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  1. ok , well everyone give me some ideas here if late september would be better for alot that wish to come I can do that I am open to anytime let;s just not push it to wintertime ... cause I am not one that likes the snowy conditions
  2. well here is a suggestion and if sar thinks it is doable along with others we could always move this up to august . say the first or second weekend I am open to alot of things to get as many of us together as we can . see I am checking with the other half of things because there are other rpers I know that wish to get in on this so I am seeing if it will work out for all of us .
  3. Ok all I have decided that I am going to set up a forumcon I am figuring we will do this July 22-24 seeing that is a nice weekend for all of us . I am going to set up a LARP for all of us and we will have a barbacue and just alot of out and out enjoyment for all . but now I need to know how many people have interest in this if you want to speak to me about this off of here pm me and I will give anyone the info to contact me off the computer. I live in Indiana in a town called Angola . it is the tri state area and there are plenty of lakes around here as well as a small and fairly cheap amuseme
  4. well I figure if I do one here this summer and it hits off good then StormGrad no worries I will more than likely do another next year and next year I might be living right next to a lake so there will be much more to do as well
  5. hmmmm I am not lazy .. I just prefer the dark
  6. I think I am going to start looking into how much it would be to get a place to hold it or just may even have it at my home and do a Larp here and possibly like a barbecue and such and to top it off there is a hotel like right almost across the street from my house which works well -smiles- just to see if we can figure out how many people may just be interested in something like this . akasha
  7. Thanks for all the great welcomes , I will be checking out all of the forums and of course I can help anyone with VTM , Requiem , Dark Ages , as well as Victorian and Demon the fallen ... but in all and all guys lets not forget deamon ... -smirks- .. boons can be such a fabulous thing to work with if anyone wants feel free to contact me I do have a HTML chatroom for RP if anyone is up for anything and not afraid of a very old and extremely teasing Shadow Demon -ss-
  8. well I know going to Sweden unfortunately would not be a do able thing , but I think I could always put something together within the states seeing as I live in Indiana which is should we say middle ground . if anyone wishes to see something like this happen here while the ones that can go to Sweden could go there . just let me know and I can get on it akasha
  9. - well with us here in Indiana we go from eastern time to central time so basically we stay the same and don't lose anything -
  10. mine would be also homemade .. it is shadowdemon/assasmite .. very powerful and you have the use of your imagination then you have my old family which I helped in creating there is really no sect for them they are there own with such powers as nightmare and crystalization both are homemade powers and can do alot of damage when used
  11. well now that is a downright bugger cause I am sure it is gone by now and I had simply forgot to stay on top of drive thru and to think I wanted that book so bad I could taste it
  12. OK like Angelic over there said .. " we are " from NorthEastern Indiana a small town called Angola in the Tri state area .. you have Michigan on one side , Ohio on the other and Illinois about 2 hours away .. so we are in a bouncy area . but not many Demons or even Vamps around here and Hell very limited on the Italians that is for sure
  13. Hello All , thought I would give a somewhat brief introduction I am Akasha N Solurex , alot of you are probably saying oh boy an Anne Rice fanatic actually I do enjoy her books but this name was given to me many years ago by her because she said I reminded her of the character in her book but other than that my character is in real time 18 years old as that is how long I have been playing her and my main fortay is Demon ... she is what would be called a ShadowDemon and mostly should we say Freeform and a bit of a mixture of Vampyre , assasmite to be exact .. would love to say hi to Mike if h
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