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  1. Shadownessece Ankh

  2. Houses of the Moon

    Damn i have been gone awhile. Haven't even STed anything in years. I need to look in to Onyx Path. Are they reworking WW published books, or just tweaking with it in the new mmaterial they publish?
  3. Forum Issues

    EDIT: Nevermind the following, I just realized it was Mortekai. I would have posted this in the support area, but that seems to be broken as it leads to a yahoo search page. I received an email, via my subscription to SnE. I clicked on it, surprised that SnE was back up, and it was some guy who makes katanas wanting me to like his fb page. https://www.facebook.com/EkatanaSE? Here is the text of the email: Shadownessence To Me Aug 5 at 11:46 PM I am sorry, but I forgot to mention that it would be really nice if you could drop by and like the Facebook page as well https://www.facebook.com/EkatanaSE? ...now I will stop spamming you for a few years again I unsubscribed for the time being, because I am not sure how this was sent from SnE. Oh, and hi.
  4. When we were young

    Don't laugh, here are some pics of me as a kid. The first one is me in a plum tree my parents had, the second is me with my Thundercats birthday cake. I was, and always will be, a tomboy. Mom may have got me to wear cute clothes once in awhile, but she always regretted it. I'd go play in the mud.
  5. wii friends

    Okay, so I got my wii, my wifi and some miis made. You can't ask for friends on nintendo's website, in fact you can get banned for posting your wii # or even sending it in a pm. Do any other SnE'ers have a wii and want some friends in their address book, for the mii parade or for messaging, etc? You have to go to the message center on your wii and get your wii # from your address book. You need to exchange #'s with the person you are adding, and each of you enter the other's code in your address book. Now I am not going to post my code for all to see, but I thought that if we listed ourselves here, we could pm each other to exchange info. So, I'll add my name to the SnE wii owners. I'll update this post to keep a current list. 1 - Rhiannon - friend code 8855 4134 1281 0581 2 - Hangedman1984 - friend code 3769 7031 4403 4193 3 - Muffle 4 - ROMzombie - friend code 0562 8806 1002 9511 5 - Deimos_Masque - friend code 0180 9492 6749 1781 6 - zenten - friend code 5440 9396 4544 8050 7 - MrGonev5 - friend code 2558 0292 8415 5216 8 - serial experiments - friend code 2089 0002 9985 9944 9 - _vamp - friend code 0708 6945 8192 7483 10 - SKeLoRiC - friend code 5532 3024 2466 1855 11 - Krieg - friend code 7526 8132 9613 591 12 - Keeper - friend code 3536 0606 8128 4444 13 - Amaranth - friend code 1900 0362 3433 4035 Super Smash Brother Codes: 1 - Deimos Masque - 3437 2775 3515 2 - ROM Zombie - 4124 4656 7240 3 - Krieg - 3308 4250 8228 4 - serial experiments - 2363 5324 5508 5 - SKeLoRiC - 2406-6572-5369 Mario Kart Wii Codes: 1 - !mpact - 3995 6732 1209
  6. You deserve more comments, brother. So here is some awesomeness for you.

  7. Stopped by to say hello, so... hello.
  8. Don't suppose ya'll remember me?

    Glad to see everything is still running, and you guys are doing ok.
  9. Don't suppose ya'll remember me?

    Good to see the ol' homeplace still standing.
  10. PS Network Friends

  11. SnE Members Map

    Calhoun, Kentucky, USA
  12. Hunter Intel

    For those that scour the internet and read all the LJs, this is where you post the results of your search-fu. If you have intel on H:tV, and it isn't restricted by a NDA, put it here. So go check WW's site, read their LJs, look for the interviews, and above all race back here to be the first to report.
  13. PS3 friends

