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  1. I have Mythologies

    Glad to hear you liked it, Luxifer! Interesting historical tidbit: "Sons of the Serpent" is based on an actual belief held by some medieval church scholars, and the reason that it reads reminiscent of Caine is because the original myth was, in fact, used to explain why the Biblical Cain was such a jackhole. I changed the serpent's kid to Lilu (who's actually based more on the Sumerian demon than Lilith) because Will didn't want a rehash of the VtM mythology (and I agreed it wasn't a good idea for the book).
  2. Hunting Ground: The Rockies

    Halla, did you get the e-mail I sent you with my character, the Blood Talon Rahu named Erik Anderson?
  3. Ethan Speaks

    To throw in my opinion: Hasbro is the one full of faceless drones mandating the profitable LCD crap (which I happily churn out whenever they ask me to. Artistic integrity? What's that? ). Most of the guys and girls at WotC are really great, creative people--witness Monte Cook, Sean Reynolds, Bruce Cordell, and others who have done d20 work outside the bounds of Hasbro's auspices.
  4. Ordo Dracul

    Only if you assume that everyone finds the bloodlines as uninteresting and useless as you do. I happen to like them, and even if I ultimately end up not using one, they tend to inspire ideas. For example, I think the Morotrophians from Bloodlines 1 are a bit too over-specialized and, well, weird for a bloodline--but the idea of a vampire lurking in the forgotten basement of a hospital or asylum is really freaking cool, and one I might not have considered without reading that bloodline. So even though there will probably never be a Morotrophian in any campaign I ever run, I still got "use" out of the bloodline.
  5. Werewolf Age?

    Don't forget Park Sun Ae. She's in her nineties and looks somewhere around forty (and a very healthy 40, if you go by her picture). I seem to recall Max Roman being described as looking pretty young, too, so it definitely seems there's some sort of age-retardation for Uratha--whether it's a Primal Urge-related scale or just a virtue of their amazing regeneration has yet to be explored.
  6. Hunting Ground: The Rockies

    At this point, I'm so desperate to find a group I'd be willing to play via telegraph with a bunch of Eskimos who only speak Inuit. Count me in if you get a group.
  7. Ethan Speaks

    I'm definitely not trashing d20 or the people that write it--I cut my teeth on AD&D, moved on to D&D 3rd with gusto, and jumped into professional writing almost as soon as the d20 license was made available. It's a good, mechanically sound system for the most part, and it does D&D pretty well. The biggest problem with d20 is that, in my opinion, it's not nearly as versatile as it's claimed to be. Star Wars d20 (the Revised edition) is pretty good, but it still feels too stiff and limited for Star Wars to me. In fact, without heavy rejiggering with the system, I don't think I've seen any non-sword-and-sorcery genre products that made me say "wow, that's cool." Storytelling is a great system, too, and benefits (in my mind at least) from not having the floodgates thrown open to other publshers trying to force the system to fit another genre. There are a lot of genres the system could handle well--gritty, low-magic fantasy, modern espionage, Renaissance intrigue--but trying to run, say, a small-unit military campaign with Storytelling's fast, loose, granular combat system would be an exercise in frustration. The point of all this deranged rambling, I suppose, is that both systems are good for what they're intended to do and not so great for other stuff.
  8. Mages and Lancea Sanctum

    No argument there, but with Hermes such a huge figure in Western occultism, I can't imagine his name not being in there somewhere.
  9. Mages and Lancea Sanctum

    As I recall, the Rosicrucians play a major role in Eden's WitchCraft RPG, so that might not be the best one to go with (though it does sound cool). Honestly, I think they'll stick with "Hermetic" or some variation thereof that's generic enough to encompass the Golden Dawn, Rosicrucians, and others. Maybe not "Order of Hermes," but I think the name will certainly be related.
  10. Places that aren't

    The Mage mini-teaser in the newest Quarterly also mentions "strange vistas of the mind" or somesuch--I think it's safe to assume we'll see some form of alternate reality in addition to the Shadow. There's also the redundancy issue to consider--one of the goals of the nWoD is to avoid reprinting the same crap across multiple books. I can't see them putting essentially the same Spirit World appendix in Mage that Werewolf got (and even with a Magely twist, an appendix on the Shadow would cover basically the same ground), so my money's on mages having at least some access to some other kind of higher realm.
  11. Ordo Dracul

    My vote goes toward some non-Essence related ability to diddle with loci--or at least, more abstact than the way werewolves use Essence. Maybe some sort of geomantic ability to influence the flow of Essence that indirectly benefits them or their territory, like a bloody-handed Feng Shui?
  12. Ethan Speaks

    I am indeed a gaming freelancer, both for WotC and White Wolf (three books done for WotC, just wrapping my first for WW)--I'm like the Vichy France of the d20-vs.-d10 debate. Thanks for the welcome, in any case--I've had the account for nearly a month now, I just keep forgetting to use the damn thing. Consider yourself harassed. Anybody that keeps the same insomnia-crazed hours I do gets points in my book. Mage was never really my forte, but I'll try to hold my own.
  13. Ethan Speaks

    Hey now, I write d20, and I'm a person. I think. Sort of.... USER_ERROR 473436477 We're sorry, this game designer has performed an illegal operation and must be shut down. We apologize for the inconvenience. Well, crap....