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  1. Dream by Bishop Briggs
  2. Whatcha listenin' to?

    Right now, it's a custom playlist of Peter Hollens and Robert DeLong. But it might be Big Band, or 50's Country, or Foreigner, or 90's Alternative later today.
  3. Restored at last!

    What was your old account?
  4. It's been a long, long time

    I still play Changeling some, and it's still my favorite OWoD line, but we mostly play Marvel FASERIP and Pathfinder more than anything these days. It's still fun, I just do other things mostly, now. ?
  5. It's been a long, long time

    Wow, I haven't even thought of this place in AGES. It's nice to look around again and see if I recognize anyone anymore (or if anyone recognizes me). ❤️
  6. Reintroducing myself

    I've been very active on SnE in the past, but became less and less interested in visiting here due to the excessive drama that seemed to pervade the site at the time. I've decided to stick my nose back in to see how things are now, and just to say "Hello" to people I haven't chatted with in a long time.
  7. Favorite Covenant

    I'm sort of in love with the Circle.
  8. My thoughts go out to Mortekai

    I'm sorry for your loss, Jimi. All the best to you and yours.
  9. I haven't been here in a while...

    Thanks very much.
  10. I've been gone a while, but I figured I'd post again just to say hi. My husband and I are parents now; our daughter, Iris, is 4 months old. Here are some baby pictures.
  11. What Gaming Do You Do?

    My group gets together every weekend, but we don't always game, maybe once a month or so.
  12. Neighbours...

    Comes with living in the ghetto. I could say the same thing for our old apartment on Las Vegas Trail, the one before the one mentioned in the previous post. No one broke into our apartment, but our next door and upstairs neighbors both had break ins, and we had stuff stolen off of our porch. I had to call the cops one time when some guy was trying to take a peek in through a break in the bedroom curtains, I guess to see if anyone was home. It was just me, and I was in a towel. He hung around, pacing by the window for a while after I called the police, but he left before they got there.
  13. Neighbours...

    I've had to get pissy with neighbors in the wee hours of the morning for extremely loud arguments/ music / general dickery. And I was MEAN when this happened; they remembered not to piss of the chick on the first floor again.
  14. Whogasm

    Fan-gasms happen from time to time. I had one of similar proportions at the end of season one of Supernatural.
  15. Poster!

    Congratulations on your acceptance.