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  1. As always with this title, its simultaneous weakest and strongest aspect is its flexibility. While some editions codify the magic system more than others, I continue to find it as being one of the most elegant and dynamic systems in the RPG industry. That being said, unless you have an experienced ST to adjudicate and teach the system to newer players, it can be an absolute nightmare.
  2. Came here to say most of the black album, already found it posted. Good man.
  3. Stumbled on these randomly. If I had infinite resources, I'd buy the lot. http://www.shapeways.com/games/dice
  4. I've just started reading (not even through the Lexicon yet), but it strikes me that while a demon's Cover is vital to their continued existence, and thus a great asset, they are a prison just as much as they are a means of liberation. While the most ideal Cover, due to the nature of demonic existence, is one with loose but verifiable mortal associations, one would imagine that these personae would become increasingly difficult to cultivate in a landscape of increasing demonic saturation. As with the previous Demon title, the first fallen on the scene would definitely have the advantage. A
  5. Your dedication is apparent and appreciated, Michael. Be thou unafraid
  6. You killed, Linky. You bastard! (not you, Michael - the server )
  7. Grymlor

    My New Hobby

    My first thought was "In the Arms of an Agent", by Sarah McLachlan. I'm such a freak X3
  8. I think most storytellers feel that way Thank you kindly for the info!
  9. Fascinating. You are tempting me as only a Faustian could, Libra. Are you interested in running or playing the aforementioned crossover?
  10. Yeah, they'll need a major overhaul :\
  11. Farblade! I agree - this place deserves immortality.
  12. ... unholy balls o.I I'm down X3 Not being familiar with the Chronicle, I'm fairly in the dark regarding TGM, but your description of Demons is EXCEPTIONALLY enticing. Smacks a bit of Ghost in the Shell, Supernatural, and the background of Preacher as well.
  13. Sounds quite productive, Libra! I've been out of the gaming loop for nigh on 7 years now, so while I wish I could help withyour crossover desires, I am woefully lacking in the necessary Knowledges. So sorry to hear about your lost stories, Michael. I know how frustrating those can be. I'd be interested to hear about your Apocalypse campaign if you wouldn't mind detailing it for us over in the Old World forum
  14. Permanently? O.O *ponders the implications and struggles not to chuckle with overt maleficence*
  15. Thanks, Michael. It's been a long time. Glad to see both of you still here. What have you gents been up to irl and game-wise?
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