    Ok, after being poor for many years, things started looking up for me and mine awhile back and we got a PS3. Now, I was watching my husband chat with a friend he made through some CoD4 online play. I started thinking about the things you could do with the voice chat feature. Basically, if you have a PS3, internet connection and a Bluetooth headset, you can invite people on your friends list to a voice chat session. You can invite multiple people to this voice chat at once, it isn't a webcam so you don't even have to put your robe on, and there is no voice delay like you sometimes experience through IM voice chatting. Getting the idea? Not only can multiple Shadownites get together at once and yap, we can run some games, without having to do it by email, IM or chatroom. Not sure if the xbox 360 has a voice chatroom feature or not, or if it is this easy to implement, and I think the Wii is still working on it. If there is anyone here that has ever thought they would like to speak to me and has a PS3, let me know. I'll give you my PSN name and you can send me a friend invite. So, we have a pinned list for the Wii. If we get enough people posting their PSN names here, maybe we can pin this, too. And you may not even want to voice chat or RP through the PS3, you may just want more people on your friends list to online game with.
  14. Hunter Speculation

    How many splats? How will they work? Will there be powers or abilities? What will the splats be? This is the thread where you post your guesses. Tell us anything you predict about the game setting or mechanics. And of course, if you are the first to predict something correctly before any information is released, we will laud your ESP. And we can check the dates, B-) . We already know the full name of the game, but there are still plenty of things to mull over, speculate, predict, and flat out guess.
  15. I finished the book earlier today. What I can say without revealing any spoilers is that I enjoyed the book whole-heartedly and probably would not have changed any of the plot, but I found the last few chapters to be not so satisfying. Mainly because the events described were brilliant but seemed to be poorly put together. It felt as if the last few chapters were perhaps a second draft, still rough and needing polishing. More detail was needed in some places, and perhaps less in others, and some plot twists do not seem fully thought out, they feel contrived and a bit of a hard sell. I believe if more time had been spent of these chapters to work out the kinks that I would rate it close to an 8.5 or 9 out of 10. As it is, I am thinking maybe a 7.5 . All in all, wouldn't change the plot, just flesh it out more in spots. I recommend the book, and I think it has a decent re-read factor. I'll certainly be reading it again. I'll be posting in more detail later. Anyone who wants to discuss things in detail but wants to use spoiler tags, feel free. Just type [ followed immediatley by the word spoiler and then follow that with ]. This is the opening tag. The closing tag is the same, but has /directly between [ and the word spoiler. The end result looks like this.
  16. October calls..

    Check in when you can, babe. I'd wish you well, but we both know you and I rest on opposite sides of the line. I will always be a St Louis girl, and you...are loyal to your KC. Save me some nachos during your next seventh-inning stretch.
  17. Staff Training

    Here is the full timeline guys.
  18. Need a name for a Vampire Hunting Organization

    Just rip off Oblivion and call it Order of the Virtuous Blood.
  19. I have to gloat..

    I used to play flute in my high school band, how about that?
  20. Prom

    skel, you are quite a character, did you know that? I believe I shall friend you now.
  21. Prom

    Not to pick at you skel and make you cry more, but did you notice fenris's post about the half-naked girls? *grumbles* at my school, we weren't even allowed to wear tank tops. Nothing cut below the collar bone, no big legged shorts, and shorts and skirts had to come down an inch or so past our fingertips (all this went for guys and girls). But, during the summer, at football camp, track camp, band camp, etc we ignored this all together.
  22. Staff Training

