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  1. Joining a Legacy at High Gnosis

    The book makes it pretty clear that the tutor has to teach the attainments to the student (which is why he must learn them before he can pass them on). The 1xp/story that the student pays to the tutor is meant to reflect on the time spent with the tutor learning. I think it's perfectly reasonable to detain the attainment until such time that it seems appropriate.
  2. Esoteric Vistas

    Twisted Town: A town where the residents slowly become obsessed with a particular geometric symbol (akin to a spiral). The characters arrive amidst the beginning of several eerie events, wherein members of the population begin to manifest the symbol in their daily activities and even in their bodies. This obsession is driven by something dark lurking underneath the city, and the more you learn, the more you risk succumbing to its effects. Inspiration: http://www.onemanga.com/Uzumaki/1/02/ Blatantly stolen from Uzumaki, which all of you should read immediately.
  3. Power and Control

    I think it's far more likely that a Geist is *like* a ghost, the same way a werewolf is *like* a spirit.
  4. Power and Control

    My players have enough problem with mages being overpowered without having them able to counterspell their not-spells.
  5. Blood Potency Ten

    While I still haven't gotten around my tinkering with cosmologies, I remembered that there is already a discipline that you could expound upon. Linagem (Bloodlines the Ancient pg. 102) is all about lineage, and it even allows for distant possession as a 5th level power. You should check it out, or maybe consolidate it with your blood singing.
  6. Werewolf fiction

    I remember they put out a preview of Rick Jones's "Heart of the Hunter." You can find the preview still online here. According to an official announcement, it was indefinitely delayed, likely meaning canceled. I didn't care for the WW novels much. I'm much more a fan of the short stories included in the actual sourcebooks.
  7. Blood Potency Ten

    I want to note that I myself love Mage, and it's definitely my favorite game in the bunch, but yeah, it's definitely broken powerful. It would be much better if they only let you start with, say, four dots in arcana. But whatevs, it's all for the RP. Anyway, it's good that the Eldritch discipline requires more xp to buy, but I guess I had a larger point: you have a great theme for a discipline, why not just develop it as a typical discipline with powers for dots 1-5? Elders could then buy dots 6+ just like they would for any other discipline. Here's the thing: I know the goal is to make this special, something that only high BP vampires can have, but that's what *all* 6+ disciplines are. I don't see the need to create a whole new class of disciplines that "open up" at high BP. Majesty 4 is something to fear, let alone 5, 6, or even 10. You don't want to fall into a trap where players (or NPCs) get rewarded for becoming more powerful beyond the power itself. That is to say, the most frightening thing about a high BP vampire is what he can accomplish with what the system already has in place for him. With the effort it takes you achieve and balance a whole new discipline from 6 to 10 dots, you could create an awesome bloodline discipline from 1-5, and then have your elder learn "fortitude 7" so he can just walk through the broad daylight and slaughter other vampires as they sleep.
  8. Chilling Scenes

    I have more! There's more if there's any interest...
  9. Blood Potency Ten

    Hi TSWL, I haven't had time yet to give the idea I was playing with earlier proper treatment. I'll get to it sometime this weekend. With regards to the discipline you've constructed, I have to say that while I like the idea, I don't think you've given it the proper execution. Keep in mind that although this is a discipline supposedly only elders can access, it's still a discipline and costs experience like a discipline. It seems that what you've done is taken 6dot, 7dot, 8dot, 9dot, and 10dot level powers and put them on a 1-5 dot scale. Though you've justified this with an additional blood potency requirement, it remains, I feel, mechanically inappropriate. Think about it, level 1 would cost 5-7 xp, for a power that grants you telepathy. The level 2 dot would cost another ten experience and grant possession. I like the idea behind the discipline you've constructed. I like that it revolves around siring childer (an act which is very non trivial), but it seems to me like you should construct it as a "typical" 1-5 level discipline, with additional levels 6, 7, 8, etc. The powers, as you've constructed them here, are more broken than those in Mage .
  10. Blood Potency Ten

    Well, let's take a look at the existing transformations. 1) Mage -> Ascended Being (Astral?) 2) Werewolf -> Spirit (Shadow?) 3) Promethean -> Human (Material realm?) It seems to somewhat line up with existing WoD cosmology. It seems kind of natural to make the Vampire -> Underworld connection. Ephemera and ghosts are distinct from spirits, yes? A vampire, by its very existence, blurs the line between life and death. An increased blood potency could weigh it down further into the underworld... I actually kinda like that idea. It would explain the quintessence in vampire blood, too. I'll develop on it further tonight...
  11. Chilling Scenes

    Wow, I can't believe this thread has been dead since June. Allow me to add some I've found. I want to emphasize that I did not write these, at one point or another I came across them (probably via Internet) and copied and pasted them into a file I have. I can't take credit for any of these, but damn if they're not great:
  12. Coils of the Dragon

    No, none yet. Ordo Dracul covered the Fourth Tier (starting on pg. 175). Keep in mind that even fourth tier "coils" are not actually recognized as coils. They're theoretical things that some Dragons believe could exist, or that some members have been able to demonstrate but not understand well enough to teach others how to duplicate. If you want to "go beyond" the fourth tier, I would recommend doing so via dvotions. Page 199 and page 200 of Ordo Dracul have three examples of devotions that require a Coil to learn.
  13. Blood Potency Ten

    I played a campaign wherein there was an individual (minor NPC) who had exhibited nonmortal characteristics. The Big Reveal towards the end of the campaign involved the fact that he had actually once been a vampire. Here's the way my ST played Golcanda: as with all vampires, Blood Potency decreases by one for every 25 years spent in Torpor. If you had BP7+ and humanity 10, if you were in torpor long enough you could get to BP0. I thought this was quite neat, as it makes sense mechanically yet also explains why Golcanda is so elusive: it takes 50 years to raise BP by one, so to get to BP7+ would take 350+ years. In addition, falling back to BP0 takes 175+ years. This puts a lower limit of ~525 years for a vampire to achieve Golcanda, compounded with the difficulty in achieving BP7 without lowering humnity and surviving a long undisturbed torpor. BP0 vampires were essentially ghouls, with the added benefit that they retained any disciplines that survived through Torpor. Thus, they do not have to feed (though they can feed off animals to replenish their Vitae to fuel their disciplines). They did not trigger the predator's taint or suffer rotschreck or rage or that such. In this particular campaign, it was set up such that they still couldn't go out in the day. Maybe if I had it my way, I'd make the condition that you have to get down to BP1 in Torpor, then see the sunrise with humanity 10 to "burn off" the last point of blood potency, as it were. I'd prolly also say it's less about humanity and more about a comfortable relationship with the beast, meaning humanity 7+ is okay... But I haven't really put much thought into it.
  14. Whelp, it's been a while. :D

    I finally found myself back at this place. :x Hi again!
  15. Dice probabilities

    I still need to calculate out: 1) n-again stats 2) rote-action stats 3) anything else?