. -Rev.
  10. Wish List

    Alrighty, so lets rant about what we loved (and thus hope to see again) and what we hate (and hope is avoided) with Changeling -Rev.
  11. Asatru

    the AFA is a bit of a fringe group even amongst the Asatruar.. they were the goofs balls crawling all over seattle a few years back with the whole Kennewick Man thing.. If anyones interested in it I would prolly send them off the the Ring of Troth people or Irminsul Ættir .. or at least some of the more reasonable groups .. Im not a neo-viking myself so I can only speak from my expiriences with them as having an over abundance of disregard for actual historical evidence.... oh.. and avoid the wotansvolk at all costs! -Rev.
  12. SnE Toolbar

    yeah it works fine.. you just have to follow the FireFox installation instructions available on the download page. -Rev.
  13. Translation please?

    tack själv!
  14. bored

    you know you've been awke for too long when you decide that to build your own iPOD.............. in Photoshop.
  15. bored

    well it works much better if I actually attach an image huh?