    I had hoped not to draw this out. But it seems I have no choice. I will post actual links and show what really happened, in the actual order it occured. HERE is a link to one of World_Dancer's posts. This post was !Reported March 25th at 6:00 am my time. HERE is where Fabio responded. This post was !Reported March 25th at 11:13 am my time, and also on March 25th at 1:37 pm my time. HERE, HERE, AND HERE is where the argument continued over the next couple of hours. HERE is my first verbal warning, on March 25th at 4:56 pm my time. Notice I mention that I have received multiple !Reports. So my first verbal warning is my response to those !Reports. HERE is where the argument is brought back up after the other party dropped it, and this post includes another insult, ignoring my first verbal warning. HERE is my response, including a second verbal warning.HERE is where it is brought back up yet again. HERE is where krowe responded to this, as I was not on at the time. Some things need to be pointed out. More than one member asked for the argument to cease. More than one member complained, in the actual thread, about both parties. My first verbal warning was directed at both parties, not just one of them. Neither one of them received a warning box at that time, just a verbal warning to drop it. After my first verbal warning, Fabio dropped the squabble. It also needs to be pointed out that my first verbal warning, my response to the !Reports, came only 11 hours after the first !Report was sent. As soon as I signed in, I saw it and responded. To let everyone know, every action taken by a moderator is recorded, every little problem documented. We are all on the same page. This enables many things, including if Mod A warns a member to drop an argument in a specific thread or suffer punitive action, any mod can dish out the punitive action if the member ignores the warning, instead of waiting for Mod A to be on and see the offense. As for the issue of the word smug, should it be considered an insult? If someone cannot say when raising a complaint, "I find your words smug", "I find your words rude", "You are being condescending/smug/rude", we are being too sensitive. Member A should be able to say, "Member B is being smug/rude/condescending". That also means Mod A can say, "Member A, that comment you made towards Member B was rude/smug/condescending." I notice you take no issue with the words "snide" or "condescending" being directed at you. Let's not split hairs here. Complaining someone has been in some way insulting should not itself be an insult. As to me "prolonging talk about a problem on the forum rather than dealing with it in private" by issuing a second verbal warning, this was absolutely not the case. You brought the matter back up after my first verbal warning, so I had to respond with a second. If a mod asks for something to be dropped in-thread but it is the member who keeps bringing it back up in-thread, the mod has to deal with it in-thread. This is not the mod "prolonging talk about a problem on the forum rather than dealing with it in private", it is the member prolonging talk about the problem on the forum by not dropping it, not taking it just to PM, instead ignoring a warning (violation of Board Rule 8) and continuing to discuss the matter in-thread. I have no problem giving apologies where they are due, no problem admitting when I am in the wrong. Unfortunately, we are at an impasse, as I do not feel I am have done anything wrong. Your complaint, however, has been noted, and is being reviewed by any member of staff that cares to. The behavior of any staff involved (this includes me), along with your behavior, is currently being discussed.
  23. Urban Fantasy vs Urban Horror

    Not everything is as clear as the above bolded example. The first bolded statement could almost clear things up...I could see how you meant to be a question of how up to date his knowledge was, not a question of his literacy. Either way it was a bit smug. But then you go and make that second bolded statement. I won't bother to point out that his "strange ideas" are held by many people, whether or not those ideas are correct. That whole sentence can be seen as a backhanded insult, and condescending. Oh, there are experts. But even experts argue and debate amongst themselves over issues in their field. In most cases, there is room for specuation. If you want to continue talking about who was in the right or who was wronged, this is not the place for that. It is definately not the place for more insults. I believe my last post ended with this: Stay on topic, refrain from any insults, and keep any smugness out of your posts. Let me reiterate that, and consider this my second, and last, verbal warning.
  24. Prom

    Why, oh why, didn't I attend your school? You are being envied right now.
  25. Prom

    "Prom" may be more of a US thing, but quite a few countries have the traditions of formals sometime during the school year. Prom is just that, a yearly formal. US schools have numerous dances throughout the year, and sometimes two or three formals (football homecoming dance, basketball homecoming dance, which are a fall and spring formal), but Prom is the end of the year formal. I went to Prom my senior year (you could go as a Junior or you could go in a younger year if you were the guest of a senior). My date was my high school sweet heart, who I am still married to. Our school, though quite poor, at least let us run enough fund raisers that we always had Prom at a nice location, not in the school gym. We had fun, at least most of the night. We went out to eat first, then had our pictures taken. We showed up at the RiverPark Center (where the Prom was held), met some friends. We didn't actually dance much, because my husband (boyfriend at the time) is self-concious about dancing. We argued, teenage lover spat, and didn't speak for about half an hour. We made up, he gave me a couple dances. After that we went out bowling with some friends. I think I have told you guys that me and my husband are not allowed to bowl together, yes? That night was the first time we bowled. It led to an argument. We "broke up" for about 45 minutes. Yes, I know, pretty ridiculious, eh? When we left the bowling alley, we picked up a couple of milk shakes. I could have stayed out all night. My mother was very strict, but it was tradition that at Senior Prom she gave no curfew. She knew she could trust me, I wouldn't go drinking or anything. Plus, I was four months away from being 18. Anyway, we couldn't think of anywhere to go (we were not about to go to any hotel parties, good thing too, half our friends got arrested that night), and he got tired around 4 a.m. , so we went home. Looking back on it, its an alright memory, but not one of my favorite ones. I know it is supposed to be some special thing, but my favorite memories were more spontaneous. Days that start out mundane but end up amazing.