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  1. Shadownessece Ankh

  2. Houses of the Moon

    Damn i have been gone awhile. Haven't even STed anything in years. I need to look in to Onyx Path. Are they reworking WW published books, or just tweaking with it in the new mmaterial they publish?
  3. Forum Issues

    EDIT: Nevermind the following, I just realized it was Mortekai. I would have posted this in the support area, but that seems to be broken as it leads to a yahoo search page. I received an email, via my subscription to SnE. I clicked on it, surprised that SnE was back up, and it was some guy who makes katanas wanting me to like his fb page. https://www.facebook.com/EkatanaSE? Here is the text of the email: Shadownessence To Me Aug 5 at 11:46 PM I am sorry, but I forgot to mention that it would be really nice if you could drop by and like the Facebook page as well https://www.facebook.com/EkatanaSE? ...now I will stop spamming you for a few years again I unsubscribed for the time being, because I am not sure how this was sent from SnE. Oh, and hi.
  4. I don't know about deserve, but thanks for the love ;)

  5. You deserve more comments, brother. So here is some awesomeness for you.

  6. Don't suppose ya'll remember me?

    Glad to see everything is still running, and you guys are doing ok.
  7. Don't suppose ya'll remember me?

    Good to see the ol' homeplace still standing.
  8. Stopped by to say hello, so... hello.
  9. PS Network Friends

  10. SnE Members Map

    Calhoun, Kentucky, USA
  11. October calls..

    Check in when you can, babe. I'd wish you well, but we both know you and I rest on opposite sides of the line. I will always be a St Louis girl, and you...are loyal to your KC. Save me some nachos during your next seventh-inning stretch.
  12. Staff Training

    Here is the full timeline guys.
  13. Wow... no comments in a while. Lets keep it up to date here. :)

  14. Need a name for a Vampire Hunting Organization

    Just rip off Oblivion and call it Order of the Virtuous Blood.
  15. I have to gloat..

    I used to play flute in my high school band, how about that?